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Tip: A Well-Stocked Kitchen

This week's Thursday's Tip is all about the items you need to keep your freezer, fridge and pantry well-stocked! 
A well-stocked kitchen is easy to have!  This week's Thursday's Tip is all about the items you need to keep your freezer, fridge and pantry well-stocked from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

What's in your pantry?

What do you like to keep on hand in your kitchen so you can have dinner on the table every night for your family?  This week's Thursday's Tip is all about what I like to keep in our freezer, fridge and pantry so I can make my family's favorite meals.  

I may not keep my pantry as well-stocked as Martha Stewart, but there are a few items from my pantry list that I always have on hand.  That way I can quickly put a meal together for my family. Life isn't always perfect and right now I desperately need to get my kitchen stocked again!  A trip to the grocery store is going to happen this weekend for me!  

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Baking Supplies:

All-purpose flour
Granulated Sugar
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
Corn Starch - use as a thickener for so many delicious recipes! 
Chocolate Chips
Cake Mix
Peanut Butter
Cooking Spray

You may ask, "Why cake mixes?"  Well, they're great to have on hand to make a quick dessert. Especially if you have kids and you need to do a lot of baking for school bake sales or sports dinners. These Chocolate Chunk Muffins start out with a cake mix and are delicious!  


Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Italian Seasoning
Red Pepper Flakes
Chili Powder

I love to store my spices in mason jars.  Yes, I take them out of the original plastic containers and store them in mason jars.  Mason jars keep the spices fresher and look prettier in the pantry.  Here are my favorite jars to use:

Or if you buy spices in bulk, you can use these bigger sized mason jars:

Cooking Supplies:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vegetable Oil
Chicken Broth
Beef Broth
Canned Tuna - my husband loves tuna for his lunches!  
Canned Beans
Canned Corn
Enchilada Sauce
Tomato Paste
Tomato Sauce
Crushed Tomatoes
Salad Dressing (we always have Italian dressing on hand)
Pasta - all varieties!
Bread Crumbs - Panko too!

If you keep the above items on hand, you can always make this Corn Fiesta Salad.  An easy side dish that your family will love.  In the summer, you can substitute the canned corn for fresh corn.  


Frozen Vegetables
Ground Beef
Frozen French Fries
Bagels - these keep great in the freezer!
Berries - buy them when they're on sale or freeze them in the summer!


Butter - buy butter when it's on sale and freeze it!  
Sour Cream
Cream Cheese
Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes - everything I need to make a great salad!
Flour Tortillas - these keep GREAT in the freezer too!

With a well-stocked kitchen, you can easily put together dinner every night for your family.  These Chicken Enchiladas are easy to make and my family loves them.  They freeze well too!

So there you have it, my LIST of items every well-stocked kitchen should have.  What's on YOUR list?  Share with me in the comments.  Or come on over to my Facebook page!  


  1. Having a well stocked kitchen gives me such peace. Even though I don't cook every night it's so nice to know that we have what we need.

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I'll be sharing this at Poofing the Pillows Facebook page. :)

  2. Lois, I love a well-stocked kitchen. As Stacey said, it "gives me such peace." My freezer is not so well-stocked as I'd like it to be right now. I'm down to 4 homemade meat sauce meals-for-two. I like to have at least a dozen homemade meals-for-two in the freezer. And a few pie crusts. In the cupboard, I'm down to just 3 of my homemade cake mixes, 1 chocolate and 2 vanilla; must get some more of those stirred up.

  3. I hate when I get the urge to bake something but am out of something. I love the list - thanks!


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