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5 Easy Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to your Home Decor

Farmhouse Style Decor Items

What is your favorite way to decorate your home?

If you've been reading my blog for any time now, you'll know how much I love farmhouse style. 
 I love to fill our home with items that mean something to me and of course I have
 slowly been adding new pieces that incorporate the farmhouse style into our home decor. 
I love my collection of blue ball mason jars.  
I think they just scream farmhouse when you see them.  
You would never know that this girl was born and raised in Queens, NY 
by walking through my house.
Today I'm sharing with you Five Easy Ways to add Farmhouse Style to your Home Decor.  
Yes, it's really going to be easy to achieve the look that is so popular these days.

Add Architecture Elements

Keep your eye open for old doors, old windows, old shutters, old anything!  I found two old windows for sale on a Facebook garage sale site last year.  I originally purchased them to use for our daughter's wedding but never did get around to putting that project together.  But that's okay, I love this window on our mantel in the living room.  

You can see from the photo below that I also have an old wash board.  My mother added the little girl leading the sheep plaque many years ago and I think it looks great by our fireplace.  

Old window frame placed on top of the mantel in our home.

I love this look of using old shutters...

These Plantation Style Shutters would look great over the kitchen sink or even a bathroom...

Add a Pop of Color

Don't forget to add a pop of color to your home decor.  I love using the color red in our kitchen.  Here are a few ideas that would bring the farmhouse style to your home while using a pop of color as well...

Red Kitchen Sign from Bits of Vintage

Add Galvanized Pieces

You won't have to look far to find a few galvanized pieces to bring into your home to get the farmhouse look that's so popular right now.  

Kitchen Linens

You can easily add the look of farmhouse decor to your kitchen with kitchen linens.  Look for new pieces that look old!  

Add Anything Chalkboard

It can be something new that you painted with chalkboard paint or it can be something old that you found at a thrift store.  I love the look of chalkboard and I love the way it immediately adds that vintage farmhouse style to any room in your house.  

Mason Jars

I love mason jars and I especially love my collection of Blue Ball Mason Jars.  They add charm to any room in the house and I do use them in almost every room!  

This is part of my collection that I display on top of our kitchen cabinets.  

Part of my Blue Ball Mason Jar collection.

Check out last week's post on How to Make a Mason Jar Wall Organizer that my husband made for me for Mother's Day...

Mason Jar Wall Organizer

Why not check out my post on how my husband created a great 

DIY message board center.

And here's even more ideas for creating
 a Farmhouse Look for your home...

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Items

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  1. Great ideas for the farmhouse look! Enjoyed all your photos! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Janet

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