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Tips: The Best Baking Tools for the Holiday Season

I'm sharing with you MY favorite baking tools for the holiday season! 

With the holiday season almost upon us, I wanted to share with you the best baking tools to use to make yummy treats and even gifts for your family and friends.  

YES!  One of the things I love to do most is to give homemade gifts during the Christmas holiday season.  

One year I gave homemade granola.  Last year I gave homemade garlic butter.  I even made homemade simmering potpourri...which I loved!  And of course, it's always fun to give homemade cookies to family, friends and the neighbors.  Don't forget to give something to your neighbors. 

Walking on Sunshine's Favorite Baking Tools 

Perfect for Holiday Baking

Fluted Cake Pan - look at that color! 
Fluted Cake Pan

Cookie Sheet Pan Set

 Mini Pie Pan Set - I love this set and can't wait to make mini pies!
 Mini Pie Pan Set

The BEST Gift Boxes to use for Home-Baked Goods

Mini Cake Box Set - Perfect for giving baked goods to family and friends this holiday season.
Mini Cake Box Set

Christmas Gift Boxes - perfect for an assortment of home-baked goods. 
Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas Cookie Gift Bags - I love the rustic look of these bags. 
Christmas Cookie Gift Bags

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