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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan
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Weekly Menu Plan: Sheet Pan Dinners - Easy Recipes for Busy Families

I'm so excited about our Weekly Menu Plan feature today. 

I'm featuring 5 different Sheet Pan Dinners that I know you're going to love.  Hey...I'm going to love them too.  Have you ever made dinner using just a sheet pan?  I've always wanted to try a sheet pan recipe and this week is the perfect time.  

But first I wanted to share with you a few photos from our garden.  If you follow along with me on Facebook, you'll know that we haven't had a vegetable garden in two years.  My hubby spends two months every summer in Kentucky training cadets and last summer his assignment just didn't give us any time to get the garden planted.

But not this year!  He was able to help me get everything planted and get all the hard labor taken care of and then while he was gone I was able to take over with the easy work.  I did a Facebook LIVE Video a few weeks ago of our garden that you can view too.  

Here is our lettuce just beginning to grow. I know you're wondering what's in the bucket in the corner. That's how I grow our mint.  In a bucket so it doesn't take over the entire garden...because it did one year.  You can read more about this in my post  How to Grow Mint in Your Garden.

And again last week.  
Lettuce 2017  from Walking on Sunshine

And here is what I picked yesterday.  It's washed and drying on a beach towel on our kitchen table.  You can read about how I clean lettuce in my post Washing and Drying Lettuce. 

I'm so happy we have our menu plan to help every week to make sure we have good meals
on the table every night for our families.

If you're struggling with getting meals together and on the table every night, I suggest you start planning out your meals. Get the kids involved with the planning also! Have them pick a meal one night a week. And make sure they know they need to pick a healthy meal that includes vegetables. Make it fun for them!

Make sure you print out the Weekly Menu Planner available once you sign up for my weekly newsletter.  It's easy...just click HERE

Sheet Pan Dinners

Easy Recipes for Busy Families

Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken from Damn Delicious

Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken from Damn Delicious

from Cooking Classy

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders and Green Beans from Cooking Classy

 from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Chicken Dinner from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Sheet Pan Lemon Parmesan Garlic Chicken from Cafe Delites

from The Recipe Critic

Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables from The Recipe Critic.

Easy Sheet Pan Dinners featured as this week's Menu Plan from Walking on Sunshine.

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