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Everyday Life: The Best Burger Ever and My Birthday

The best burger ever and a little of my birthday celebration from Walking on Sunshine.

Today I'm sharing with you the Best Burger Ever that my son had at a restaurant and a little about my birthday...which was yesterday! 

When I first started blogging nine years ago, my blog was mostly an online type of diary of my day-to-day life.  I shared everything from my kids, what I was working on around the house and, of course, what I was cooking for dinner in our kitchen. 

But first before I tell you about yesterday, you may have notice that my recipe collections are no longer working.  The platform I had everything set up on changed.  They also had a price increase.  I didn't mind paying for the increase but I didn't like the new look of how my recipe collections. 

I am currently switching everything over to a new platform but it takes time.  And time is one thing I seem to be lacking lately.  I do have the Dinner Recipes almost complete, but bear with me, okay? For now you can always use the SEARCH BAR feature in the right hand column and type in what you're looking for...that works great on the blog! 

The Shop my Kitchen category can be reached by visiting My Pampered Chef site directly here.  The links within posts of my favorite kitchen tools still work and lead you directly to the source for you to purchase.  And I'm happy that some of you are purchasing!  Every little bit helps my family.  I love Pampered Chef products.  They're amazing kitchen tools and last forever.  

The Best Burger Ever

I thought for today I would share a little of my birthday celebration which was yesterday.  It was the first birthday in three years that my husband was actually home.  He spends two months every summer training cadets in Kentucky.  This year he was able to get an early assignment which meant he's home for my birthday and then for his birthday on Friday. 

We decided that I would go with him to the university that he works for in the morning.  I brought my laptop and worked alongside him in his office...which was really nice. 

Here's a photo of the two of us waiting for our breakfast that we ordered at the Wawa near the university.  I had a scrambled egg breakfast burrito.  It was really good! 

Birthday breakfast July 2017 from Walking on Sunshine

I actually had to work on an upcoming sponsored blog post and hubby was happy to help me!  You'll get to see more of this recipe in a few weeks.  

My mother and son were meeting us for lunch at Bravo Restaurant near the university.  Everything was so beautiful! 

Hubby and I having some fun taking photos while we waited for my son and my mother. 

Birthday at Bravo 1 from Walking on Sunshine

Birthday July 11 2017 6

The color combination of these petunias was beautiful!  

Beautiful planter with pink coneflowers in the background.  

My mom and I. 

My mom, my son and me. 

A family selfie! You do these too, right? 

Now on to the FOOD! 

My mom and I both had eggplant parmigiana.  It was probably the best I've had in years.  It was amazing.  I've never seen eggplant sliced like this.  When I make it I always slice the eggplant in rounds.  This was really good and made a pretty presentation.  You can see my recipe for eggplant parmigiana HERE. 

Eggplant Parmigiana

My son was excited to have the Best Burger Ever.  It looks so good, right? 

The best burger ever from Walking on Sunshine.

My hubby had the chicken and shrimp linguine.

Chicken and Shrimp

And then the waitress surprised me with a birthday creme brulee.  It was so sweet of her!
My hubby and I then went and did some shopping at Hobby Lobby.  And then stopped for iced tea and a cookie at Panera Bread.  I had a great birthday!  

Thank you for joining me today as I share a little different type of post.  It is fun to be a blogger and I plan on sharing a little more of my life AGAIN with you! 

Don't forget to check out my hubby's blog, Manning the Wall.

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