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Project: DIY Kitchen Art from Old Family Recipes

A fun project to display old family recipes is by framing them and use them as kitchen art for your home from Walking on Sunshine.

Do you have a recipe card collection? 

How do you store your recipe card collection?  Or maybe you have old recipes from family members just gathering dust in a recipe box or a kitchen drawer?  

Today I'm sharing with you a fun way to display old family recipes with this project to help you create fun DIY kitchen art for your home that will bring a smile to your face every time you enter your kitchen.  

My grandmother was an amazing cook.  She lived in Youngstown, Ohio and we lived in Queens, NY, so we only got to visit every other summer.  I remember being a little girl and when my mom would call my grandmother a week or two before our trip to Ohio, my sister and I would get on the phone and make our "request" to Grandma for what we wanted her to cook for us.

At the top of the list was homemade pizza.  My grandmother made the very best homemade pizza ever. And she made a ton of pizzas that she would freeze for our visits so we could eat the homemade pizza almost every day we were there...and I think we might did! 

When I was a teenager, my grandmother sent my mother a couple of recipe index cards like the ones below.  I know there were more, but I have two.  Over the years I used them but lately they've been sitting in my kitchen drawer.

I've seen a few different ideas on Pinterest on displaying the old recipe cards and always thought, "someday."  Well someday finally came when I put together this DIY framed recipe card art for my kitchen a few weeks ago. 

Framed Handwritten Recipes Project

Supplies Needed

  • Choice of picture frame
  • Recipe cards

This is a really easy project to do.  You need handwritten recipe cards and a frame.  I also added a piece of fun wall art to hang above my completed project. 

Select the recipes you want to frame.  I was careful not to cut the recipe cards and I didn't attach them to any additional paper since most of my grandmother's recipes are printed on the front and back of the index cards.  You can find a similar frame here. 
Project:  DIY Kitchen Art from Old Family Recipes from Walking on Sunshine.

I included a photo of my grandmother and I that was taken when I just turned 18.   This was early in the morning when we were leaving my grandmother's house to continue our trip to Missouri where I went to college.  

I decided to add a piece of wall art above the framed handwritten recipes in the kitchen.  I think it looks great with the type of frame I selected.  You can find a similar EAT sign here.  
Eat sign with Recipe Card Project as kitchen art from Walking on Sunshine

The project came together nicely!
Framed recipe cards from my grandmother is a great way to display kitchen art from Walking on Sunshine.

It looks great in my kitchen by my hutch.  
Recipe Card Project framed in my kitchen from Walking on Sunshine

I wanted to create two more framed recipe cards for my mother and my sister.  
Recipe Card Project with blue frames from Walking on Sunshine

Here is my grandmother's recipe for pie crust for zucchini mother and sister make this recipe every year.  And the recipe for sesame twists.  We made this cookie recipe every year for Christmas while growing up. 
Recipe Cards in Blue Frames from Walking on Sunshine

I gave them the gifts a few weeks ago.  
Mom and Liz with their Framed Recipe Card Photos from Walking on Sunshine

A fun project to display old family recipes is by framing them and use them as kitchen art for your home from Walking on Sunshine.

You can check out other recipe card projects on My Home Decor Pinterest Board. 
My Home Decor Pinterest Board from Walking on Sunshine

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Don't forget to check out my hubby's blog, Manning the Wall.


  1. This is a lovely DIY Mother's Day project. I wish I had more time, this would be a great project for my kitchen and to make for my sisters. I'm bookmarking this to remind me to do this ASAP.

  2. I love this idea. I treasure similar mementos from my gramma's (no recipes though - neither of them could cook very well), and I think this idea is fabulous.

  3. I love this! We are remodeling our kitchen and this would be so nice to add.

  4. Such a unique idea and such a nice way to remember loved ones. I'd imagine it's also a great conversation piece.

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

  5. What a wonderful idea. Recipes hold so many memories.

  6. I'm in love with this! Pinned and sharing!


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