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Decorating: Our Budget Friendly Home Office Remodel

Budget Friendly Home Office Remodel Project in Process from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Where do you spend most of your time every day? For me, it's this room in the photos on the blog today.  These are the before photos as we have started the process to remodel our home office.

When we set this current system up 10 years ago it was to accommodate our kids and our home computer.  But for the past few years this room has served as my office and I spend most all of my time, every day, in this room.  Today I'm going to share with you a few easy and budget friendly ideas on how to remodel the home office.

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Budget Friendly Ideas to Remodel the Home Office

This is the area I sit while working.  You can see I sit with my back to the windows all day long. The day we took these photos was a very bright sunny day here but for the most part, this room is dark. What's not in any of these photos is the piano directly across from this computer station that is being "gifted" to a friend.

Desk area before the home office remodel from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

The walls are painted a dark color.  The furniture is dark and bulky.  These bookcases take up a lot of room and don't provide enough space for all our books.  Trust me, we have a lot of books! 

Bookcases before our Budget Friendly: How to Remodel the Home Office from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

These unpainted file cabinets furniture we purchased a few weeks ago on a recent trip to Lancaster, PA.  They are going to become the base of our new desk that both my husband and I will share.  

Our temporary set up.  We don't want to rush into this!  We want to get it perfect this time around; especially since I am in this room for most of the day.  Right now we have decided that the temporary desk my husband made is too small.  It needs to be a bit wider.  

I love sitting by the window but realized I need something behind me.  We're working on another idea to have a smaller, lower desk/storage area behind me that will hold more of our files and be a place where I can work without the computer in front of me.  

I already have a few things organized in mason jars left over from our daughter's wedding.  AND I asked my husband to please make me another Mason Jar Wall Organizer to hang above the desk area on this back wall.  Another great way to decorate and organize all while keeping us in our budget. 

You can purchase the Blue Mason Jars on Amazon and they're so beautiful.  

Looking for Inspiration

I plan on creating a command center on the wall behind me as well.  Which has me searching all over Pinterest for design ideas.  I like the look of these two different Command Centers.  This first one is from One Creative Housewife.

Small Home Office Ideas from Mom Fabulous

I love these Spray Paint Mail Baskets. These are really going to help keep us on track with our budget and will look nice hanging on the wall behind me.   

AND this is what we want to do with the back wall.  This should hold most of our book collection.  

Only using this idea to hold the shelves in place. We love the rustic look and we know this will be pretty budget-friendly to do.  My husband will have the shelves cut to the length of our back wall and then he will stain them.  

So for now, this is my view.  My husband is painting today.  I can't wait to share the rest of our DIY project with you over the next few weeks.  

My current view in our home office from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Before plans and photos of our budget friendly home office remodel project from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Check out our trip to Lancaster, PA where we purchased the unpainted furniture!

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DIY Mason Jar Wall Organizer from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

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