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Jenny Craig Weight Loss 6 Week Progress Report

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I was provided a free trial Jenny Craig program and meals.  
However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.  

Jenny Craig Weight Loss 6 Week Progress Report from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

My first 30 days with Jenny Craig

30 days in and I am loving my experience with Jenny Craig.  The food has been amazing.  I am eating six times a day which includes snacks!  Last night I had key lime cheesecake.  It was delicious!  So far I have lost 11 pounds and 10 inches.  I am so happy.  I have been trying to lose weight for the last six months and it's been very frustrating.  But I'm happy to say that with
Jenny Craig I am beginning to lose the weight and inches!

***Results not typical.  Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.  Lois Christensen received promotional consideration.***

A few things I'm achieving with my Jenny Craig Journey.

You can check out how my journey with Jenny Craig started HERE.


When you join Jenny Craig, you don't just show up once a week and pick up your food.  Everyone has a personal consultant.  My consultant is Faye.  Faye is wonderful.  She encourages me every week that losing this weight is something I can do.  It's been very difficult for me over the past year to lose anything, so I am thrilled with the weight I have lost and as Faye said from day one, "Say goodbye to that number" when I stepped on the scale  And I am!  Jenny Craig takes a holistic approach to weight loss and maintenance, focusing on food, body and mind.


You would think that after so many years of dieting and losing weight I would know everything there is, but obviously I don't or I wouldn't have gained back the weight in the first place.  I found that with Jenny Craig I am really learning for the first time to look at food differently and to listen to my body. Am I really hungry or am I just bored?  That's a big one for me.  I now look at food and think how many calories are in something before I add it to my daily plan.


My consultant Faye suggested that I think of something in the coming weeks that I see myself enjoying because of the weight loss.  Well, that's easy for me!  I have a closet full of clothes that I really want to start wearing again.  And I'm happy to say that the jeans I couldn't fit into before joining Jenny Craig now fit.  That was a happy moment!  My next motivational goal is to fit into a particular dress to wear to a wedding in August.  


A few people have asked me about the cost so I  thought I would break it down as best I could.  It costs about $150 a week, plus I'm getting built-in support from my consultant!  The food this includes is the following: 

7 breakfasts
7 lunches
7 dinners
7 snacks
7 Dream Shakes

I add my own vegetables, fruit and a few extra protein servings.  I am eating six times a day and so far I am enjoying all the food from Jenny Craig.  I am not spending as much at the grocery store now because of my Jenny Craig meals but also because even though I am still cooking for my husband and son, I am making healthier choices for them as well!  AND I'm incorporating what I'm learning from my consultant, Faye, into portion size for all our meals.  We are not wasting as much food now either thanks to what I'm learning with Jenny Craig.  I try to plan what I prepare for my family around what my Jenny Craig meal is going to be for most days.

Last weekend, I made homemade French Toast for breakfast for my family because that morning I was going to enjoy the delicious Jenny Craig French Toast.  I also had to add a 2 egg white omelet to my breakfast.  I never knew how much I would LOVE an egg white omelet.  I added chopped spinach and chives and my omelet was amazing!  

I made my own egg white omelet to have for breakfast with my Jenny Craig French Toast.

Here are MY 3 tips on weight loss with Jenny Craig.

Drink a lot of water - and write it down each time you start a new glass.  Even if you think you're already drinking enough water, chances are once you start recording it, you'll see that you weren't.   I found that to be true for me and now keep track of how many glasses of water I drink 

Be prepared - I like to wash, rinse and cut up my lettuce at the beginning of each week and keep it in a big plastic container so it's ready for me to quickly prepare my salad every day.  Wrap the dry lettuce in paper towels so it stays fresh.  I also like to have plenty of sliced cucumbers in plastic containers in the refrigerator as well.  That way if I need to run a few errands during the day, I can grab a small container of cucumbers to take with me in the car in case I get hungry and I'm not tempted to stop for something along the way! 

Don't skip snacks - I get really busy sitting here in front of my computer all day and there were days I was forgetting to include my snacks.  My consultant Faye told me to set a timer and when the timer goes off to get up, take a break, walk around a little and have my snack.  

Here are a few of my favorite snacks that I enjoy:

Ham and Lettuce Wraps.  On the days I need to add extra protein to my Jenny Craig menu, I will take an ounce of deli ham or turkey and wrap it in lettuce. Add raw carrots and a big glass of water and I am ready to get back to work!

A delicious snack for me is lettuce wraps, carrots and water while I'm on the Jenny Craig weight loss plan.

Chocolate Dream Shake.  Included with the Jenny Craig plan are Jenny Craig's Dream Shakes.  By adding the dream shake to my immersion blender with a lot of ice, I increase the volume and amount of my snack without adding any calories!  On the days when I can add an additional healthy fat, I will add a teaspoon of peanut butter to my shake.  It's amazing! 

I love my daily Chocolate Dream Shake from Jenny Craig!

I love the Chocolate Dream Shake from Jenny Craig!

Ranch Snaps.  You would never think "lentil crisps" would taste good as a snack, but these Ranch Snaps satisfy any craving I have for something crunchy and are becoming one of my favorites! 

Ranch Snaps are one of my favorite snacks on Jenny Craig.

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There you have it!  My 30 day progress report and a little snapshot of some of the food I'm enjoying while on Jenny Craig.  How would YOU like to taste the food and see for yourself how delicious it is?

Jenny Craig is giving 12 random readers a 3-day Jenny Craig Taste of Success Sample Kit so you can try the food yourself!

Enter for a chance to win with the below Rafflecopter.  Good luck!  It's easy!  Once you try the food you'll see how delicious losing weight can be!
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I was provided a free trial Jenny Craig program and meals.  
However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.  

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  1. Thank you! I have wondered (a lot) about pricing. I love the breakdown you gave us especially. It was a stress free way for me to be able to find out more about joining a program without having to spend an hour on the phone with a consultant. Thank you!

  2. This is a great post, very informative about Jenny Craig. I also liked your favorite snack ideas!

  3. Awesome!! You're doing great!

  4. This sounds like an amazing way to lose weight. From the delicious looking food to having a consulant. The tips are so valuable to incorporate in our daily life regardless if we need to lose weight or we are already there.

  5. Congratulations on your success.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home.
    Hope to see you next week too.

    White Spray Paint

  6. I do wish I could afford this Lois. I need to loose weight about 35 pounds. But I like the water idea of writing it down and will follow your advice. Also to incorporate the healthier little snacks. I too find I eat from boredom more than anything else. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Congratulations on your weight loss!

  8. Excellent Lois, Congratulations! That is so exciting and your helpful tips are great for those of us who are needing a little more motivation.

  9. I've heard it works well for people! Glad to hear it's working out well for you!!

    Thanks for linking up with Welcome Home Wednesdays! Live every Wednesday at 7AM CT.

    liz @ j for joiner


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