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How to Give the Best Birthday Wishes and Gifts this Year

How to Give the Best Birthday Wishes and Gifts this Year from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Do you know whose birthday it is today?
Come on guess!  Why yes, it's mine!

I thought for today I would put together my wishes and gifts that would be great
for my birthday but really for anyone who is celebrating.  Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to give someone and I like to think I'm an easy person to buy a gift!
Anything on this list is great but really the most important thing you can give to anyone who is celebrating is to just send them a message and let them know you're thinking of them, right?  I've already received a ton of messages on Facebook and I'm excited for the year ahead!

Awesome Birthday Wishes and Gifts

I really don't like my family to spend a lot of money on me for my birthday, especially my kids.
 I really want them to just save their money!  BUT, if you were to ask me what some
of my favorite gifts would be for the day, here you go!

My Favorite Perfume - Happy from Clinique 

Nesting Bakeware Set - I love nesting bowls.  I have a few and these would be a great addition!

She Believed She Could Bracelet - I have this saying printed out and framed right above my computer desk where I spend the majority of my time.  Most days I believe I can continue this crazy blogging business and other days I'm just too tired!  But this would be cute gift. 

Everything is Better in a Mason Jar Dish Towel - if you know me, you know how much I love mason jars.  This towel is perfect!  

Lemon Lavender New Yankee Candle - the smell is amazing and really Yankee Candles are the best. 

Green Depression Glass Salt Jar - I'm not one to keep salt out on the counter, but I love the look of this depression jar.  The green color is pretty too! 

Mason Jar Utensil Holder - yes, another mason jar type gift.  

Pioneer Woman Measuring Cups - her items are great.  I love the colors.  

Pioneer Woman Glasses - I really do need new glasses!  

Mason Jar Light Fixture - I couldn't find the exact mason jar light fixture I would love, but this is just as nice and would look great over the kitchen sink.  Well, I think I would need three of them!  

Happy Birthday Wishes

I thought you would enjoy a walk down memory lane with me and my family.  I'm very blessed to have a wonderful family that loves me and supports me in all that I do.  Especially with my blog and my blogging business.  Did you know that my husband helps me?  My sister, Liz, my daughter and even my son will help out when things get crazy around here.  My dad isn't with us any longer and I miss him terribly.  I don't think he would really understand all that I'm doing with my blog and my blog business, but he would love how happy it makes me.

How to Give the Best Birthday Wishes and Gifts this Year from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Cool Birthday Messages

So go ahead.  Leave me some "cool birthday messages" but first, let's all 
share a piece of my favorite cheesecake together to celebrate my birthday!

Chocolate Cheesecake from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

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