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Decorating: Preparing for Easter and Setting the Table

Preparing for Easter and Setting the Table from Walking on Sunshine

What is the one thing you really enjoy about entertaining?

For me, I love setting the table for Easter because it can be fun. Don't get me wrong, Easter and it's true meaning is celebrated in our house.  

We have our Resurrection Garden already growing but I like to make things  a little more fun on the table.  Today let's talk about preparing for Easter with setting the table.  

Besides planning the menu, there are a few decorative things that I do to prepare for our Easter celebration.  I like to go through my Easter decorations a week or two before Easter and start
thinking about how I want to set the table in the dining room.  

This year I found my inspiration for decorating the table from the bright colors of jelly beans.  I think they look great filling the candle jars I use on our table.  Last year I filled the jars with yellow shredded paper, so this year I'm using jelly beans.  

I also have a set of these three ceramic bunnies that have been on our Easter table for years now. They usually hold candles, but this year I'm going to put paper mache eggs in them. 

I have a few "hatched" egg candles that I use on the wooden boards that I place down the center of my dining room table to define the space.

Here is a close-up of one of the glass candle jars filled with multi-colored jelly beans. They look so pretty.

I do think I need a few more decorations to make the table and our house ready Easter this year. I found some great additions to our Easter decor.  These bunnies would be adorable on the table as well or maybe on the kitchen counter for the kids to see.  

These chick salt and pepper shakers would be perfect also for any Easter table.  The kids would love them too.

I'm always looking for ways to hold candy and these glass jars would be perfect and easy for the kids to help themselves to some treats. I have a larger glass jar on our sideboard filled with pink shredded paper, a chick and a few eggs.  

And don't forget to make sure your guest bathroom is prepared as well. Set out fresh hand towels for your guests.  

So what are YOU doing to prepare for Easter? 

Preparing for Easter and Setting the Table from Walking on Sunshine.

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