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How to Grate Your Own Cheese - Thursday's Tip

How to grate your own cheese for this week's Thursday's Tip plus a great magazine for the cook in your life!

This week's Thursday's Tip is How to Grate your own Cheese.

We all know that pre-packaged cheese contains additives 
like potato starch or even cellulose to keep the pieces from clumping, 
and other additives to keep the whole thing from getting moldy. 
But why put all that in your delicious recipes when you can easily grate your
own cheese at home.
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Here are a few tips to use when grating
 your own blocks of cheese:

Start with cold cheese to make the grating easier.  

Cut the blocks of cheese in half for easier handling

Grate the cheese over waxed paper so you can easily pick up the sides of 
the paper to pour into a measuring cup or storage container.

Store the grated cheese in plastic containers in the refrigerator or freezer.

Here are a few of my favorite cheese graters:

6-Sided Box Grater

I like this Cheese Grater...

This set is nice also as each grater will allow you to grate
the cheese into different consistencies...especially if you want to grate your 
own Parmesan cheese. 

AND if you're like me and always looking for more recipes
to make for your family, 

Here's a great magazine for you...

If you're looking for more delicious recipe ideas, you can 
get a 2 year subscription  to Cooking Light Magazine:

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