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How to Create a Coffee Bar

After many years of reading my blog I'm sure there are things you think you know about me.  But did you know I don't drink coffee?  And neither does my husband.  It took us quite a few years to even own a coffee pot after we were married.  But all that has changed...we have a coffee pot and even have a wonderful "coffee bar" in our kitchen all ready for guests AND we can make hot tea here too...which is what my husband and I love to drink.  

Today, I wanted to share with you how I have our coffee bar set up in our kitchen...

For a few years we had a Keurig coffee machine but a few weeks ago it stopped working completely for a day and then it would give me a cup of hot water but oh so slow.  Really slow.  I decided to go look for a different option.  Don't get me wrong, I loved our Keurig but when we would have guests over the line for everyone to make their own cup of coffee was getting really long and I knew we needed  a better solution.  

I went to Kohls a few weeks ago and purchased this GREAT coffee machine from Hamilton Beach. It has the option to brew a pot of coffee or just a single cup.  AND I can brew a single cup of tea as well...which is what I do a few times a day.

Here is how I put our coffee bar together...

1.  Have everything out in the open for your guests and yourself!

I have a bowl with different flavors of tea and another bowl with sugar and sweetners ready.  
There's also a canister of coffee with a scoop ready to make a pot of coffee or a single cup of coffee.  
When I know we're having children over, I will put a small canister out with hot chocolate mix so they can fix a cup of hot coco using the hot water only option.  

2.  Create simple instructions informing everyone how to make a cup of coffee. 

 Not every machine is the same and it really does help to let your guests 
and family members know how to work the machine.

3.  Have some place for your guests to put their trash.  

You don't see it now, but when we have a lot of guests over, I always put out a bowl with a small note telling my guests to put all their "trash" here.  Makes life so much easier! 

Don't worry...when guests come I have creamer set out for them and coffee stirrers!  

I like to keep my mugs in the cabinet and not on the counter for day to day use. 
That way they stay clean and dust free.
BUT when company is coming, I always place as many mugs as necessary 
near the coffee station area.  

4.  Make it pretty!

I framed a few printables to make our coffee station look really pretty.  

I love this canister I found at Kohls to keep the coffee in.  
It has a really good seal on it so I know the coffee won't go stale...

I made the instructions using a printable I found on line and then 
the photo editing program I use for all my blog photos...

We love our new Coffee Station and hope you do too!  

Here's where you can find the two printables I used...

Here are few other ideas to help put YOUR coffee bar together...

Love this idea from Etsy...

And if you don't have room on your counter, why not use a rolling cart!


  1. Love your coffee bar, thanks for the graphics, love them.

  2. adorable coffee bars! I love coffee station/bars :) super cute ideas ♥

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of coffee and adore your coffee bar and the round up of ideas. Good idea to put directions on how to use the machine. :)

  4. I agree with Audra- the directions are a great idea. I'm totally embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to make coffee in my own house!!! My husband always makes it the night before, and he's been doing it for so long that I couldn't even tell you the correct coffee-ground-to-water ratio. I think I need an adorable, decorative sign telling myself what to do, lol.


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