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Come Visit Lancaster PA and Celebrate Our Anniversary

  Visit Lancaster, PA and a trip to Amish Country with us! 

On Saturday my husband and I celebrated 28 years of marriage.  The past month has been crazy for us...first a wedding, then a funeral and last week our son graduated from high school.  

So we decided to take a little trip, just overnight, to Lancaster, PA or Amish Country to relax and get away from things. Lancaster is about 90 minutes from our house.  We've been visiting Lancaster for about as long as we've been married and each time it seems more special.  

Here we are getting ready to leave for the day.

There are so many quaint stores to shop favorite is The Old Candle Barn.

The porch is always decorated so nicely. 

Another section of the porch.

Inside the shop.  I really do love shopping here but I also love getting ideas for decorating. 

I loved this display of purple glass vases.

We took a drive through the farmland and it was so peaceful.

We made reservations for the night at our favorite hotel, The Amish View Inn.

Our room.

The bathroom was amazing.

There was even a TV and claw foot tub.

Mini refrigerator and microwave area.

The view from our room.

The sunset that night.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast in the common room.
This is not your usual "complimentary" hotel breakfast.
It was amazing.  Fresh eggs made to order by the chef and homemade waffles
plus a variety of other hot breakfast foods plus plenty of muffins, bagels, fruit, etc.

Then we went for a walk through the lovely vegetable garden that is on the premise.

The tomatoes.

After our visit to Lancaster, we went to the movies.

We loved it! 

We had a great time celebrating our anniversary and being able
to get away for the weekend was perfect!  

If you're looking for more info on Lancaster, PA, you can check out a few other posts here. 

Don't forget to check out my hubby's blog, Manning the Wall.

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  1. Dear Lois, Happy Anniversary!! and many, many more happy, healthy and filled with beautiful memories.
    That looks like such a nice vacation. It looks beautiful and peaceful and sounds delicious. xoxo Catherine


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