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Chocolate Filled Strawberries...

 The other day I saw these great strawberries on another blog, 
Confessions of a Food Lover and I had to try them; they looked so delicious.

Chocolate Filled Strawberries...

Cut the tops off of your strawberries and create a "hole" in them...

I used this great tool from Pampered Chef that I've had for years, 
but you can use a small spoon or even a knife and cute out the center and
then use a spoon to scoop it out.

Drain the strawberries.  You want them really DRY...

Confessions of a Food Lover shared a great tip of placing 
your chocolate chips in a plastic bag and then pouring hot water 
on top of the bag allowing the chocolate to melt...

It worked perfectly.
I had to add more hot water a few times until the chocolate was completely melted...

When I went to cut a hole in the corner of the bag, 
I could NOT get the corner to appear and behave properly...

I gave up and placed the melted chocolate in my trusty squeeze bottle.
You can see how messy it was by my Colonel's fingers...

Look at how neat...


Place the filled strawberries in an empty egg carton.
The ones on the left were filled with the plastic bag...

And these were filled with the squeeze bottle...

Place the carton of chocolate filled strawberries in the refrigerator
until the chocolate is firm...

So delicious!


 I will definitely melt chocolate again using the hot water method above,
only I will place the chocolate chips in my squeeze bottle first and then
place the squeeze bottle in a bowl of hot water.  

These would make the perfect treat for Valentine's Day!

AND here's another great treat that I plan on making for my Colonel.
But don't tell him, okay? 

The recipe is HERE...

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lois:

    Your strawberries are gorgeous!! Very decadent and perfect for Valentine's Day.

    Neighbors About Town Blog

  2. The strawberries and cookies look delicious!

  3. What a neat variation from chocolate dipped strawberries! They look so do those cookies!

  4. I love strawberries and i love chocolate! A perfect match! Thanks for sharing!

  5. As it turns out, I'm having a Valentine get-together so I think that your tips for filling strawberries will be wonderful. Yes, I'm going to give it a whirl. Thanks!

  6. Your chocolate filled strawberries are making my mouth water! If we are home by Valentines Day, this is something I want to do! The cookies look great too! Thanks for sharing, Lois!


  7. Wonderful, delicious and elegant dessert. Strawberry and chocolate marriage is always perfect.

  8. That sounds so yummy! I love strawberries but I have become allergic to them :( That is a great tip on using a squeeze bottle for the chocolate! Thanks!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day! I love the chocolate melting technique. And the strawberries look awesomely delicious.

    Enjoy the Day!!!!!

  10. These look sinful!! I'd love for you to come and share them on my Simple Supper Tuesday linky party :o)

  11. Looks delicious, Lois. Thanks for linking up to Tasty Thursdays. The next party is live!!
    Thanks, Nichi


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