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Happy Saturday!

I want to thank everyone who joined our party yesterday.
I am AMAZED by all the different blogs and recipes that were posted.
I will be spending some time this afternoon visiting everyone who joined.

Thank you for sharing the LOVE with me! 

Has anyone noticed that I have a few sponsors on my blog now?
I'm pretty excited and thought I would take today to introduce you to them.

First up is Yours Truly...

Here's a little description of Chelsea...

"My blog is full of randomness. 
Essentially whatever I feel like writing about at the time,
{because I'm not very organized and rarely draft posts ahead of time}. 
I love getting to know people and obviously would love to meet you!"


Chelsea also designs BLOGS!

If you're looking for a different look for your blog, 
why not head over to Yours Truly and see what she has to offer.

And then we have Meredith from

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home...

Meredith's blog is a place where she shares a little bit of her own life, 
likes and dislikes, cool crafty and DIY projects and delicious new recipes.
AND she has a military hubby also!  

Next is Angie from 

You have to visit Angie's blog.
She shares a lot of delicious recipes that are really easy to follow along,
especially her Turkey Zoodle Soup that replaces noodles with...
well, you'll have to head on over to her blog to find out! 

Robyn from Robyn's View is my next sponsor...

Robyn shares wonderful recipes and has a great recipe 
for a homemade air freshener that looks like it would smell heavenly.  

Tracy from Busy Vegetarian Mom also has a great blog...

Her Grilled Pablanos recipe looks FABULOUS!

And finally, 
Cindy is from Pennsylvania, like ME, and is a contributing writer for 
three different newspapers columns.  
She has a great recipe for salmon salad that I know My Colonel would love!  

I hope that you'll all head over to these GREAT blogs and share some
Walking on Sunshine LOVE with them!

And if you would like to be a sponsor HERE, just send me an email at
or go to the Advertise With Me tab at the top of the blog for 
additional information.

Walking on Sunshine is GROWING!
Come be a part of the fun!

Enjoy your day! 


  1. Thank you so much Lois! What a great way to benefit the blogging world. I am so glad I can be a part of your blog experience, and I love the little group (FFF) that we participate in.

  2. I second everything that Angie just said! I am so happy to have you as one of my bloggy friends!

  3. Conratulations on gaining sponsors. Way to go, girl!

  4. I am going now to check out your sponsors.

  5. I am heading over to visit all your sponsors. They all look very interesting.

  6. Happy to be a sponsor! Thanks for asking me Lois :o)

  7. Congrats on all your sponsors! Very cool~

  8. Congratulations on your new sponsors, Lois, I will book mark them.
    Enjoy your day.

  9. Congrats on your new sponsors, Lois! I will try to visit a few of them when I can find a little time.


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