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Peanut Butter Crescent Roll Ups...

Well, did you all watch DALLAS?

We did and we were able to watch it earlier than most people 
because this arrived in the mail yesterday for my daughter...

Yes, that's an advance copy of episodes one and two!

Olivia has a twitter account.
She is known as "The Troubled Italian" and has
quite a following...close to 20,000.

And she occasionally receives items to "tweet" about;
companies find her "influential."  
That's usually what they say in the material they send her.

I was quite excited when she opened the package yesterday
and we got right to watching!

Last week I joined up with Foodie Friend Friday and
I wasn't able to post my usual
Something Yummy for My Colonel's Tummy.

Since I'm part of this new blogging group,
I hope to be able to use Thursday's to post a yummy treat
for all of us to share starting TODAY!

This is a repeat, but they're so good, they're worth a repeat!

Peanut Butter Roll Ups


One container crescent rolls
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chips
(I used mini chocolate chips because I had them leftover 
from another recipe)

Lay out the crescent rolls on a flat surface and spread
the peanut butter on top of each one...

Then add your chocolate chips...

Starting at the biggest end, roll the crescents up and
place on a baking sheet...

Bake at 375 until they are golden brown...

Can't you just taste the DELICIOUSNESS...

Feel free to add a glass of milk!

You could also just cut up a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
and place it in the middle of the crescent roll.

On the menu at our house tonight:

Baked potatoes
Green beans

Enjoy your day! 


  1. They look delicious! A perfect snack :)

  2. You lucky girls! It would be so much fun to receive an advanced copy like that! Did you like it?

    Your rolls look amazing!

  3. Oh my...these look delicious! We have taped Dallas so will be watching tonight....sooo excited! Have a good day Lois!

  4. Delicious snack to have while watching! I didn't see it, but I loved the original. Great cast in the new one!

  5. I bet those peanut butter crescents are a hit! And I just can't get into Dallas. Never watched it the first time around. But give me Downton Abbey and I can wait for Season Three!! :-)

  6. My goodness! Those look delicious. I love peanut butter but my little one is deathly allergic. Maybe I should send her to grandma's. :)

  7. I have Dallas taped and hope to watch it tonight.

    Your crescent rolls look delish!

  8. YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  9. Another yummy recipe I want to try! I will need to get some more crescent rolls at the store.

  10. Another delicious looking recipe! I need to get the crescent rolls and I'll be making these. Thanks!

  11. I'm hungry after that post!
    The peanut butter rolls look so good and the skirt steak looks tasty.

  12. That garlic brad looks do you make that? Was Dallas as good as you anticipated?

  13. I saw a commercial for Dallas that was so vile I would never watch it. There is enough smut that I can't avoid in this world, don't need to intentionally watch it.

  14. I didn't realize it was on already but the commercials made me gasp. Some of those folks look "well kept" but not in a good way. Some of the faces look like a lot of plastic surgery has been done.
    I kept wondering if the lead, can't remember his name, but he used to not speak on Sunday. He was totally silent; that always impressed me. Isn't his mother Mary Martin?
    Did you enjoy it as much as the original?

  15. I love anything with peanut butter! Will have to try this!

  16. Mmmm~ those peanut butter roll-ups look wonderful!
    I don't remember watching Dallas the first time around, but I do remember that it came on on Friday nights right after the Dukes of Hazzard! (John Schnieder~ hubba hubba!)

  17. Oh my goodness, all that food looks so delicious!! I'll have to give that a try!!
    Happy Anniversary just a bit late! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  18. I did watch it and I liked it! sandie

  19. Crescent rolls! Those look amazing! I actually have some in the oven right now...but just plain. BUT we have fresh blackberry jam to put on them :-)

    Yes! I watched Dallas....all 4 hours! I loved the series when I was young....I hope they keep it on a long time this time.


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