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Tuesday's Question...

We've had a few crazy, fun-filled days here at
Walking on Sunshine.

Need to catch my breath, but FIRST I need to ask you
this week's Tuesday's Question!

"Does your family have any pets?"

We DON'T...

However, that hasn't stopped a few uninvited "Guests" from
appearing around our house.

This "guest" showed up last summer while the Colonel
was away in Washington State with the cadets...

Yes, I had to set the trap myself...

But thankfully, our neighbor helped me transport our "guest"
to his new home, down by the river...

The year the Colonel was in Afghanistan, another "guest"came to visit, 
thankfully the Colonel was home on his 10 day 
break and HE set the trap this time...

YES, that's a SKUNK in the trap.
He was living UNDER our back porch.

I knew something was under there, just didn't think it was a skunk.
Thankfully, the Colonel was home and he set the trap and called 
a friend to come over and "take care" of our "guest."

Then this past March, we noticed another "guest" in our back yard.
Only this "guest" was slightly confused.

He kept roaming around the yard, digging holes.
He kept getting closer and closer to the back porch and I knew if we didn't
do something, he would make himself comfortable on our 
back porch furniture.

We knew he shouldn't be out in the daytime and we suspected from
his odd behavior that he was sick and perhaps had rabies.

So we called another friend, Nelson, who's 
a retired NYC police officer to help us...

YES, he is aiming his gun at another skunk...

Finally, after 3 days of digging holes in our yard,
with a little help, the skunk stopped...

So, let me know YOUR answer to this week's Tuesday's Question,

"Does your family have any pets?"

Did I mention that I'm originally from
 Queens, NY?  

Enjoy Your Day!  


  1. You have a "wild" life at your house! :) Cat and dog rule the roost here. We occassionally get surprise visitors too...bear, racoons, opposums...

  2. Yes, our dog Elvis has lived with us for the last 10 years...he is careful to alert us to any visitors, which got him and hubby both sprayed by a skunk a few months ago...such a nightmare, haha. Hope you have a good day...

  3. Oh my gosh! We have never had anything as *exciting* as a skunk! We don't personally have any animals and we never will, my husband is kind of a germ-a-phob. I grew up with fish, hermit crabs and a dog, but I am OK with having no pets whatsoever. Less for me to do, because lets face it, I would have to be the one to do it.

  4. You could do a Wild Krats Show. That's a show that Mary loves on PBS that tells about all kinds of wild life. As you know we do have pets. We have Mackie our dog and 3 fish. I think that is all I can handle. Mary keeps wanting a parakeet and a horse. I tell her when she gets to be 12 or so and she can take care of a bird she can have a parakeet. As far as a horse I don't think that we will ever be able to afford that :) Have a great day Lois and God bless you!

  5. We have wild life around here too.
    Have a blessed week.

  6. We have one dog, Peanut, who just turned 10. We have had a lot of squirrels invite themselves into our attic to set up housekeeping and spent a lot of money to get them out. Ugh! But at least no skunks. My goodness, I can't imagine having them ... twice. Hope Nelson has taken care of that problem for you.

  7. Oh yes, we have lots of uninvited pets. Of course, Stormy, our kitty is an indoor cat. We have 2 cats that show up regularly at our back door begging for food. Then we have the rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, fox, deer and other numerous animals roaming our yard and 6 acres in back. I've smelled a skunk around before, but have not seen one!

  8. No pets here, I'm really not a fan of pet fur and "droppings" around the house. My husband and I both grew up with pets and I know he wants a dog "one day" but I'm hoping not. :)

  9. When I was little my mom & I lived in an apt. building and were not allowed pets, my heart always ached for a soft furry one to love:) Since then we have always had pets, I honestly couldn't imagine my life without animals, but would not want the kind you had visiting for too long, LOL!

  10. Hi Lois...We don't have any pets. All three of our girls and their families have some dogs and a couple of cats though.

    Like you, we have had to trap a skunk before, and the stinker unloaded outside of the air conditioner and the scent went through the whole house. He also sprayed the dog that we did have at the time, and I washed him in tomato juice...which turned his white fur pink! Ha!

    Recently we have had rabbits digging in under a slab by the garage, so we had to take care of that!

    And a duck made a nest and laid 12 eggs right by our front porch under a bush! She was there for several days and then it all just disappeared one night. It was interesting. I wish we would have been able to see the ducklings.

    We once had a three legged dog who belonged to our daughter. She found her on a rainy night out in the middle of a busy road when she was a puppy and she begged us to keep her. She was such an ugly little dog...but we loved her!

    Have a great day!

  11. Hi Lois! How very nice of you to call them 'guests'!!!! Glad a little help sorted the problem!
    Our family is pet-less. The kids would love a dog but husband is not keen so we 'share' our neighbor's cat!

  12. We have no pets. We travel so much that it wouldn't be fair to them or us.

    I am glad at this point that we don't have animals. They are a lot of work.

  13. Right now we have 2 dogs, one cat, 20 temporary chickens, but we are always finding bonus 'critters' such as deer, foxes, coyotes, skunks, woodchucks, etc on the lawn and backyard. I've had to shoot a few foxes in the past who thought our cat would be tasty, as well as a rabid skunk. For the most part, we like to live and let live here...until they become a danger to the children or real pets.

  14. Wow...lots of interesting things around your place..
    We do have one dog...BELLA
    We live right in town, and we too have had skunks...No one is suppose to shoot a gun in the city limits, but my neighbor shot the skunk anyways!!
    glad he did!!

  15. Our house wouldn't be complete without a few pets. I prefer the cat and dogs though over the wild critters.
    We live in town but in the past few years have had everything from deer, skunks & raccoons roaming the neighborhood.
    I love animals but can do without the skunks and coons.

  16. You had some pretty rough pets - we have one dog named Disco. sandie

  17. Yes we have lots of pets, we even call our animals in the pasture our pets! ~smile~ And like you we have a lot of uninvited animals that would like to join our menagerie ! though I have not yet had an encounter with a skunk, and hope that I don't. lol. Enjoy your day.

  18. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  19. Morning Lois,
    So glad you had a lovely Mother's day and hope you enjoyed your time with your kiddos yesterday. How was the movie??

    We have a kitty named Molly and she is a very pretty black and white cat and has a very sweet disposition.
    Because of her marking on her face,
    when I take pics she usually looks like she is

    Then of course, we have our part time pet and grandaughter dog Rosie, a lil black and brown longhaired chijuajua, who has wormed her way into our hearts and
    is just the sweetest lil dog ever.

    and we have had many uninvited guests at times too, racoons, ibis, bunnies,squirrels, sandhill cranes, possums, armadillos, moles, geese,
    and a long time ago a red fox, cats, dogs, cardinals, bluejays, doves, wrens and robins, and that is all I can think of right now. lol

    Well there you have..........

    Have a great day hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie


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