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Easy Egg Rolls...

Before I went MIA last week I promised to show you 
what I made in my new deep fryer that I purchased from 
the garage sale site that I belong to on Facebook.

Egg Rolls...

I used the same recipe for the Pork Won Tons post a few months ago.
So easy and so delicious! 


Coleslaw Mix (I used about 1 cup)
Leftover Pork (I used about 3/4 cup)
Teriyaki Sauce or Soy Sauce
Egg Roll Wrappers

Begin by combining the above ingredients (except the Egg Roll Wrappers)
in a few tablespoons of butter in a frying pan 
and cook until everything is nicely blended and the cole slaw mix is wilted.

Take one Egg Roll wrapper and place on a cutting board.
Place some of your pork/coleslaw mixture in the middle of the wrapper.
It helps to have the wrapper on a diagonal.

VERY IMPORTANT, using your finger, spread a little water all 
around the edges of the Egg Roll wrapper.  
This is your glue to hold everything together...

Begin by folding up the wrapper one time...

Now fold in the sides...

And continue folding up...

Until you have a nice little Egg Roll...

A few Egg Rolls ready to go...

Get your oil nice and hot and carefully place the Egg Rolls in the deep fryer, 
or use a regular frying pan...

Cook until a beautiful golden brown.
Remove and drain on paper towels...


And really EASY

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love egg rolls but have never attempted to make my own. Thx for the recipe. The photos look delicious!

  2. Good morning, Lois!

    I love egg rolls but haven't made them in ages! Your looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good morning! I LOVE egg rolls and these look I wish I could eat them. : ( haha Have a nice day! HUGS

  4. I love egg rolls. Years ago, I made my own but it seemed like so much work that I never made them again.

    You made it look so easy that I just might have to try it again.

  5. Gosh I don't know about easy - but they sure look DELICIOUS! Happy Monday. sandie

  6. Those sound AND look so yummy, Lois! Thanks for passing the recipe along!

  7. I have never made egg rolls. I really like them when we go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. I think I will have to try this sometime:)

  8. I'm going to have to try this. I know the kids would love it!

  9. Easy? Really? I'm thinkin' it would just be a lot easier if I simply showed up for dinner at your house. lol (looks delicious!)

  10. Yummy! I'll be there ASAP! LOL!

  11. I have never found a reason to buy a deep fryer until now. I love egg rolls and those just look so delish. Thanks!


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