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Tuesday's Question...

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday's post.
This real-life tragedy still continues to bother me and I hope
that by helping to spread the word this injustice will
soon be overturned.  

Now, on to this week's Tuesday's Question...

"How much is a gallon of gasoline in your community?"


"Has it begun to affect your life?"

A gallon of gasoline where we live in PA is $3.69 as of yesterday.


YES, it is affecting our life!

We have 3 cars in this family.
BUT all 3 cars are OLD and over 100,000 miles.
The car Olivia drives is a 2001 Ford Focus and has close to 180,000 miles.
It's a station wagon and GOLD.
She and her friends call it The Twinkie.
We're thankful that our cars run great and still look pretty good.

However, filling up all 3 cars is becoming very costly.
I'm thankful Olivia is down in Florida attending college
and her car sits in our driveway although
the Colonel does drive The Twinkie a few times a week to keep it running.

Filling up all 3 cars ONCE a week can run us close to $150 - $200...

It's a good thing I don't need to go out every day.
I try to stay home as much as I can and do all my errands/shopping
only once a week or have the Colonel stop and pick up something
for me from the grocery store since he is out every day.  

Give me an idea of how much a gallon of gasoline is in your hometown.
Let me know if it's affecting your life and what are some things you're doing
to help offset the costs.


On the menu at our house tonight:

Tossed salad with Italian dressing

Enjoy your day!

And, yes, I'm feeling much better.
Thank you!


  1. I saw on GMA this morning in California, PA, and I think Texas it is near $5. It is supposed to be like that here by Memorial Day. I believe it is because we are limiting Iran from making nuclear weapons if I heard correctly. Obama they said is still fighting drilling here - but he may release some gas from out reserves.

    Yes it is affecting us.
    Love, sandie

  2. Good morning! Glad you are feeling better....Gas here is 3.99! It is just crazy. It is definitely affecting us. I try to go no where but church, bible study and my mom's. Unfortunately, none of these places are very close to us. Hubby rides with his sales reps when he can, but that isn't always possible either. It is soo bad. I do remember the days when we were filling 3 cars up though. That was even worse of course. I keep hearing that North Dakota is FULL of oil...why doesn't that seem to be helping? Have a good day...HUGS

  3. Our gas here is $3.54 per gallon. It has affected our family a lot, taking into consideration that my husband has been unemployed for nearly 10 months. I read in the paper this morning that the prices are only going to keep increasing over the summer.

  4. Dear Lois,

    Gasoline is about the same as you are paying. Currently this is not affecting my family - we are pretty much still staying in budget in this area. However I have always tried to limit my gas expenditure and conserve trips when out. This lets me make the occational trip just for fun. Like yesterday, I went to the next couple of towns over just to take my niece and daughter there for lunch.


  5. It's $3.76 a gallon here, and that's at the Indian Reservation where it's cheaper, the regular stations are about a dime higher. :/

  6. My Hubs just told me yesterday that when we get back to Pennsylvania from vacations that gas is suppose to be over $4.50 a gallon. This is getting wicked crazy.

    Gas has not affected us as of yet.... but I think now it will.

  7. We don't feel the gas pinch as bad as some, Lois; but then, we never go anywhere much, either... :)
    My hubby only drives about 8 miles one way to work every day (Thank goodness) and I only go out once a week to run errands and get groceries, but it still hurts when you fill up the tank!

    Oh, by the way~ last time I checked, gas was around 3.50 here.

  8. Gas at the station near me is #3.45 at Arco. My car get 30 mpg, and I used to be able to fill it for $40. now it costs $50. On a fixed income I have to take that $25 a month out of something else. I have cut back on driving as much as I can. Have a good stay at home day.

  9. Well Lois I think you might find gas
    is cheap compared to over here in the UK where we pay almost the most in Europe.
    I've done a quick calculation and reckon we pay almost $9.00 a gallon depending on where you go for a fill up.
    Happy motoring!

  10. Gas here in mid-MO is 3.26 and up depending where you buy it. I couldn't help but think over the weekend when I saw all the traffic on the interstate and in Kansas City that the higher prices weren't affecting anyone yet. Gas is about 10 cents higher there than my small town. So far it hasn't affected our life, but we're waiting to see about a proposed trip out west this spring or fall. No go if gas is 5 bucks a gallon!
    I think it's all largely political. I look for prices to go up but come down sharply before the election. Just my 2 cents.

  11. It is $3.75 here, not effecting me too much since I'm not working. My husband has a big full size truck which uses alot but luckily his work is close to home. It's just terrible how high it is and going to get much worse:/ those enchiladas look DEVINE!

  12. Hi Lois,
    Right now I don't know what gas costs, cause I haven't filled up lately. We only have 2 cars and of course, hubby drives back and forth to work daily accept on Wednesday.
    I usually only take the van out about once a week, but we do pretty much what you do, try to run errands all at the same time, and sometime we do some on Sunday after church since we are already out, and my hubby picks up stuff on the way home too. We get most of our gas at Sam's cause it is usually less. Fortunately, it hasn't affected us too much, but I am sure it is coming with the way things are going. Am praying that his boss will offer them more days to work at home, that is how it happened with his job before the new one. They let them work from home some to compensate on gas and also because they couldn't give raises,
    so actually, we liked it better,
    added more hours to our week, and gives more flexibility time wise.

    I have my gerbera daisy post up.
    They are going on my back porch but I haven't really gotten it back together yet, am waiting another week or so, but just figured I would work on the flowers so they
    will be ready. I will show you a picture when it is all done.
    I think they are beautiful flowers as well, so happy and the most friendly flowers as Meg Ryan said in you've got mail! lol Course, she was talking about reg. daisies, but they all qualify. What is your fav color of gerber daisy?? I have to say I love the hot pink.

    Sounds like you had a nice sunday at least. Sorry you have been feeling so under the weather, it was actually good Michael went with the church on Sat. since you were sick, cause at least he was having a good time, and you didn't have to feel bad or do anything towards his birthday that day.

    You have a great day hon, and sure hope you are feeling much better this week.
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  13. Oh yea, and Happy 15th Birthday to Michael. Can he get a learners permit or drivers liscense in your state at that age???

    If so, I am sure he is a happy boy!!

  14. First of all, happy belated birthday to your Michael! I missed that post. I hope you're feeling better too, Lois!

    Okay...gas here in the Mid-South is $3.49 a gallon. It has affected us. We don't go as much, period. I go out once a week with the kids to our homeschool gym day. We try to fit any errands or anything that has to be done into that time. If we need items from the grocery store, Jason stops by on his way home from work and picks them up so I won't have to use the gas to go out. We live about 20 minutes from town. We have small cars too that are pretty good on gas. Then we get out for church and buying groceries every other week. Oh and Joy has Chinese language classes weekly on Friday nights. That is our splurge time out. But it cut down our going tremendously! But one good thing is that I'm home more and I love that!


  15. Hi send me your email address and I will write you the "story" on this stomach

  16. Hi send me your email address and I will write you the "story" on this stomach

  17. Almost $4 a gallon where I am :(
    Your dinner looks awesome! Love enchiladas.

  18. $3.57 and yes it is crazy! The cost to full up my car is ridiculous!!

  19. Funny and delicious...
    I bet!

  20. The Twinkie!! Ha ha!! Our 2001 Taurus has about 130,000 and is magenta. No good nickname for that. :)

  21. It's $3.93 in Central New York. And I don't drive nearly as much as I used to - I combine trips for errands as much as possible. We can't visit family as much as we used to (they're 2 1/2 hours away). I haven't completely filled my tank in months, I just do enough each week to get to work and back and run errands.


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