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Chocolate Covered Peanuts...

This week's
Something Yummy for My Colonel's Tummy
is really a favorite of our whole family.

Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Nothing is more delicious than melted chocolate and peanuts...

After some "chilling" time, you have a delicious snack...

I could not believe how incredibly easy this recipe was 
when Olivia and I made them for Christmas.

It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

You need TWO ingredients.
Almond Bark and Peanuts...

Line a mini muffin pan with mini muffin liners...

Melt the almond bark in a big bowl, in the microwave.
Once the almond bark is melted, add your peanuts...

Stir until everything is completely mixed.
Then start filling up your mini muffin cups...

I sprayed each liner before because I wasn't sure if the chocolate would stick.

If you DO NOT have mini muffin pans,
just spoon the chocolate peanut mixture right onto 
a baking tray lined with wax paper.  

Place the pans/trays in the refrigerator or freezer until 
the chocolate has hardened...

Now, you're going to ask me...
How much almond bark and how many peanuts?

This all depends on how many chocolate candies you WANT!
We used the one whole almond bark bar and about 2 cups of peanuts.

We really enjoyed this treat and I will definitely be making
MORE for Valentine's Day in a few weeks.  

Enjoy your day!  


  1. The chocolate covered candy look yummo, the only ones that can eat peanuts is our oldest and me.
    Our youngest and my husband can't it gets stuck in their colon and they get infections it starts with a D, what they have and it is dangerous, my husband had had 3 surgries and only has a foot long of colon left, he is only 48 yrs old, but all I care is my hubby is with meand so far no infections, AMEN!

    I made homemade chicken soup last week and it hit the spot. I use my Grandmother's recipe!!!!

    Your looks yummo, now I want more homemade chicken soup and today it is windy and very cold and it will be like this for the rest of the weekend.
    Tonight is homemade pizza night and tomorrow I am making a beef stew in my crockpost and homemade bread!!The firewood is stocked in the house and will last today, and tomorrow and then Hubby will take the wheel barrel and stock up the livingroom again. It is so nice to have a warm frie when the wind is blowing and it is COLD outside!!!

    Prim Blessings and stay warm,

  2. Want... chocolate... NOW!!! (these look really good. Could you imagine making them with melted down Godiva chocolate?)

  3. Good Afternoon Lois! One of my favorite candies: chocolate covered peanuts! My problem is I can't stop eating them!

    It's cold here with a few snow flurries today. Your soup would be delicious this evening.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  4. How do you and your Hubby stay so slim when you make all this good stuff.

    I am going on an alkaline diet starting Monday... YUCK!! But when I am completely healthy, I will thank my Doctor.

  5. The chocolate covered peanuts look delish! Tonight is Taco Night for us. Have a great weekend.


  6. Now you're talking - I think I can make those - thanks for all your tips. How have you been lately? sandie

  7. Be still my heart! Chocolate covered of my all-time favorite treats! I'll definitely have to give them a whirl!

  8. Oh, Lois, you are dangerous.. lol. I am going to make some peanut clusters over the weekend though. Just have to use up that excess holiday baking supply up, ya know! :) I like your idea best, of putting them in mini-muffin papers. Yay! They're much cuter that way ;) Have a fabulous weekend!! -Tammy

  9. fast and easy, two of my favorites! -laughing-

  10. I started laughing because at the very moment I clicked on your blog and read the title, I was popping a chocolate covered almond in my mouth. I guess it goes without saying that I would love your candy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It will make the perfect little Valentine's Day treat and I even have little muffin papers with hearts on them.
    We're having a shrimp stir fry tonight. Great way to use up the little bits of veggies left in the fridge.

  11. Yummy!!! Will definitely keep this recipe in mind!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    P.S. Contributed to the mani-fund. :)

  12. I've made those for years. My husband loves them. They are easy aren't they.

  13. Dear Lois, I love that you made your own candy!! This sounds like a delicious treat to make. The chicken soup is so good for these cold nights. The wind is howling here in NY, it is finally winter!! Blessings, Catherine xo

  14. Oh my, this looks so easy, and delicious. What a great idea to do for Valentine's day. This may be something simple and delicious to do for the teacher's on Valentine's, and for hubby's office staff. I think I have both chocolate and vanilla almond bark left over from Christmas. Oh I just love it over here!

  15. Lois,
    This looks good and not too difficult to make. I would like to make some of this. My brother would enjoy some. Thank you for sharing. Pat

  16. Oh, Lordy~ it's not good for me to know how to make chocolate covered peanuts! :)
    Thanks for sharing your soup recipe~ I love making homemade soup whenever I can!

  17. mmmmm, chocolate and peanuts. Two of my favorite treats all wrapped up in a muffin cup :)

  18. I made something very similar last night: Ghirardelli? white chocolate bark with crushed almonds. Isn't that stuff addictive!!!

  19. Lois,

    Your chocolate covered peanuts sound great! I like easy too! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Right up my alley all the way around...easy...chocolate....peanuts....yummmm. We have another shower coming up over here for my niece, I will keep these in mind...Have a wonderful week-end...HUGS

  21. Oh now I will be making this soon. I really like pecans and I think they would be delicious using this recipe!


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