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Tuesday's Question...

A few weeks ago I would have had no CLUE 
of my answer to today's question
because I had no idea
what it was all about.

But, here goes.
This week's TUESDAY QUESTION is...


I had no idea what Pinterest was until a few weeks ago.
Oh, I saw a lot of people mentioning it on 
but I had no clue what it was all about.

I love...

Before I discovered Pinterest, I kept files on my computer
that I would copy and paste different recipes or ideas into that I found
while reading blogs.

Not anymore! 
Now I have a place to "pin" or store these fabulous ideas!

I love "pinning" the many wonderful craft ideas that 
I hope to one day find time to create...

I can even "pin" quotes...

And even scenes from my favorite movies.
"And then I heard his voice..."

But more importantly,
 I love having a place to "pin" the many recipes that I want 
to one day try.

Such as this recipe I found a few weeks ago for...

Yes, you heard right, 
Snickers Popcorn.

I decided to make this recipe for Thanksgiving
to give as a little gift to all our guests...

I'll share the recipe on Friday!

Let me know if you PINTEREST and I might
come and find YOUR board!

On the menu at our house tonight:

using leftover TURKEY instead of chicken

Enjoy your day!


  1. Well I haven't yet gotten into pinterest because I'm afraid of spending anymore time on this computer than I already do!
    I'll be back for the snickers popcorn recipe though!
    Best wishes

  2. I don't pinterest. I'm trying to hold off b/c it's just one more thing. I'm very interested in this snickers popcorn though!

  3. I am with Christine and Jill! Ditto that! Pinterest could be dangerous...Lord knows, I am still struggling to overcome Facebook addiction!

  4. Good morning! Well, I am with the other ladies. I am trying REALLY hard not to get involved. I hang out on this thing WAY too long as it is...The popcorn sounds amazing. And turkey pot pie? What time is dinner? Have a good day! HUGS

  5. I pin. It is so handy to have all the things that have caught your fancy in one place, sorted, and easy to access. I use it for my file cabinet of good stuff.

  6. I LOVE IT!!!! I never knew what it was til a couple months ago and now I am hooked, just love browsing on there but it can be addictive:O

  7. I have a pinterest account - now I have to get off my rear and do it. I want too - but my time has been nutty!

    I love yours.


  8. Oooo! I am absolutley in love with Pinterest. I got an account like maybe a week and go and I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of it but it is fantastic!!!

  9. No I have never heard about it.
    I will have to check it out.
    I would like the snicker popcorn recipe also.It sure does look good and I love both snickers and pc.

  10. Funny that you posted this, Lois. I had been considering it over the past few weeks and pondering if it was something I really wanted to spend time doing. I don't do facebook. However, this is something I KNOW I would enjoy! And right before I came over here to your blog (to find a recipe by the way), I just went to see if I had the invite from a friend for me to get started! So to answer your question, I'm going to! :)

    I will have to discipline myself though because it can be way too addictive....I can see that now!

    I'll check you out on Pinterest when I get there! :)

    Hugs and Blessings!

  11. Hey gal!
    I definitely love pinning, and my boards are for my own personal inspiration.

    I do advise anyone wanting to protect themselves, spouse, or children from inappropriate, lewd photos to stay away from the front page of Pinterest, though. I never go there since seeing things like that, and wish they policed it a bit more carefully.

    I love pinning, and love the inspiration I get from my boards and others!!

    We have a spring wedding to plan so I will be making some wedding boards!!

    Hugs to you!
    Have a great week, Sunshine!

  12. Bummer....evidently, you have to have either facebook or twitter to be on there and I'm don't have either and no desire to have either of those! Oh well...


  13. No, I don't do Pinterest or have Facebook. I spend way too much time as it is on the computer and have to say no to some things! But I never say never, either! :D

  14. I didn't join so I don't pin but I do like to occasionally take a peek in and see what's going on! If I did I'd definitely repin the Snickers!

  15. I just discovered it also! Love it. I cannot wait to try out that snickers popcorn. I think you already have me addicted.

  16. Lois I am a Pinterest fanatic, I love it, I have found so many craft ideas, enjoy your pinning. hugs.

  17. Oh, yes. I love Pinterest...I no longer have a favorites list a mile long. :)


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