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All About ME...

Here are some fun questions to learn a little more about me!  

1. Are you excited for the holidays or are you dreading them?

I am so excited for the holidays this year! Last year the Colonel was in Afghanistan and the year before he was just getting ready to leave for Afghanistan.  So needless to say the past 2 years have NOT been "the most wonderful time of the year" for us!

2.  Do you hit the snooze button or get right up?

I use my cell phone as my alarm and as far as I know, I don't think there's a snooze button on it!
I'm pretty good at waking up when the alarm goes off. AND it goes off every morning at 5:00 AM.
The Colonel needs to be at the university for PT by 6:30 every morning. He leaves the house around 5:40 with breakfast AND lunch packed for him.  Even on the weekends, my alarm goes off at 6:00 AM.  REMEMBER I'm married to a Colonel.  Need I say anything else?

3.  Do you still have your tonsils?

YES!  But not my appendix. AND...both Olivia and Michael have had their appendixes removed as well.  Actually, Olivia had hers removed a year ago.

4.  What was the last piece of candy that you ate?

Must I admit this one? Almond Joy  I love them!

5.  Do you shop at thrift stores?

No.BUT...Michael is a huge fan of Pawn Stars and was just asking the other day if we could go to one.  So, I'm thinking maybe this weekend!

That was FUN!  Let me know if you want to "Play Along"and I'll come see your answers!  

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  1. Wow up at 5 in the morning, that is early. I try to be up by 7. I hope you can find an invitation to your wedding. The ornament is cute and so easy to make. I am going to try the cresent roll recipe. I just need the rolls!

  2. Love it! What a great idea, "Meet me Monday." It is really nice getting to know you through your blog and facebook :o)

  3. Yikes! 5am. I would be asleep by 7 every night. mmmm... almond joy. Yum!


    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Good morning! I love these kind of posts for some reason...getting to know someone a little better I guess. I bet you are REALLY looking forward to Christmas this year..soo happy for you! 5:00 am?! I finally found someone who beats me out of bed in the morning, I am always up (even the week-ends) by 5:45 or 6:00 and I NEVER set an alarm...I just wake up. haha Have a good day Lois!

  5. So much fun reading your answers! I know I would look JUST LIKE the lady in the picture if I had to get up at 5 a.m. every morning! :)

    By the way, there is a Meet Me on Monday every week (on Mondays), different questions every week, if you are interested. You can find them here:

    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. I love the mornings, my alarm/radio is set to come on at 5:00 but I am always awake just before that. I guess all the years of getting up at that time and going to work trained my brain. I could sleep to noon now, but the mornings are precious to me.
    MMOM sounds fun. I'll try and schedule it this next week.

  7. I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas this year with your Colonel home with you!

    Love, Linda

  8. That surgery cartoon is halarious.

    We don't have Almond Joy here in Canada, but I bet they are delicious.
    I have been meaning to try a bunch of the recipes on your blog. They all look so good. Today I am going to make the peanut butter/chocolate crescent rolls. They look YUMMY!

    My father was in the Canadian Army so I have many memories of him being gone for special occasions. I can totally appreciate your looking forward to Christmas this year. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  9. Morning Lois,
    Thanks for coming by and for all your sweet comments. Yea, our Anniversary evening was just not at all how we envisioned it. The reason it was so awkward was #1 we are the only ones,
    but then #2 the mgr. would come and go and be gone for long periods of time and we would be like where did he go, and we would be talking and thinking should we just leave, and then we got our salads and they were disqusting. The dressing tasted like oil and lemon juice, and I like lemon but it was supposed to be a toss salad and it looked more like coleslaw. Not good, that's for sure, so we were laughing and talking about bad it was and then the Mgr. would come and we would be laughing and but not saying anything. Then he asked us how things were and I sort of hesitated and kind of made a face,
    and he said you don't like it and I said not really..........would it be possible for me to get it with some ranch dressing, and he said oh sure.............and comes back with a bowl of ranch dressing, then
    disappears again for 15 mins., the ranch dressing mixed with the oil and lemon, tasted even worse, so we were dying laughing, then after another 15 mins. a big guy comes out of the kitchen and puts our chicken parmigiana (the only decent thing on the menu) in front of us,
    and his arms are like covered in tattoes, not appetizing to
    and the chicken was not raw which would be worse, but the chicken was so cooked it was hard to cut and pretty much tasteless, which might have been a blessing!! and
    I think if they used Barilla marinara sauce they would be so much better
    I ate some of it, but it wasn't too long and my stomach started hurting so I said think I am gonna not try anymore for now. Fortunatly, once I got home and ate
    some salad (cause I was still hungry cause I didn't eat much salad there)I had in the fridge and my frozen yogurt, I was fine!!

    Too funny! My husband said sometimes I think we are too nice for our own
    I have to agree, we should have just said It's our Anniversary this is just not what we had in mind,
    and don't really know why we didn't. Think the Lord has just been causing us to be content with whatever. So it was pretty funny really.................

    Now to answer your questions,
    I am very excited for all the wonderful Celebrations ahead,
    especially Christmas, since it is the birthday of Jesus.... just hope my energy levels agree!! lol

    I typically get right up, my hubby is the snooze alarm lover..........

    and yes, I still have my tonsils and appendix.

    and the last candy I ate was Lindt
    dark chocolate with orange flavoring. Delicious I might add!

    Well, there you have it.
    Take care sweetie, and so glad you can look forward to enjoying Christmas this year.

    Glad you enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures.

    Love and Blessings,

  10. I know the holidays will be even more special this year for you because you have your honey with you! That is wonderful!
    I don't use an alarm unless there is a need to get up earlier than usual. If I had to get up at 5 am I'd sure need one! My hubby has never needed an alarm in his life.
    Thanks for the chuckle over the surgery cartoon! Have a great day!

  11. Love this and it is nice to get to know about our friends out there in blogland.
    I can understand why this yr will be a Merrier Christmas for your family.
    Love the cartoons they gave me a real chuckle today. I think that lady could be me at that time of day.

  12. I love to read these interesting facts about fellow bloggers. How exciting for you to have your "colonel" home with you for Thanksgiving.
    The cartoon is hilarious ... hopefully not what really happens in the OR. ;).
    As a person who regularly stops at thrift shops, I hope you give it a try. It's amazing what you can find there.

  13. Fun to learn more about glad your husband is home now. Cute cartoon about the surgery! ;D

  14. I really enjoy when my blog pals answer these - makes you know them so much better.

    I get up at 6 - but not on the weekends.


  15. Love this! It was fun to get to know you better. You are my hero for getting up at 6 am on weekends!!

  16. I hope that the holidays are just amazing for your beautiful family this year. Thank you so much to you and to your Colonel for sacrificing your own family, holidays, sanity and safety for our country so that our families, our holidays and our safety are not in jeopardy.


  17. That's a fun read! I always love learning new things about blog friends:)


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