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A GREAT Weekend...

I hope you all had a nice weekend.
It was great here.
A little chilly, 
but still very nice.

We spent some time outside doing some chores around the house.
I thought I'd share some pictures with you of our home.

In front of the potting shed the Colonel made for me a few years ago.
The kids made the sign for it and gave it to me for Christmas... 

One side of our back porch with my pretty flowers...

A few of the flowers didn't enjoy the cold temperatures
and I had to give them a "burial."  
This one still looks happy...

The other side of our porch.
The brown chest use to be Olivia's bedroom dresser.
The Colonel refinished it YEARS ago and it was a pretty blue with 
off white trim while it was in her room. 
When we purchased her new furniture a few years ago I asked
him to please re-do it again so we could put it on the back porch.
He painted it brown, removed the drawers and added shelves. 
Looks nice...
The back of the house...

Hubby burning trash.
Yes, it's legal here to do this!

This is what we found while wedding the front garden...

We think they're some form of mushrooms...
Here's a close-up.
Does anyone have any clue what they are?

We found the remains of a bird's nest in a tree...

Very nice...

Leaving it alone.
Maybe they'll come back next year...

Our view...

Our house...

My favorite place to be...
I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our weekend.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you did 
this weekend! 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Awesome pictures, Lois! Busy Saturday. :-)

  2. What a beautiful home you got. The american houses are so much better then the swedich one. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Lisa from sweden.

  3. Hi Lois! Glad you're back posting again!
    I so enjoyed the pics of your stunning home and views!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I love the beautiful traditional look of your home, but most of all I like the covered porches. Your potting shed was a nice gift!

  5. just gorgeous! home is my favorite place to be too!

  6. Beautiful home, Lois. Love your porches. What a difference from Lenox Avenue.

  7. Anonymous was me, Lois. I'm not sure how that happened.

  8. What a beautiful home with an absolutely gorgeous view! I love a week-end like yours...

  9. Wow - your view is amazing! I love your porch:) Home definitely is the nicest place to be! We arrived home from vacation last night. We had a wonderful trip - one of our best - but it is always sweet to that front porch come into view:)

  10. Your home is just beautiful!!!! Love how you have your name on your very own potting shed;)Have a wonderful day!!!

  11. You have a beautiful home, Lois. Pretty view and neighborhood, too. I really am envious of your porches! Have a great day!

  12. You have a lovely home and a beautiful view. Your flowers look so pretty!

  13. Your home and that outdoor patio - deck - and your view - are about the prettiest things I've even seen. So HAPPY for you! love, sandie

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  15. Lois it is nice to have you back and your view is beautiful.
    I have seen them in our yard this year and I think that they are some kind of mushroom.
    I had to do a burial of some flowers also. We had a frost 2 nights in a row and it did a number on my flowers.
    I took down all of my gnomes and put them in storage for the winter.

  16. Wasn't it a glorious weekend!
    Lois your home is just beautiful and what a view!!!!! I am in love with your covered back porch. I've been asking Ray to do a cover over our patio for years. Wow your flowers are still doing so well. Mine gave up and are laying flat on the ground!I have one of those mushrooms too. It's a tiny one and it's on the ground under a boxwood bush so I thought it might be a birds egg but when I touched it it felt just like a mushroom. I've never seen one like it. Hugs

  17. What a lovely piece of perfect you and your Colonel own. :)

  18. Let's see....I cleaned, exercised, went to church and had company after church on Sun. night. Good weekend!
    Your home is lovely and you have quite a view!

  19. what a great view you have from your lovely home!! I did some cleaning and organizing last weekend and we hosted our small group for supper and fellowship on Sunday night. I made tortellini soup :) Thanks for your encouraging comment over at my blog! I'm trying to get my posting rhythm back...and get back to blog reading as well!

  20. Love your blog. It is so homey and interesting. Pictures are great.


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