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Are You Ready...

For some FOOTBALL?

Our son Michael has joined the high school football team.
Of course this year and next year he's on the JV Team
which means he plays on Monday nights.

He still suits up on Friday nights but will probably 
not play unless something terrible 
happens to all the juniors and seniors on the team.

Here he is last week at their first home game.


Getting ready for the kick off...

Seems the 9th graders do a lot of this...

He's there in the huddle.
Discussing what play they should do next...

It was a beautiful late afternoon.
The games start at 4:30 with the Junior High School team
followed by the JV team for the high school at around 6:00 ...

The Colonel and I in the stands.
It was quite chilly and windy...
Michael's team won their first home game!

My back made it through the 3rd quarter thanks only to my friend...

Hoping I can make it through the entire game next week or 
I can talk the Colonel into bringing something a little
more comfortable for me to sit in
to the game...

I can dream, can't I?

Enjoy your day!


  1. You know Lois, I have been blogging for three years and you were one of the first ladies I met here in blogland, it has been a pleasure and joy to see your family grow.
    Michael has certainly grown into a very fine young man. And what a joy to see you and the Colonel at the game, and yes, If the school would permit it, I know the Colonel would bring the recliner.
    I am so glad to see you back posting,

    I bet Olivia is really enjoying college too.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Lois! I'm sure both you & the Colonel are so proud of your kids, growing up into fine young people!
    But if you brought along the big chair you'd snooze and miss the game!
    It looks that comfy!

  3. I can't believe how time flies and he is already playing football!
    Looks like a fun time together as a family!
    I know how you feel sitting on those benches! A recliner would be really, really nice! lol

  4. I think that all games should have those recliners. I remember sitting on those hard bleachers when the boys were in school. I sometimes had to do it 2-3 times a week.
    Really like the photo of you and the colonel.
    Congrats to Michael for his W

  5. Your post today brought back a lot of memories for me. Those were fun times watching our boys play football from the stands. I've sat in pouring down rain and sleet and snow. And there were times I nearly froze to death, but I never missed a game. Enjoy this season of your life.

  6. Well I hope your son gets to play some - and I hope your back holds up long enough to see it! sandie

  7. Football games require a thermos of hot chocolate and a warm blanket here! ;)

    Hope he loves it!

  8. brings back memories! our older son played high school football too! I like the pink chair, and yes, Michael would be so proud of his mom sitting out there in that! NOT! LOL!


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