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Something Funny...

I don't know about you, 
but this is how I'm weighing myself from now on.
Especially after YESTERDAY!

We've been doing it wrong all along!

Enjoy your day!

Something cute for today...

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy 
Have never a lump. 
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs! 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I Have a Shelter

With Olivia's surgery last Monday evening, I never accurately explained how 
grateful I am to the Lord for His hand upon us.  

I was pretty calm the whole time we were in the emergency room 
while the doctor was examining Olivia and even during the CAT scan.  

But when I had to sign the papers giving the surgeon permission 
to operate on my "little girl" I really almost lost it.  

See, I didn't want to sign the papers. 
I wanted my husband to be there with me. 
I wanted HIM to sign the papers. 
I thought it was HIS place to give this permission,  NOT ME.

I started to have a little pity party for myself.
I thought, Why Lord?  
Why can't my husband be here?  
Why can't he sign these papers?    
Do I really have to do this now?

My pity party was useless and only lasted a minute because   
I knew I had to sign the papers. 
My husband was halfway around the world
 and he didn't even know what was happening.

So I gave in and signed the papers allowing the surgeon 
to remove my daughter's appendix.

It was at that exact moment that I felt this incredible peace come over me. 
Something I've only felt a few times in my entire life. 

And I knew at that moment I wasn't alone.  
That I've NEVER been alone. 

At that moment I knew, 
"That in my weakness His strength will not forsake me."  

Not just this past Monday in the emergency room and 
not during this past year with my husband in Afghanistan,
but my entire life. 

The simple words, Thank You, don't seem enough.

So I will continue to live my entire life being grateful 
for all the times when I've been weak, 
My Lord has made me strong.

And that I do have a shelter in the midst of any storm.



Remember how much fun it was for me when my daughter 
woke me up at 4:00 in the morning on Monday 
to tell me how she just threw up? 

Well she threw up all morning and had such a high fever. 
And she never left her bed.
Well the guest room bed since her bed was being fumigated.  

She's never been this sick.  
By Monday evening I knew something was wrong.
Terribly wrong.  

I had been pressing on her belly all day and she had no pain at all.
Until 7:30 at night. 

We rushed up to the hospital and by 11:00 she was 
having surgery to remove her appendix. 

All is well now.  
We are home.
She's in quite a bit of pain.

But it's so good to see her sleeping on our couch instead of the 
hospital bed she's been in since Monday. 

The Colonel was able to get an emergency phone call to us that was 
routed through the Pentagon.  
I missed the phone call but he left a really nice message 
which I was able to play for Olivia to let her know that her daddy misses 
her and was so worried about her.  

I think I'm going to write a soap opera 
since my life seems to resemble one lately. 

God is so good.  
He's been so faithful to me.    

Thank you Lord for Your protection on my family.  

And in case you're wondering, my mother had her 
appendix removed when she was 19.  
I had mine removed at the age of 6.
My sister had hers removed also when she was 6.
And my son Michael had his removed when he was 9.

It's Been a FUN Weekend...

It's always fun when one of your kids wakes you up at 4:00 in the morning 
to tell you they just threw up in their bed.
 And as you're gathering the sheets and blankets together you remember 
your washing machine doesn't work properly 
and the repairman isn't coming until tomorrow. 

It's always fun when you go down to the storage room in the basement to put the cushions from the porch furniture away and you realize the carpet is all wet.  

And then you realize that the furnace man who put a new motor in the furnace 
accidentally knocked the plastic tubes from the water softener out of the drainage hole 
and now you have to try to figure out how to get the carpet dry from 
two days worth of the water softener draining out 
on to the concrete floor 
and then out into the finished basement.  

Seeing that Thanksgiving is next week,
 I need to look for something to be thankful for.  

I'm thankful that I decided to put the porch furniture away on Saturday.  
Otherwise the water softener would still be draining out on to the floor.  

I'm thankful that the washing machine decided to work this morning.
The spin cycle still doesn't work properly,
but I was able to get everything 
washed in hot water.

 I'm truly thankful that my daughter threw up in her bed 
and NOT on her way to the bathroom. 

I can always wash the sheets and blankets in the washing machine.

Not so easy to wash the carpet.  

Well unless it's the carpet down in the basement.  

That will be nice and clean and sanitized sometime this morning after 
the pro's come to get the water out!  

Enjoy your Monday!


I've been neglecting this blog AGAIN.
Seems life is so busy and there is so much to do. 

In case you're wondering...

So I can now add "How to fix a broken handle on the toilet" to my list of things 
I've learned this year while my Colonel has been gone. 

I took a long look at the toilet 
and thought to myself, "I can do this." 

I took it apart, but not until I did something really important...
Take a picture of how it's suppose to look like.
I knew I would never remember how to put it together without a picture.

Then I went to the local hardware store and showed the man behind 
the counter my broken toilet handle and he gave me exactly what I needed.
I came home, consulted with my photo, put the new handle together, 
hooked it up to the inner parts of the toilet and yes, 

I can now flush my toilet the way God intended!
You have to hold the handle down for awhile 
otherwise it won't completely flush, 
but hey, it works!

Life is good!

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