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Weekly Meal Plan

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Oh how I love zucchini!  

I'm always looking for new ways to use it. 

How do you prepare it?  

Head over to my other blog Walking on Sunshine Recipes
 to see my FAVORITE way to eat it 
and leave me a comment with how you LOVE it!  

Enjoy your weekend!

Boulder Field

Last weekend, we took a little trip to Boulder Field.
A National Natural Landmark that was created after
one of the ice ages when a glacier melted and left 
a TREMENDOUS amount of boulders.

We went with friends from church.
This State Park is about 30 minutes north of our house.
BUT once you reach the park you have to drive about 20 minutes
on a dirt, rocky road to get to the field.

Michael heading out. 
They are NOT easy to walk on! 
There is still running water beneath the boulders 
and they are still splitting and moving.
This is as far as I went.  


Another view.
It truly is AMAZING!

Michael on his way back. 
He went out quite a few times.

There's also a very nice lake at this park...

The picnic area where we had lunch...

Michael and his friend Jonathan...

My favorite picture!
It was the most beautiful day.
The weather was PERFECT.

But more importantly we had the best time!

Never Forget

I don't really need to remind everyone what today is.
I think we all remember what happened 9 years ago today.

The Colonel was working in Manhattan at the time and 
didn't have to be at work until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Although he wasn't a Colonel at the time. 
He was a just a normal person,
working a normal job,
providing for his family. 

But that all changed 9 years ago for our family.

We had just dropped Olivia off at the Christian school she was attending. 
She was in 3rd grade. 
We decided to head to the park for a morning walk. 
As we were walking around the park with Michael in his stroller, 
our beloved city was being attacked. 
By the time we made it home, both towers were on fire. 

Growing up in Queens, NY, I remember when they were building the towers. 
I remember the many times we would cross the 
George Washington Bridge and how I would look out 
the window of our car 
staring at the beauty of the Towers.

I remember moving my desk to be in front of the window 
so I could see the beauty of downtown Manhattan 
and those beautiful towers
from the 55th floor of the Empire State Building where I worked every day. 

This is the way the world remembers the Twin Towers...

But I choose to remember them this all their majesty. 

Take a few moments today to remember 
how our world was changed 9 years ago. 
Share with your children the terror we all lived through. 
And if you see a firefighter or policeman or even a military person today, 
thank them for the 
sacrifice they continue 
to make to protect this 
wonderful, beautiful country of ours. 


A Little Trip...

My Colonel is back in Afghanistan.
He was home for 14 days.
We had a lovely little "vacation" from war.

While he was home we went back to this quaint town 
about 20 minutes up the road from us.

We had such a nice time.
Just the two of us.

Welcome to Jim Thorpe, PA...

The old train station...
Center of town...
The train that you can ride up into the mountains.
NO, I have not worked up the courage to ride this train!

Bed and Breakfast...
The restaurant where we had lunch...
View from across the street.
So pretty and quaint...
The balcony we had lunch on...
A wall of rocks.  
I love this!

An old airplane in front of an antique store...
My Colonel and me...
Thank you for all your kind words of welcoming home my Colonel.

He'll be home permanently sometime in January!

We have no clue what's going to happen after he's home. 
He's suppose to go back to his unit at Ft. Dix, but we found out he may
not be able to report until June.
Something to do with the way they're writing orders now. 

Which means the possibility of 4 months without work. 

"And today He walks beside me
For He knows what lies ahead
Many things about tomorrow
I don't seem to understand
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand"

Enjoy your weekend!
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