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I've been neglecting this blog AGAIN.
Seems life is so busy and there is so much to do. 

In case you're wondering...

So I can now add "How to fix a broken handle on the toilet" to my list of things 
I've learned this year while my Colonel has been gone. 

I took a long look at the toilet 
and thought to myself, "I can do this." 

I took it apart, but not until I did something really important...
Take a picture of how it's suppose to look like.
I knew I would never remember how to put it together without a picture.

Then I went to the local hardware store and showed the man behind 
the counter my broken toilet handle and he gave me exactly what I needed.
I came home, consulted with my photo, put the new handle together, 
hooked it up to the inner parts of the toilet and yes, 

I can now flush my toilet the way God intended!
You have to hold the handle down for awhile 
otherwise it won't completely flush, 
but hey, it works!

Life is good!


  1. I wondered where you were! lol

    I am proud of you. You are doing such a great job navigating without your colonel. I am sure he will get a kick out of your problem solving, too. (Taking the photo was seriously a GOOD idea!)

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Good for you ... I'd still be whining about having a broken handle!

    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. I am impressed, Lois! Good job! :)

  4. You are getting to be quite the lil' handygal:) LOVE the photo idea, I'll have to remember that one!

  5. WOW!!!!! Great job!!! You have given me some motivation to try and fix ours! it flushes but the handle has to be jiggled so it doesn't keep running...great tip to take a pic of the before!

  6. Good for you girl! I'm impressed...especially that you thought to take the picture first.

    I always think I can't do things like that...but maybe if I really needed to I could?

    You are dealing with life without your colonel...and I'm proud of you. When will he return?

  7. Well, I'm impressed! Very smart...taking the picture!Glad you are back. I have missed you!

  8. Congrats and I'm inspired!


  9. You have been busy! It's amazing what we can do when the hubbies aren't around. But life is so much easier when they are.

  10. Hello my friend! WOOHOO!! I am proud of you!! And not just for the toilet!! :o)

    I do have some things here on my honey do list that ...well... honey isn't doing! Do you make house calls to Florida?? It's a lot warmer down here...and you could hang with me and Nellie, and Jess...WELL...when will you be here?

    Praying for you all! It won't be long now, will it?

    Love you lots!!

  11. Woohoo you go girl!! We military wives tend to be jake of all trades while the men we dearly love are away protecting us all! :o) Hugs!

  12. i see you are going to be lois of all trades. lol it is a learning experience for sure. I hope you are well , all the best.

  13. Isn't that a wonderful sense of accomplishment? I had to fix mine this summer. It wasn't a major problem, but it took two visits to Lowes :-) My husband was so proud of me...and maybe a little thankful he didn't have to do it :-)

  14. Good Morning Lois,
    Great job, and thank you for the great tip of taking a picture before repairing, I can't tell you how many times I have taken something apart and couldn't put it back because I forgot what it was suppose to look like.!! lol
    I know you are keeping the Colonel entertained by all of your adventures with home repairs.LOL.
    I do miss you.
    Much love, Sue

  15. Morning Sunshine,
    Well, you are becoming a jack of all trades over there!! lol
    They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention and we come up with some really clever things when we really have I impressed with your ingenuity and problem solving abilities, you seriously should be proud of yourself!!

    Thanks for coming by yesterday, it was great to hear from you as always. Thanks for your condolences on my sister, they were so appreciated.

    Hope all is going well, and that the next months will fly by quickly for you and your family!! Not for my family, but for yours!! lol
    and that the Colonel will be home in the blink of an eye, or so it would seem!!

    I can hardly believe it is Nov. 10th already!! My My how the time does fly...... at least over here anyway!! lol

    Take care and God Bless hon,
    Love, Nellie

  16. LOl..Mother, wife, plummer...whats next? Thats great!! My hubby is not the most handy, so I have learned to "fiddle" with broken things while hes at work:) I guess hands on is the best way to learn!!
    Bless you!!!

  17. What a great idea of taken the photo first.
    I am glad to hear that you now can flush it again.
    Prayers for your family and that the colonel will be home safe soon.

  18. Three cheers for you, Lois - you have done yourself proud!
    Have a GOOD week this week!

  19. Yeh, you did it, girl! Good job!
    You are turning into quite the handywoman.
    I'm glad you got it fixed and that was a good idea to take a pic of the works before you took the part in.

  20. So proud of you!! Keep hanging in there...every day is a day closer to your hero's return. Praying for you!!

  21. It is AMAZING what we can learn to do when the need arises isn't it - I've learned that myself too. Great job. Sorry you have to do it.


  22. YAY...GOOD job, I'm impressed. Taking a picture was SUCH a good idea. It's getting closer and closer. Have a good week! HUGS

  23. I remember years ago the first time I had to fix a toilet when the Army was seeing more of my beloved late husband than I was and it felt so great to do something I thought might possibly even be rocket science! Hip hip hooray for you!

    blessings and hugs to you!

  24. That was really smart to take a picture first! Good job on fixing it:)

  25. Go YOU!!! I'm very proud of you. We girls can do absolutely anything we set our minds to. You've been on my mind lately. This year has gone by very quickly it seems, but I know it hasn't for you. I'll be so happy for you when the Colonel is back and things are as they should be :) -Tammy

  26. I was looking for some "how to help" on how to fix toilets and God led me to your blog! Just kidding. I did have to laugh as I was clicking through some "next blogs" after reading one of my regulars and happen to see this one. What is life if it is not about dealing with those small details in life--but as unto the Lord!!


  27. Lois, Honey I love it!!! I know the colonel would be proud! Move over Bob Villa... here comes Lois!

  28. aaaiiittt... the picture of your toilet reminds me to remind you please always use Anti Bacterial/Anti Biotic


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