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It's Been a FUN Weekend...

It's always fun when one of your kids wakes you up at 4:00 in the morning 
to tell you they just threw up in their bed.
 And as you're gathering the sheets and blankets together you remember 
your washing machine doesn't work properly 
and the repairman isn't coming until tomorrow. 

It's always fun when you go down to the storage room in the basement to put the cushions from the porch furniture away and you realize the carpet is all wet.  

And then you realize that the furnace man who put a new motor in the furnace 
accidentally knocked the plastic tubes from the water softener out of the drainage hole 
and now you have to try to figure out how to get the carpet dry from 
two days worth of the water softener draining out 
on to the concrete floor 
and then out into the finished basement.  

Seeing that Thanksgiving is next week,
 I need to look for something to be thankful for.  

I'm thankful that I decided to put the porch furniture away on Saturday.  
Otherwise the water softener would still be draining out on to the floor.  

I'm thankful that the washing machine decided to work this morning.
The spin cycle still doesn't work properly,
but I was able to get everything 
washed in hot water.

 I'm truly thankful that my daughter threw up in her bed 
and NOT on her way to the bathroom. 

I can always wash the sheets and blankets in the washing machine.

Not so easy to wash the carpet.  

Well unless it's the carpet down in the basement.  

That will be nice and clean and sanitized sometime this morning after 
the pro's come to get the water out!  

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Hmmm.. I will pray for you all!

  2. I sure hope that you get the carpet dry and your wash machine gets fixed soon.
    I always thought that too, do the bed not the floor.
    Have a great Monday
    Prayers and Hugs

  3. Oh, the joys of motherhood and being a homeowner. What bliss!

  4. Hey...that's why you are the "Walking on Sunshine" know how to turn things around, and how to find thankfulness.

    Hey, you fixed the aren't afraid of a challenge! (:>)

    I remember those kinds of days when my kids were at home...and have also been there with sick grandkids...not fun but do-able.

    With God's help and by His grace...all things are possible!

    Love ya,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Oh has really been one of those week-ends for you. Sick kids, water messes, broken appliances....and yet your attitude is just wonderful. I LOVE it. Praying all settles down soon and you have a really good week. BLESSINGS AND HUGS, Debbie

  6. Wow, what a weekend! I am so glad you are thankful. I know I do that too when I am really bummed about something I try and think of something I can be thankful for and I feel better:)

  7. Oh My! Life can certainly be complicated sometimes. Hope the rest of your week goes smoother.

  8. Things can only get better, right? Hoping and praying that it does :-)

  9. Oh my goodness not a good way to start the week. Prayers are being sent your way! sandie

  10. Oh, boy... nice to see you were able to find thankful things among the frustrating things. :) Bless your heart!

  11. Sometimes it's hard to live up to the verse, 'In everything give thanks'. So I'm praying for you!
    God bless,

  12. Hi Lois,
    Wow, you did have quite the weekend
    my so glad you are not letting the enemy get the best of you, you are so right to finds things to praise God for cause it sure turns things around a lot faster.
    Hope your daughter is feeling much better by now, and glad you have pros coming to clean that up, I was just about to send you and email and tell you to call them, your homeowners ins. would probably cover it!! Some people don't even know there is such a service, and never think about their homeowners Insurance either. That's why we have it!!
    Take Care Sweetie, will say some extra prayers for you,
    Love, Nellie

  13. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....."


  14. Hi Sweetie! YAY for your thankful heart!! You're choosing thankfulness! Always a great thing to do!! Keep it up girl! It won't be long, now, and your knight will come to your rescue, and make everything all better! {smile}

    Love you bunches! Always praying!

  15. Oh my! It blessed me to hear that you were able "to look for the pearl" in your difficult situation. I know it blessed God as well!

  16. One of our Bible school teachers once said that when things go wrong in all directions, he just takes a deep breath and says, "Now that's inconvenient." I try to remember that. I'd say you had your share of inconveniences in one day!!! And, please don't get sick yourself...



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