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Happy Father's Day!

If you've been a follower of my blog for some time now, 
you know how much I miss my dad. 

He's been gone for 2 years now and I never 
thought his death would leave such a void in my life.  

But this post is not about that.  

It's to say THANK YOU Dad for being a wonderful father to me.  

For always loving me and always calling me your
 Gerber baby, even when I didn't want you to.  

But more importantly, thank you for being the 
best example of how to serve our Lord.  

I'm now realizing what a wonderful man of God you were.

I miss you Dad! 

And now to my husband...

Thank you for being such a great father to our children. 

You have made me so very happy to share this wonderful life with you. 

I now it must be hard for you not being here for this day 
that's all about YOU
please know that we love you and miss you and 
think you're the BEST in all you do!

We miss you!


  1. How blessed you were to have had such a dad! And now your children have been just as blessed. Hope you all have a wonderful day...loved your pics btw. HUGS, Debbie

  2. Good Morning, sweetie, I am so glad that you had such a great Dad, and that without knowing when he would leave this place and go home to heaven, he taught you about Christ so that you would be prepared to trust in your heavenly Father when he was no longer here.

    What a huge blessing for you and your family!

    These days still make my heart ache even though 6 years have passed since my parent's deaths.
    But glory be to God for being our all in all, and meeting those needs that are sometimes so deep, we aren't even aware of them. Praying that for you, today, and that He will continue to bathe you in His peace and love until He brings Phil back home!

    Love you! I got your email and will be sending it soon. I'm still having to get people to take me around for stuff, so it has slowed everything down!! I hope to have it in the mail tomorrow!!

    Love you bunches,

  3. A Daddy and a husband who are men after God's own heart are a blessing in our lives; so glad you're doubly blessed!

  4. Lois, I really loved this post, it is nice to remember all these wonderful memories. But we will always feel that loss, Because of him makes you stronger to handle your Colonel to be away for a while. big hug to you. May you have a wonderful day with your lovely children. Prayers to you my friend.

  5. Love that picture of you and your dad! Hope you were able to get in touch with your hubbie yesterday...and that it was a good day in spite of the distance.

    Happy Monday, friend.

  6. Beautiful family! Good post. Praying for all our military dads...

  7. So glad you entered the didn't miss a thing!:)

  8. I love reading about your dear Dad, your awesome husband and very sweet son! Precious family!

  9. Good morning Lois,

    What a precious family you have!
    And what a great blessing to have such a godly heritage. I can imagine how much you miss your Dad. As you know, I lost my Mom about the same time.
    Oh what a reunion awaits us!
    That is the thought I turn to when I'm feeling alone.

    Sending love and ((HUGS))

  10. Beautiful post! I know it is so hard to lose a parent. Those special holidays for them are hard.

  11. What a sweet post!! Your family is beautiful, and blessed! :)


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