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Why I Love My Colonel...

This past Saturday afternoon my throat started hurting. 
By Sunday evening it was on fire. 

On Monday morning Michael woke up complaining of his throat hurting.  
So the two of us went to the doctor.  
We both have throat infections.  I also have an ear infection.  
What grown woman gets an ear infection?  

Anyway, I've been pretty miserable the past few nights 
and it's made me really miss the Colonel.
See when I'm sick in bed, the Colonel always makes a point of coming 
and sitting on the edge of the bed, 
holding my hand and talking with me.  

He always makes me feel good, even when I feel like I'm dying.  
I can be very DRAMATIC when I'm sick. 

But the past few days, he hasn't been able to be here with me 
and it makes me very lonely for him.

Makes me think of a time when we were married 
for a little over a year and I came down with the flu.  

I couldn't go to work and the Colonel HAD to go to work.  
It never really crossed either of our minds for him to stay home with me. 

 I got myself ready to drive to the doctor's office. 
I knew I needed medication. 
But more importantly, work 

Somehow I made the drive to the doctor's office, 
then the drive to the drug store all the while with a temperature of 104.  

I made it home, somehow, and collapsed in bed only 
to start the running back and forth to the bathroom 
throwing up every 15 or 20 minutes.  

I called the Colonel and told him how sick I was.  
We spoke for a few minutes before I had to hang up 
and run again to the bathroom for another fun experience.  

Now remember, this is the 80's.
There were no cell phones, not even cordless phones!

About 2:00 in the afternoon I heard footsteps 
coming up the stairs to our apartment. 
The Colonel was home. 
He asked for the afternoon off to come take care of me. 

But first he stopped at the grocery store and purchased 
some ginger ale and grapes for me. 
I couldn't handle the thought of eating grapes at that moment, 
but the ginger ale was just what I needed.  

It really helped my stomach to calm down. 

He sat with me on the edge of the bed, 
holding my hand and talking with me. 

A few hours later he brought me the grapes.
Only he had frozen them.  

They were the most delicious grapes I ever had. 
And just what I needed for my throat that was on fire.   

See why I love him?  


  1. So sweet. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yep!
    I see why you love him!
    I went to the Drs. today with the same throat...
    5 days now,
    Laryengitis with Bronchitis...
    Big Fun!
    Feel better sweetie
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Oh I am so sorry that he is not there with you - I hope you feel better soon. What a sweetie your hubby is. Sandie

  4. Jeepers! So sorry to hear you are so sick. I hope you and Michael are feeling better soon.
    I totally see why you love that man!
    I know you can't wait for him to return.
    Take care!

  5. Lois, its almost June! You're almost HALF DONE! Praise the Lord :-) My husband is good like that too. I am so thankful.

  6. Lois, I am so sorry your not feeling well, and I understand that if he were there to sit on the edge of the bed and hold your hand you would feel so much better....and frozen grapes, that man loves you. I hope the time passes quickly until he is home with you again. I am leaving to go visit my Moms tomorrow. I will check back on you in about a week.take care. big hug to you.

  7. Hope you are feeling better the way I happen to be a grown women with a earache at this very minute.

  8. Hi Sweetie,
    so sorry to hear you are feeling awful. I am sure you do miss your sweetie all the time but especially when you are sick like that. We Mom's need someone to take care of us too!! He is a very sweet and thoughtful guy, like my hubby. I would sure miss mine too. Am praying these next months pass by so quickly your head will spin!! but not make you nauseous or dizzy! lol
    Hope Michael is feeling better too
    Do your best to get some rest hon,
    I know that is hard when you have two children to get to school and stuff.
    Sleep tight,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  9. what a sweetheart..I hope you get to feeling better soon..i will put you in my prayers tonight.;)

  10. Sure do Lois! You definitely got one of the good ones! Hope you are feeling better today! hugs

  11. The throat/ear/cough thing is going around here in Florida. I hope you feel better soon. ((hug))

    Your post made me tear up a little. Having a sweet husband is life's greatest blessing. I know you miss him.

  12. Lois that is so sweet....I do see why you love him so! I hope you're feeling better real soon and I do wish your Colonel was there to hold your hand and I know he wishes he was too! Hang in there. "This too shall pass" has become one of my favorite things to remember lately.


  13. Lois I do hope that you and Micheal are feeling better.
    I will say a prayer for you and your family.
    That must be something going around everywhere.

  14. Oh yes, that is EASY to see...such a sweet man. I do know how you feel too. I am also somewhat dramatic when I am sick...and my hubby? He does all he can to make it better for me. How blessed we are! Hope your both feeling much better today. My dil has that too...LOVE AND HUGS, Debbie

  15. How precious and thoughtful of your husband! Loving you as Jesus does! Hoping the times goes by more quickly for you until he returns home.

    Ear infections are a big part of our family. Abbey had 4 sets of tubes as she suffered for years. When my adult daughter went to the doctors and said she had an ear infection in a particular ear, the doctor briskly said, adults don't get ear infections! She was most surprised when she looked into her ear.

    They don't get them too frequently but they still get them.

  16. What a great story and a great guy! I hope you are feeling better real soon!

  17. Hugs and prayers to you Lois. I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Such a sweet story you shared.

  18. He is a keeper for sure. I hope you feel better soon.

  19. I'm sorry you have been sick. Hope you are all better soon.Sorry your sweetie is not there to comfort you. I remember being that kind of sick, but I wasn't home alone...I had two 4 year olds to take care daughter and her best friend. She came over to spend the night because her parents were going out of town, and I got sick in the middle of the night. That was a really FUN day! :-) Really cute picture, too!

  20. That is so sweet and yes I see why to love him and miss him. I would feel the same way about my hubby. He is so kind and thoughtful to me!

  21. Yes, I can see why! What a caring hubby. You two are the sweetest couple.

  22. It seems when we're sick, we need the comfort from those we love. I hope you're feeling better soon (thank goodness for antibiotics!) and prayers for The Colonel's safe return.


  23. I know why you are crazy about this man! Every woman desires that kind of care and very few get it. Handyman would be glad to do things like that if only he thought of it! Oh well, some of us just have to be glad for simpler things:) I've had the same illnesses lately that you have. I'm so looking forward to improved health, as I know you are. I hope it's soon for us both!

  24. OK, my eyes just teared up. COLONEL, COME HOME TO LOIS!!!

  25. Get well soon! I don't know what you're talking about -- all the 'fun' of being sick? :) I never had that much fun! Next time I'm sick, I'm coming over to have some fun! Seriously, I'm saying a prayer for your healing muy pronto!

  26. Aw, it is so sweet a story, how he was so kind to you when you were sick. But I wish he could magically be there with you NOW. It is kind of scary to be sick by yourself, especially when you are not only sick, but have a child home still to care for. It's a worrisome feeling. This year is both passing quickly and yet dragging somehow and I know you will be so glad when he is safely back with you again.

  27. Lois,
    Praying for healing and comfort and sweet dreams of your Colonel.
    And, LORD, bring him home safe and sound!
    Hoping you feel much better by tomorrow, Sweet Friend.
    Sending my love!

  28. What a sweetie! I truly see why he is loved and missed so much. Feel better soon.. will be thinking of you! -Tammy

  29. Very Sweet!! We just celebrated an anniversary on Tuesday. I love it when my hubby does those little things that he dosn't realize mean so much to me. :) Hope you and your son feel better. I cant wait for your post when you tell us he is on his way home to you!!!!!

  30. What a sweet hubby you have. I know you miss having him home. I hope you and your son are better soon.

  31. What a wonderful post! He sounds like such a great guy. I hope he is back with all of you soon. I hope you and your son are better soon also.

  32. I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough week of being sick. What a sweet thing for your hubby to do when you're sick--I know he wishes he were there too!

    Take care, Lois, and give yourself permission to rest. You deserve it!


  33. Aaaah, he sounds like such a sweet and caring husband. How wonderful that you both cherish each other. Feel better soon! Sending {hugs} your way! :)

  34. I really hope you feel better soon---and the rest of his year abroad passes quickly!

  35. Hope that you are tons better!


  36. OH! Lois, I hope you and Michael are feeling better, I just so loved this post, you and the Colonel have one of the sweetest relationships. I have always told my children to never let the sweetness leave their marriage, and I am so blessed to see that you and the Colonel have kept yours.
    I think of you and your family so often and pay for you as well.May the Lord bless and keep you dear one.
    Hugs, Sue

  37. Please thank the Colonel for me for his service. Hope that you are keeping well.


  38. Thinking of you today. I'm grateful for our military wives who give it all everyday. God bless you and keep you and rain favor down upon your sweet family. (((hugs)))

  39. aww he sounds like your prince charming:-) thoughts wiht you and yoru family always. Hope you get better soon, and I am pretty sure Jesus is sitting on the bed holding your hand and talking to you :-)

  40. It's so not fair to be sick during good weather! If it makes you feel any better, I am another grown woman who gets ear infections!

    I hope that you are feeling better very soon, and I'm sorry that the Colonel isn't there to comfort you.


  41. I am so sorry that he is not there with you - I hope you feel better soon.
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