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Barbecue Anyone?

This is what I have been dealing with for the past few weeks.
My barbecue covered in bird poop.
Well, to be honest with you, we've been dealing with
 bird poop around this house for YEARS.

For some reason the birds love our back porch. 
They love our furniture.
They love the wishing well we have out in our front yard.
They love the rock wall we built around the back porch.
They love our mailbox.

But this year it's really bad. 
They've taken over our grill.

One bird in particular keeps trying to build her nest inside our grill.
I have cleaned this out quite a few times.

Michael thought putting the "owl" on a stick by the grill 
would scare the bird away.
Didn't work.
I went out on the back porch last night to see the sunset.
Never did get to see that sunset.
I was too busy trying to figure out how to clean this mess.
Thankfully our neighbor was out in his yard staking his tomato plants.
Michael went and asked him to come help me. 

There's even stuff at the bottom of the grill...
So between the three of us, we managed to get the grill down off the 
back porch and onto the grass and empty everything out of it. 

The whole time we're doing this,
that STUPID bird sat on top of my neighbor's house
"yelling" at us.

You would think the neighbor's cat who lives over at my house
would have taken care of this bird for me. 

But he's too busy sleeping on the furniture we purchased 
for him to be comfortable.  

I am at my breaking point.  


  1. Hi Again,
    Yea, sometimes those birds can be downright persistent. I had this lil grapevine plant holder thingie my kids gave me for Mother's Day
    years back. I had it by our front door sitting on top of the bricks
    (Our house is brick on the bottom,
    cedar at the top, so we have a decorative ledge of brick) anyway,
    a bird starting building a nest in there and I took it out and lo and behold she started again, I must have taken it out 4 times but she just persisted so I finally left it alone, and she laid eggs in there, only to one day (one my birthday mind you)I came home from having this lovely luncheon with a dear friend to find a black snake that had crawled up the bricks and ate the eggs evidently. I said it figures I had such a nice day, satan was waiting for me at the front door when I got home!! lol
    So poor birdie lost her babies!!
    I was fortunate tho at least she didn't poop all over everything.
    They blast our cars all the time,
    it is very annoying to say the least, so I can just imagine how much fun you are having there.
    Glad your neighbor was able to lend a helping hand. Hang in there kiddo, I know it has been a rough year, but you have done pretty well I think!!
    Take Care
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  2. Hi Lois. Oh don't talk to me about those bad little birdies! When we built our home we didn't do railing around our front porch because of them. We also put lamp posts in the front and back yard to use instead of the porch lights because in our old house in the spring, summer, and fall the birds would land on the railing and poop, then fly over to the front door lights to grab the moths and bugs that had collected near the porch lights and splatter moth blood all over the house! Bird poop and moth blood all over! We also had a nasty little house wren that built a nest in our back yard lamp post 2 summers ago and she would attack me every time I went out in the yard. She tried to build 2 nests last summer too but I caught her each time and quickly got rid of the nest. Like your bird she had a nest built in my bbq in just a matter of days!!! She went crazy when I destroyed that nest!!!! My sister had a ceiling fan under her porch roof and the same bird built her nest on one of the fan blades each year. What a mess! My sister had to put a piece of tape over the light switch that controlled the fan for fear she would turn it on when the babies were in the nest! haha

  3. Oh, my word, I had to LAUGH at the image of the bird yelling at you as you tried to clean up his mess! That is crazy!

  4. Birds...I have a love-hate relationship with them, but mostly love. Last summer, a female cardinal, who had a nest near my front porch, found her reflection in the window by the door. This irritated her to no end and all day long she would peck at her reflection. Needless to say, I got very tired of the noise her beak made pecking at the window, not to mention cardinal *snot* all over it! I put a tiny owl, (a fake one covered with rabbit fur, very natural looking) in that window and after that she kept her distance. Good luck shooing the little pests away!

  5. Oh Lois I had to laugh when I pictured that bird "yelling" at you for disturbing his mess...haha...I do have a suggestion...We have a nice vinyl BBQ cover we drape over our barbeque when it is not in use. Now IT is covered in everything you can imagine from dirt and bird poop to leaves etc. But the barbeque is nice and clean...Not as attractive to look at as a nice BBQ, but a WHOLE lot nicer than having to clean the thing everytime you want to use it. Good luck with this....HUGS, Debbie

  6. Lois, stick the owl IN the grill? Might backfire, your nest-builder might think she has found the Strong Silent Type of her dreams at last.

    We have a swallow who is making a nest on the top of a porch column. At first I thought this might take care of the wasp problem, but no, they are coexisting nicely. Wah.

  7. Love birds but that is a big ewwww. Have you tried to put a cover over your grill?

  8. Oh Lois, don't break! Keep using your sense of humor and the LORD will bring you through!
    On a "birdie" note, in our first pastorate in Austin, TX, there were birds in the ceiling above my husband's study! They not only made a rucous, but straw and grass would fall down through the ceiling tiles onto his desk!!!
    Blessings sweet friend, love~ me

  9. Yes, I know that has to be totally frustrating..but at the same time - the bird yelling at you as you destroyed all her hard work was kinda funny!! :) We had a bird feeder up but finally took it down for all the bird poop all over the patio and fence.....grrr! Glad your neighbor was willing to help:)

  10. Next time you're at Walmart, pick up a grill cover. It will keep it clean and keep the birds out. You sure don't want that kind of garnish! I've had to forgo wreaths on my porch because the finches build nests in them. It gets very icky! Your recipes are tasty!

  11. That must be so frustrating - I can imagine the bird watching you clean things and screaming at the same time. So sorry friend. Sandie

  12. Oh my goodness, what a mess! At our house, it is the squirrels. They chewed into our swing cushion and pulled out stuffing for their nests. They also sit in the trees, eat hickory nuts and throw the remnants down on the sidewalks and on US when we are in the back yard... the little rascals!!

  13. I love watching birds but sometimes, oh my. I quit a job once because a bird pooped on my head. It was a telephone soliciting place, i disliked the job, as I was leaving my shift I said please God, just give me a sign, when I opened the door, the bird pooped on me, I walked back up and quit my job. I think that was the sign I was looking for. I would get a cover for the barbecue I think, all the best, will be thinking about you.

  14. They seem to be very territorial little creatures!! We have a whole bunch of ugly brown ones around here. They keep building nests in the gutters and everywhere else. I can't stand them. My kids were playing outside yesterday and they came in screaming that the neighbor's cat had killed one in our front yard. I went out and sure enough, he had not only killed it but was sitting there eating away, looking very pleased with himself.

  15. Okay, Andrea, could you please send that cat over here? I could some help!

  16. We have a lot of birds, Brewers Black bird and they poop all over our stuff too. They are mean little guys right now because their baby birds are coming out of the nests, getting ready to fly and they think you are going to bother them, so they dive bomb you!! I totally empathize with you:)

  17. I thought this might take care of the wasp problem, but no, they are coexisting nicely.
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