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Alarm Clock...

About a year ago I stopped using our clock radio as an alarm. 
It just kept forgetting to go off!

Not a good thing when you have to get up at a certain time to get 
the kids on the bus or for the Colonel to leave for his drive 
back down to Ft. Dix after he's been home for a few days.

So I started using my cell phone.

It ALWAYS goes off. 

It's the perfect alarm clock. 
I have it set to go off at 5:50 and then 5:59.  

Two alarms.

Usually by the 5:59, I am up and ready to tackle the world!
Okay, back to reality...

This past Saturday I knew I could sleep a little later than 5:59.
I was so out of it Saturday morning.

Can anyone relate to that? 

I mean, I was in a deep sleep when the first alarm went off at 5:50. 
So I decided to hold the phone, yes, hold it in my hand 
and for some STRANGE reason, I had my hand up by my ear. 
Maybe I was dreaming I was talking on the phone to the Colonel!

I'm sure you all can imagine what happened next. 

The alarm goes of at 5:59...




I never jump out of bed. 

I didn't even think my body COULD jump out of bed. 

Needless to say there was no more sleeping going on and 
no more dreaming that 
I was on the phone with the Colonel.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. LOL...a *rude awakening* at it's best!

  2. Maybe it was a really lovely dream. I don't like alarm clocks and I've reached that age where I can't sleep late if I wanted to:) I keep letting my cell phone run down, so wouldn't want to depend on it for something important like an alarm clock. Funny what we do in our sleep!

  3. Ohhh Lois, I can't stand jumping up out of bed. I did that just this morning when a person called our number in error at 7:20. I thought there was an emergency somewhere!

    I know how much you miss Phil, sweetie. Remember if you ever need to talk just give me a call, ok? It helps to talk with someone whose been there sometimes.

    Have a blessed week, and know that I love you and pray for you continually.
    Big Squishy Hugs,

  4. oh crazy! my dad keeps mailing me the same comic strip of a teenage girl with a phone affixed to her head. the mom is taking her to the Doctor to get it removed. Apparently he thought i talked on the phone too much as a teenager - lol! We women just feel at home with that phone in place ;-)

  5. Ouch! The only good alarm is a four alarm...chili that is. Sorry your dream ended so abruptly. I know you're ready for the Colonel to be home.


  6. So funny but I know what you mean about being half scared to death!
    Have a good week!

  7. HA! Sounds like something I would do!

  8. haha...sorry but that was funny...Do you know I NEVER set an alarm? I am one of those weird strange people who determines the time I want to get up and then I just wake up? Somewhere within a minute or two of when I want to. I have been doing that since high school (soo long ago haha) and I honestly don't remember more than once or twice when I didn't wake up just when I wanted to. Weird I know...Have a good day Lois...HUGS

  9. Very funny but when that happens to me makes my heart beat too fast! LOL and not in a good way!

  10. Oh, being startled is such a terrible feeling. Hope the rest of your day was much calmer.

  11. I hate getting up like I've been shot out a cannon. Hope you were able to rest the rest of the day or at least some of it.


  12. OK, that's hilarious! I use my cell phone as my alarm clock too - love it

  13. ROFL...oh my...sorry to's actually awful...but gosh it's funny, too...

  14. I really do hate rude awakenings on a day I think about sleeping in.
    This is to funny.
    Prayers for you and the colonel.

  15. Lois that is so funny although I'm sure you didn't think so when it happened. The first thing I thought about was your heartbeat! Your heart must have been racing you poor thing! I'd get a new alarm clock if I were you :) Hugs, Loretta

  16. That's hysterical! I can visualize it happening.
    I don't jump out of bed any more either. lol

  17. Oh I have had about a month long of these stories. I am taking a sabbatical and getting some much needed down time to put life back in order once again.

    I am praying for your family~and counting down the days with you!

  18. That's funny.... well, it's funny now, probably wasn't Sat morning! I use my phone, too.And you are right, it is reliable and portable. I like that!

  19. You poor thing! That is really funny though!

  20. Oh! Lois this is so cute, but alarming ! lol. my daughter uses her cell phone, but I still use my old fashion alarm. and now after reading of your experience I will keep mine by the bedside. lol
    Enjoy your week.

  21. Lois, I can totally relate! I use my cell phone for my alarm too. Just be thankful that it wasn't on vibrate and up next to your hear might have smacked yourself up side the head! Thanks for the laugh!

  22. Ohhh, those loud "rude awakenings" are so scarey! Can't imagine it going off right in your ear!
    Of course, too the other sound that startles you awake is the phone ringing you suddenly awake- the sign that something is probably wrong--yikes!

    There have been times I remember when answering a crying child or cry for "Mom!!" in the middle of the night, I would find myself half way down the hall, or in our child's room not ever remembering flying out of the bed. In a mom's DNA I guess...
    I am headed over to read your latest post- I don't know how I have missed you these last few days.
    Take care, Lois!


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