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So I Took a Little Tumble...

As I've mentioned before, 
I fell off the platform at church one Sunday. 

It was 2 weeks ago and we were completely done with church...

I had gone up to the platform to play for the altar call...
as I usually do. 

Pastor prayed and dismissed everyone...
as he usually does.

I sat at the piano for awhile getting my music together...
as I usually do.

I got up from the piano and walked to the stairs...
 as I usually do.

Only this time instead of walking down the stairs, 
I fell and went flying, landing on the floor face down...


I actually laid there, NOT MOVING, for a few minutes.  

All I could think was, 
"How badly did I damage my back?"  
"How badly did I damage my hip?"

Finally I realized there were quite a few people hovering around me.  
My one friend Freida was talking to me, asking me if I was okay.

All I could think of was, 


She very nicely told everyone to step back so I could get up, 
which I did, on my own.  

And I realized that I was okay.

Nothing was broken, I was just quite sore.

I then realized how incredibly thankful I was that...


I usually wear a skirt. 

Thank you Lord for watching over me and protecting me as I fell...

And for protecting me from the embarrassment of not
 laying on the floor with my skirt up around my waist.  


  1. Oh, wow. He was really watching out for you that day! I'm thankful you weren't hurt; and thankful you wore pants. Hope the soreness went away soon.

    Take care!


  2. Dear Lois, So very thankful you weren't seriously injured! But even a small fall can wrench a gals back and neck. Three years ago I was leaving a friends house at night, the light wasn't on and I thought I would be just fine but I fell down two steps on their porch and landed on cement, broke a tooth and got scraped up-boy did I feel clumsy but it also hurt so I know how awful falls can be. Now I hold the hand rail to avoid doing it again.
    Hugs to you today.

  3. O my! I'm so glad you're OK! And I'm so glad no one saw your PANTIES!!!

  4. Thankful you are ok, and also that you chose to wear pants that day.

  5. WOW...Now that was scary and could have been really bad. He certainly was looking out for you. Just falling can be soo jarring to the old body, but down steps, oh no...I fell off my daughter's porch last time I visited her. It was just soo dark and I wasn't familiar enough with her place. (they have since put up a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT) Oh my goodness I was just sure I had broken something, but nothing but my pride was hurt. Sooo embarrassing. And soo sore...So glad you weren't hurt.

  6. OH MY! thank goodness you weren't hurt and also that you wore britches:)

  7. I think we all dread those moments of potential hurt, pain, and need I add, embarassment! I'm just glad your werent' badly hurt AND you were adequately covered:) You may find some more sore spots before this is over, so keep an eye on that! Take care!

  8. So glad you are okay and not seriously hurt! I guess we've all been there. I fainted in the doorway at school just as an assembly full of kids and parents was heading outside. I woke up on the floor, my principal hovering above me, ready to perform CPR if needed (thank goodness he didn't! I shudder at the image of a bearded pirate looking man giving me mouth-to-mouth!) People and students were all around, staring at the train wreck that I had become. Whew!


  9. As I'm reading this I was sure hoping nothing was showing. So glad you are alright. I think we have all fallen at some time and felt the embarrasment so therefore we have compassion for others that it happens to.

  10. I was happy to find your blog today! Almost the same thing happened to me about 25 years ago. I was coming down from the platform at our church after singing and playing my autoharp.The carpet on the first step slipped and I went flying one way, my autoharp the other. I landed on my bottom. I wanted to just turn and walk out the nearest door, but my hubby turned me back toward a pew.It was hard looking at those faces, kind as they were, I was still mortified!

  11. Ouchie Lois! Thank goodness you were surrounded by people who know and love you. My SIL fell while crossing a grassy field to pick up one of her sons from a game. Not one person offered to help. They just stood and watched her struggle to get up. Talk about embarrassing! Hope you're not sore anymore. Hugs, Loretta

  12. Bless your heart Lois. I have a fear of doing the same thing!
    I'm so thankful you are o.k.

  13. Oh, goodness. Your story is too funny...but the falling down the stairs - not so funny. Sure hope all is feeling back to normal - and glad that you are laughing about it now!

  14. Ouch! Glad God was watching over you and you were not hurt only a bit shaken. Happy to hear you spent Easter with your sister and the children. Looks like your husband has some good living arrangements too. Containers are small but it sure beats a tent with so many others. I am busy with my daughter who is moving so I have not been posting but will do so shortly.

  15. Oh you make me laugh..and I am so glad you are okay..and glad you did wear pants..;) Take care and I hope you aren't too sore.;)

  16. Hun, you shouldn't have fallen. Really. Get yourself checked out for inner ear trouble, honestly. This is worrisome. I admit I did laugh at the bit about wearing pants, but to hear that you fell is NOT funny at ALL. It could have been so very different. You poor thing. You're just a brave gal.

  17. Dear sweet Lois, I am happy you didn't hurt yourself more and that you avoided more embarrassment by wearing pants!

    Do you know what caused your fall?

  18. Bless your heart! (as we say down here) I'm so glad you were OK.

  19. What impresses me about you is that you find the best in that fall and praise God for it! I know I've said this before, but I really admire you!

  20. Me again, something we have is common, piano. I really enjoy the piano even though I rarely play in public. Something I mostly do just for me!

  21. Oh My Heavens Girlie,
    I am so thankful you are okay, and like you said isn't the Lord good to even inspire us to where certain things at certain times. Can't remember the circumstances right now, but I have had certain times I really felt impressed to wear certain things, and then realized oh,Wow I am so glad I wore this for whatever reason. My sil Susan took a spill at work this week too. she is a Kindergarten teacher and was taking her class to music class
    and fell right on her face too,
    but thankfully she was not too badly hurt either, course, she was in a lot of pain at first but they took some xrays to make sure she didn't crack a rib or anything and gave her some pain pills to take,
    but she was good the next day, amazingly!
    Thanks for coming by today and yesterday I think it was.
    Always good to hear from you sweetie, and I truly am so glad you are okay, all accept being embarassed. One day not too long ago, I sat down on a chair they have along the side walls of the sanctuary and was talking with someone and thought there was a chair next to me, and I sort of leaned and fell right off the chair, I just about died laughing, cause I was so embarassed. Thankfully most people were gone but our pastor and a few other people were still in there, but fortunately, nothing was hurt but my pride!! lol I felt like such an igit!!
    But these things happen......they
    keep us humble, what can I say!! lol
    Take care sweetie,
    How are you doing otherwise???
    Blessings, Nellie

  22. I am so glad that you are OK. I know how embaressing things like that can be!

  23. Praise God for looking over you.
    I do hope that you are feeling better.
    I missed a step at church and it was such a jar on this old body. A few days later I could hardly get out of bed.
    Take care and prayers for you and your family.

  24. Oh goodness, I'm glad you're doing ok. Poor thing! Our Heavenly Father was surely watching over you. Sending {hugs} to you!

  25. A tumble is not pretty. Ouch. Sorry for your fall and SOOO thankful for those pants. God had you covered, didn't He?

    Hope you are recovering nicely.

    Have a great weekend!

  26. So happy to hear you came out okay from that fall...kind of an answer to my prayers to God to keep you safe. How funny that we think such crazy thoughts when we could be seriously hurt, like hoping our clothes are not dirty or whatever if we have to go to the hospital. I was even thinking yesterday that I wouldn't want to fall down our stairs because I hadn't taken my shower yet and would have to go to the hospital messy!!! How crazy is that?

    May the Good Lord keep you in the palm of His Hand always!

    blessings and hugs of relief,


  27. So glad you weren't seriously hurt. I fell down our flight of stairs at home (we have an old house with a steep staircase and narrow stairs) a few weeks ago and it was embarrassing enough having to admit to my husband that I had actually fallen! I cannot imagine falling in front of so many people! I am glad you weren't hurt.

  28. How awful!!! Yet your optimism still sees the blessings in disguise!! Hope you were not sore for long. Here is also hoping you have fully recovered!

  29. So glad you were okay after that! I actually have a little moment of anxiety every time you blog about playing the piano at church. I wish I could have learned to conquer my fear with that. OMGoodness... it is so frightening for me. But, just to imagine falling.... Oh, the horrors!

    Yes, our heavenly father was watching over you in more ways than one! Bless ya! :) -Tammy

  30. Lois, sounds like you and me are both really graceful...I glad you did have a skirt on that day too! LOL! Glad everything turned out ok!HUGS! Geesha

  31. Oh my goodness - I think to myself so many times - how God protects us in the situation yet he allows it to happen. Glad you were okay.


  32. It's nice that you can laugh about it now! So glad you are OK.

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