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Thank you for all your comments on my computer problems. 

I did make a phone call to "Computer Patrol" and they will be here 
Monday morning.  
Hopefully they'll be able to get my beautiful new 
MAC computer to fall in love with my work programs.  

To make matters worse...

Internet connections between the good 
old U.S.A. and Afghanistan are not working either!

It's been a few days since the Colonel and I have been able to communicate. 

Oh we keep trying. 

But chatting with him is like talking with someone on a cell phone...
And that person is driving through a tunnel...
And you hear about every fifth word.

No problem, right? 

So we try using the Instant Message and type back and forth. 

Works perfect, right?


When we start "typing" to each other, the connection drops.  

Let's hope things start getting better over here or I will have to rename my blog to...

"Walking on Sunshine With a Huge Cloud Over My Head."

Just kidding! 


  1. Oh dear, I hope the connections straighten out soon for you and the Colonel! Modern technology sure can be frustrating at times and I hope the computer DR.'s get everything working for you! Now don't you even think of putting a gray cloud over your pretty lil' head either...!

  2. Praying that communcation will improve!!! Have a blessed day!

  3. Hi Sweetie, Prayed for you already this morning and know that God is going to work out all the kinks!! Thank You Lord!!!

    I love that you find the humor in what you're dealing with!! Sometimes it's just best to look on the lighter side!!

    Love you!! And you know I will continue to petition the Lord in behalf of you and your family!!

    May He cover you with His peace, Lois.
    Big Hugs,

  4. I just found your delightful blog and am still laughing over the campground/BC story! Have a wonderful day.

  5. So glad someone is coming to work on that mac. And as for the communication problem with the Colonel, how frustrating that must be!! I will definitely pray RIGHT NOW that it is fixed just ASAP!! Have a GOOD day, that cloud is going to blow right away...Hugs, Debbie

  6. I am happy that you found someone to help. I hope that they can get you back on track.
    I hope that you can also communicate with the Colonel soon.That is a the biggest bummer.
    Prayers will continue your way.
    Have a great day.

  7. Oh I love my MAC but it does not work well with most programs. It seems everything works with only Windows.
    I said a prayer for you today. God cares about these issues ~you are important to Him.

  8. Hopefully the rest of your day goes smooth as silk:) Got my hardwood floors all shiny! Now if I could just everyone - man and beast - to barely put their feet down when the walk! ha ha

  9. Praying that eveything is straightened out soon. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be!

  10. Oh my gosh, I love that picture! Describes our love/hate relationship with our computers.

    So sorry for all the disconnects you are having now and hope they get fixed real soon!

    Hang in there, Lois!:)


  11. I know first hand how frustrating the computer thing can be.
    I hope all is fixed A.S.A.P!
    Hope you get to talk to the Colonel soon.
    Tell him we all ask about him and pray for him.

  12. I hope this all gets cleared up SOON. I can't imagine how sad you are not to get to talk to the Colonel!

  13. Hi! I came across your blog through Miss Jen's blog - Blessed Femina.

    I hope those computer issues get straightened out soon for you! haha...I'm still chuckling over that cartoon photo...hehe


    ~ Kira

  14. I will shout out a prayer for you and your computer problems!

  15. I'm going to bite my tongue and not say anything about MACS...used to use them..they make nice doorstops...uh oh I guess I did say something...*laff*

    Hope it all gets fixed SOON! What I don't like about Macs is that it's really hard, out here, to get them fixed, and the geeks do not concentrate on them at all, everything is the PC and Windows, so if you have trouble with software on a Mac, it's SUCH a hassle...

  16. I hope by the time you read this you've talked to Colonel...brave families like yours are what keeps our country safe...thank you so much!


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