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Things Just Aren't Going My Way

I had all the best intentions Monday morning.  

Really I did. 

Everything even started out pretty good.  

BUT I never did get around to mopping my floors. 
Which was something I really wanted to do.  

Here's a little secret...

I haven't mopped them since Christmas Eve!

But my  real problem is work and my computer. 

I work from home as a transcriptionist.  
A great job. 
I love it. 

A week before the Colonel left for Afghanistan we began having problems with the main computer that I work from.  
He was worried that something would happen to it while he was gone, so, he went out and purchased a new MAC computer for us. 


But I've hardly worked in a month. 

All because the MAC doesn't like my work programs. 

I've had someone from church over a few times to help me and it'll work fine for a day or so and then just stop wanting to work properly.  
The latest problem is when I plug my headphones in,
 the foot pedal stops working.
Oh and the audio program that I use becomes all fuzzy and makes it 
difficult to hear what I'm trying to transcribe.  

Not a good thing when I need to be as accurate as possible.

I really want to start working again.

Who knew a computer could be so prejudice regarding a few programs?

I'm at a loss of what to do.  

If only the Colonel was here.
He's very good at solving my problems.  


  1. Good Morning, Lois! I am sorry your MAC isn't working as you want it to! Praying you or someone will be able to finally figure out what is going on and you can get back to transcribing.

  2. Our men are really needed at home aren't they? Sorry I can't help you, but I don't know a thing about Mac computers.

  3. Darn computers! Do you have anyone in your area that works on computers that might be able to take a look for you? Or maybe you can contact the MAC folks and talk to someone there, they may be able to help find the problem. I'm sorry your having problems, computers are SO frustrating!

  4. I'm sorry you're having problems...that is really frustrating. I hope you can get it figured out soon. I always have trouble with MACS when I try to use them...but that's because I don't know anything about them (grin).

    Have a good day.

  5. Hi Lois,
    I hope you can get someone out there to help you real soon.
    I had problems a couple of years ago. I called the Geek Squad from Best Buy. They took care of it in a flash. THe cost depends on their time.
    Hubby said it was worth every dime. lol
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Nothing more frustrating (at least for me) than computer woes! Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em!

    And I was so hoping to see a picture of those shiny hardwood floors!!

  7. This is the devil at work Lois. Don't let it get you down. I'll pray that someone comes around that knows exactly what your computer needs and you can get back to work.

  8. Nothing frustrates me quicker these days than a computer that won't do as it is told...soo draining. Sometimes you can call an expert and he can walk you right through something on the phone..I will pray you get some help quickly. If I lived near you I'd send my son over as he knows Macs inside out and backwards. Maybe someone at your church has an "expert" they can loan you. Have a good day Lois!

  9. I think I take for granted sometimes that my hubby is in the computer field. He's really amazing at fixing all our computer problems. That virus we had destroyed ours, but he had it back up and running smoothly in a couple of days.

    I wish we were close enough that he could fix yours! Praying that you'll find some solutions.

  10. Oh Lois I am so sorry to hear about your computer problems. They are great when they work.
    I don't know anything about them, but maybe someone at church would be able to get it back up and running.
    Prayers for you and yours.

  11. Best Buy is really good at solving computer problems...and it sounds like you are missing the Colonel an awful lot!! I'm so sorry. You're in my prayers. P.S. I know nothing about computers but I've heard others say programs that work on other computers often don't work on a Mac.

  12. Morning Lois,
    So sorry you are having such difficulties with your computer.
    I know I probably couldn't even have a blog with it weren't for my hubbies expertise.
    I will pray the Lord sends you someone who can fix it, or that he gives you the wisdom to fix it!
    Sure wish you lived near us I would send my hubby over. Have you thought about calling tech support for your Mac. They can usually walk you thru things or they might be able to tell you what or who to go to. My daughter's friend will take her computer to Best Buy to what they call the "geek squad" to have them fix it or help. Don't know how much it cost tho, a lot of times they haven't even charged her, I think cause she is so cute, but so are you so you never know!! lol
    Hope this helps in someway, I know the prayer will!!
    Love and Blessings Sweetie,

  13. Lois,
    Ughh I feel your pain!! I HATE computer probs, and it seems they always are happening to me. I worked for 10 years as an office manager and they were with me there, and now at home, and doing my bookeeping, you guessed it...followed me home. Just last week had a HUGE virus that was almost impossible to get rid of..took 3 days!!
    Hoping you get to the root of the prob.

  14. Hi m'dear. Sorry to hear about the computer problems. Have you posted on any of the MT chat boards? Some are helpful!

  15. Hi Sweetie,
    so glad you found someone who can come out to check the problems out for you. You do have a Sweet hubby,
    and I will sure be praying the computer patrol get things fixed so you can get your work done and expecially so you can talk with Phil as well! Good news!
    Glad you were able to get an email from Phil, I know that helps you!
    Love and Blessings,

  16. Oh no, wish I could help but I have NO idea about tech stuff. :) I hope you get everything worked out so you can start working again.

    And don't tell anyone either, I haven't mopped in almost a month either. ;)

  17. Did you have a MAC before? It could be the software and MAC are somewhat conflicting - does the company you transcribe for have a software program download for MACs?

    Sometimes there are two separate software programs offered because they are two different operating systems.

    Just a thought.

  18. I am sorry for your troubles; computers have become a necessary evil.

  19. Lois, I am so sorry you are having to deal with all this mess...I know things will work out they always do we had computer problems here too right before Noah left and he had to go out and buy a new one thank the Lord we had some one in the family who wasn't tech. challenged. And don't worry about the floors whats one more Scarlet O'Hara would say I won'T think about that now...I think about it tomorrow! HUGS & PRAYERS


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