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So What's Been Going On?

I've been having such a hard time coming here and writing!
Adjusting to life without The Colonel is hard.  

Didn't realize just how much I would miss him. 

He's doing okay in Afghanistan.  

The "job" that he originally was sent to do did not happen.  
He's now on staff with the General in charge of Camp Eggers.  
He has explained to me a couple of times exactly what he is doing, 
but I still can't understand it all.  
As with any military position there are a lot of acronyms!

His sleeping arrangements are quite interesting.
He's sleeping in a refurbished shipping container.  

Now, just close your eyes and picture one of them.

Or better yet, here's a picture.

He said he can stretch his arms and almost touch the sides. 

Oh and he has a roommate.  

Talk about tight quarters!

He said the shipping containers are stack two high with hallways.  
I'm waiting for actual pictures.  

He was able to sign up for Internet access, which is about $100 a month. 

 Worth every penny.  

Now he doesn't have to try and get to the communication room to get on line to chat with us.  

He's working about 14 hours a day.  

We usually get to "chat" about 5 times a week.  
I know that seems like a lot.  
But most of the time it's at the end of his long day, close to midnight his time 
and his day begins around 6:00.  
We usually get to talk for about 10 minutes or so before he starts to fade. 

I am truly amazed at the technology that really allows us to talk to each other.  
When he was in Iraq 3 years ago, we could only "chat" on line through 
Yahoo Instant Messenger, which really was just typing to each other live.  

Now we're using Skype and Yahoo at times.  
They both offer the ability to "talk" through the computer as if you're on a phone.

We haven't been able to use the cameras too often. 
The bandwidth for the Internet is not that great.
So his camera usually freezes.    

Well that's about it for today.  

I hope you all are enjoying a great week!


  1. wow what sleeping quarters..but I guess it is better then nothing..and so glad you are able to keep in contact...the internet is wonderful.take care..:)

  2. Good morning my friend,

    I hope today finds you well.
    I was glad to read the update on your sweetie.
    Please let him know my hubby and I are daily praying for him!

    I can not imagine what strength you must have, as you go through your days, knowing where your hubby is? I pray he comes home to you soon.

    Love & Prayers,

  3. Those are some very interesting sleeping arrangements. A week from now the first month will have come and gone. Soon the weather will be nice again and before you know it the kids will be home from school and keeping you busy. Just being able to be outside and not trapped indoors makes you feel better. I pray this year moves swiftly for you and the Colonel! Hugs, Loretta

  4. Hi Sweet Lois,
    What a not fun adjustment to have to go through. I am praying for you all come to my thoughts so often!

    It seems that these war time assignments are almost guaranteed to be different than what we thought, huh? Praying for Phil and all that concerns him, and trusting that God is supplying His every need!

    I am SO glad you get to talk to him. I rarely spoke with Randy when he was in Desert Storm, but we wrote almost everyday.

    Yesterday was my best day yet with my healing. I won't be driving til next week, but am feeling more like me today!! YAY!! Just can't wait to jump in the car and go for a drive!!!

    Love you gal...try to stay away from the news!

  5. Hmmm.....The Army has folks sleeping in shipping containers, I will have to tell my son, do they have cots or mattresses in them? I sure hope so! So glad you are still able to "talk" and hang in there sweetie, the year will pass quickly:)

  6. I will continue praying for his safety and that the year passes quickly! I do hope the Army gets more permanent sleeping quarters soon---that just doesn't seem right to have to try to sleep like that!

  7. Tell the Colonel that our prayers are with him and that we appreciate the sacrifices he makes so that I can freely type this message and do the things that we enjoy doing - Freedom is not Free and I just thank God for Families such as yours that sacrifice so much so we have freedom! We are here for you and coffee's always hot over at the ranch! Take Care - Nancy

  8. WOW..the sleeping arrangements are not what I would have ever thought of. How wonderful to be able to talk. How happy I am for you that you can. It has got to help soo much. Just think though it has already been almost a month!! I am soo grateful to your husband for all he is doing so that we can all enjoy the freedoms that we do. And for the families like yours at home waiting as well. I will continue to pray for you all. Have a GREAT day Lois. Hugs, Debbie

  9. Oh Lois~
    You are on my prayer list~truly. I just don't know how you are doing this! I think of you often and know how hard it must be. I also know when I am having struggles I don't like to post either! You just take all the time you need to get in your groove again. I am not sure how my Ashley would do if Alex deployed for a year. God only gives grace when we need it.
    You just do what you need to do to make it through this year~ you know shop, get your hair done, drink diet cokes and take bubble baths. Just know I am praying for you and the children~

  10. They are using those containers in Australia, too. I understand they feel similar to the old railroad cars...I did see a house made of them somewhere out in N.M. once, it looked very modern indeed...

    the Internet access is wonderful, but I am going to have a mini-rant here and say I think the military ought to pay for these perks for the men and women, gosh, they are in tough conditions and honestly it's the least the gov could do -- would like to see better treatment of our military -- more honor, more money...take those Wall St bonuses away from those clowns and give it to our ACTUAL HEROES

  11. So happy to hear you get to talk with him often. That alone can save your sanity.
    Sorry his quarters are so tight. It may be better than a tent though. Do you think? What do I
    We are praying for all of you.
    God's grace is new everyday but that doesn't take away the lonliness, I know. Half of Jan. is gone already. I pray the months fly by till he's home again.

  12. I pray the Lord surround you and the Colonel with His strength, love, and peace. Encouraging you in Psalm 32:8, Isaiah 35:3-4,50:16.
    Have you heard of the ? They help send supplies to these zones. I heard it on a radio program. I want to thank you and the Colonel for giving and protecting America!

  13. I am glad that we have this technology so that you can actually talk to each other. That's a true blessing.

    Love and Prayers,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  14. My prayers are with all of you.
    I am glad to hear that you talk daily.
    I hope that his year will go by quickly for all of you.
    Tell him he is in my prayers and thanks for what he is doing.
    God Bless

  15. Hang in there Lois. He will be home safely very soon. My prayers are with you, the Colonel and your kids. I'm so glad you aren't cut off completely from him. Thank the Lord for modern technology.
    In Prayer,

  16. Good morning Lois,
    so great to see you posting gain. You have been on my mind so much lately and please know you and your family are in my prayers.
    I must say those sleeping arrangements are very unusual, but I am so glad the Colonel is able to stay in touch.
    Sending much love your way.

  17. Please tell your husband, "thank you for serving!" and he's on my prayer list. My nephew is in Afghanistan and will be until 2011 and we're sending him monthly goody boxes which he seems to enjoy. It's so tough on both the folks serving and the folks left at home; you're on the prayer list too.

  18. Hi Lois
    I am glad that you are able to skype often. At least you cankep in touchthat way. What an awful sleeping arrangement!
    Please thank him from me for serving his country. We appreciate the sacrifice all of oyu are making. Thank you too for being the wife who is willing to saty home alone.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  19. Wow, those sleeping quaters!!! I often think of you both during the week. How are your kids doing missing their Dad? I often update my hubby on your status as he is a Airforce Disabled Vet. I think how hard it would be if he was there.
    Praying God's grace for all of you!

  20. Hi sweet friend, So sad that your dear hubby is gone again. Seems like you deal with this so frequently-so I want to thank you for the sacrifice he/you/your family make by his serving us. Be blessed today dear one.

  21. WOW!!!! You are admired along with you husband.

  22. Thanks for the sacrifice the both of you are making for our country!

  23. Hey Lois,
    Can't believe those sleeping quarters. Man, and we think we have it tough sometimes. My daughter's boyfriend is over there too and her stories sound very similiar to yours. She is having a tough time adapting too. Will be praying for you.

  24. there is an email floating around the internet of what those in the military have to of which is sleeping where ever they can.
    But thankfully, you both can at least hear the other's voice. I hope the technology gets better so you can see each other as well. Blessings for a peaceful week!

  25. Hi Sweet Sunshine,
    I figured that was why we weren't hearing from you. Know we care about you guys and get worried about you. So glad you gave us an update.
    wow, that is some tight quarters I would say. Imagine that takes some getting used say the least. what is the weather like there??
    How are your children adjusting??
    Doing okay I hope.
    so glad you gave us an update, it
    helps us know a lil more how to pray for you guys.
    Make sure you come by tomorrow evening cause I have a surprise for you!!
    Saw you came by today and liked my story, don't know why the Lord gave me that but guess he has something in mind. glad you liked
    my dishes, I really do too!
    Wish you could come for dinner
    and I would make something scrumptious and set a really pretty table with fresh flowers you could take home!!
    Blessings to you hon,

  26. Interesting sleeping quarters for certain!

    Hoping and praying that the coming year goes quickly for you all.

  27. First thing I thought of was Wow it is blue and not Khaki...LOL Us Military Wives and what we notice....

    You are on my mind all the time!!!

    Big Huge Hugs!!!!!
    Just A Gal...


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