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The Flu...

Yes, it seems the flu paid a visit to our household last week. 

 I was the only one "he" decided to take a liking to. 


Started last Tuesday and lasted through Saturday.  
I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he said I had a sinus infection.

And trust me, he was right.  
I can now breathe again normally.  

I said, "But Doctor, my body hurts so bad."  
He said, "It's just your fever."

Well by Wednesday I knew this was more than a sinus infection.  
The fever, the aches, oh the body aches!
They were so bad.  
At times I could barely stand up straight. 

But thankfully, all is well.
And more importantly neither child has come down with it.  

I'm going to try and get on a schedule this week.
Something I've been trying to do since the new year.  

I need to start planning better meals and 
getting this house cleaned on a regular basis.
Not that you would think my house is dirty!  


That's not dust you see under the chair by the fireplace!

It's just your imagination.  

I have some cute pictures to show you of a party 
Olivia and Michael went to over the weekend.  

Really cute. 
I'll post them tomorrow.

Yes, I'll be back tomorrow.  

Okay, I'm going to grab that steam mop of mine 
and tackle my hardwood floors. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. So happy to hear you are feeling all better! Happy cleaning!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Strange thing is, I haven't had the flu and my house is a mess. How did that happen? Have a great day, friend!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. Getting on a schedule and getting things in order always makes me feel better after I've been sick. Have a great week.

  4. Morning Lois,
    So glad you are feeling better and so sorry you have been so sick.
    Make sure you don't overdue it hon,
    and get a relapse!!
    Glad you are starting to get the urge to get back on schedule and to eat right. That is a good sign you are doing better emotionally too.
    I know this is a difficult time for you, but sort of getting our ducks in a row somehow seems to help me anyway! Bet you are the same! It is a sign we are pulling ourselves together and moving on in life in the best way we can.
    Praying for you sweetie. And hope the flu is gone gone gone away from your house!
    Love and blessings dear,

  5. G'morn & get well wishes your way!
    When I am 'down' is when EVERYTHING I didn't get done or missed stands out like a sore thumb to BUG me ... you, too?

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Oh yuck! I hated it when I had the flu. But the time I got it, all 5 of my kids woke up with it the very next day. Our house was very quiet as we all just laid around the living room watching movies, but saying nothing!

  7. Glad to hear you are on the mend Lois. Don't overdo it with the cleaning and such or you will be down again. The mess will still be waiting for your when you are all better. Mine has never disappeared on me yet!

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better, but DO NOT OVERDO!!! I have only had the flu one time in my life..(before children) and the day I felt a good bit better, I went back to work at the beauty shop, and was on my feet all day, and I had a relapse! So, just do a bit each day until you get all your strength back...

    How's the Colonel? Heard from him lately?

    I think of you all often~
    Have a happy day!


  9. The flu is awful! Sorry to hear about it -- and it's scary, too.

    Cleaning is always a good idea, but m'dear, right after the flu??? Don't do too much!

  10. Soo glad you are feeling better, but I am going to join the others with the word of caution about over doing. Relapses are more common than you think. Just take it slow and easy. I do know what you mean though, when your ready to have your house in order, your ready, haha...Take care. Hugs, Debbie

  11. Glad you're better! I miss you when you don't post.

  12. So sorry you've been sick. Having started the New Year with it I can really sympathize with you.
    I hope the kids don't come down with it.
    Looking forward to your pics of them.
    I have been doing a lot of cleaning out myself. It feels so good.

  13. Hi Lois,
    I'm glad you're finally feeling better. You really got hit hard! I've heard of others around here who had similar symptoms as yours. It just sounds awful! I do hope the kids stay healthy. Take care and don't worry about the dust.


  14. Not fun having the flu...glad you are feeling better...happy steam mopping!! ;o)

  15. SO glad you're feeling better, that is no fun at all!! I'm working on that schedule and cleaning thing too...never goes how you have it planned in your head! :)

  16. That bug seems to showing up all over the USA lately. Sorry it came to your house but since you are sweet I can see why it was attracted to you. Gosh let the floor wait until you are better. I have to say that I do absolutely LOVE my steam mop for my hardwoods and it was worth every penny. I even steam the door to my shower with it which is kinda tricky to do without breaking the glass:) Oh the soup exchange was so much fun and you should try it with some girlfriends. A great way to get some different meals. I think my daughter may do a casserole exchange next. I am hosting a blog tea party here next week and wish you lived closer as I would certainly love for you to come. Feel better my friend.

  17. Sorry you felt so terrible!

    I have that imaginary dust on my floors too this morning!

    Have a great week!

  18. So glad to hear you're feeling better and that the kids didn't catch the flu from you. It's a nasty little bug isn't it?
    Lois I once saw a sign that read "Dust is a country decoration!" LOL Blessings my friend!

  19. So glad you are feeling better - the flu so stinks!! I would love to hear about this steam mop for hardwood they really work?? We have hardwood floors for the first time in our new home and I truly can NOT keep them looking pretty. I am for any and all suggestions.....or someone to do them for me:)

    My friend is moving to Johnstown...she says it is very small, very old and she is very not excited! (We really enjoy the conveniences of living outside a major city.) Have you ever heard of this "little hole in the wall"??? (those are her words)

    Hope you have a great week:) Thanks for stopping by this morning:)

  20. I had the flu this year for the first time ever... yucky stuff, hope you are feeling batter and back to yourself again.

  21. Sorry to see you've been so sick. Glad you are on the mend!

  22. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    I hope that you have fun cleaning.
    I did that on Saturday so that I had everything done as Sunday was Football Sunday.
    Have a great day.

  23. Okay Sunshine...
    Take it SLOW!
    The cleaning can happen a little at a time and you still have 6 days to plan new schedules. =)
    Please don't overdo, relapses are sooooo crumby!
    I'm home and headed into recovery and need to move slow too. So hard to sit and see all that needs to be dusted (or even re-arranged)...things I never have time to notice, but now with an incision to "baby" can't get around to doing!!! So, I know how frustrating it can be.
    Praise God for HIS Healing Power in both of our lives! Love you.

  24. Hate you have been under the weather last week. Glad you are up and going again. I have been fighting something since last week myself. Thought I was doing better until I went to bed last night and the coughing began! I thought I was going to cough up a lung today. UGH. Not feeling so good again. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Hope so.

  25. I am having a total knee replacement on Feb. 16th... I wish it was both knees but sadly only the left.

  26. So glad you're feeling better! It's so hard when "Mom" is sick because so much just doesn't get done! I'm still keeping the Colonel in my prayers.


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