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A Special Birthday

Blogger is giving me so much trouble posting this!
The formatting is just not working.  
I hope it shows up okay for you...

I don't often mention the Colonel's parents in my blog 
and that's because both have gone on to heaven many years ago. 

Actually I never met Phil's mom, she passed away a few short 
before Phil and I reconnected and started dating. 

I was able to meet his dad but never truly got close to him.  
He was sort of a reserved person and he passed away 
when Olivia was just a baby.

But the man is very close to us in many ways 
even though he is now gone. 

You see, our Olivia reminds my husband so much of his father. 
They both share a sense of humor that is lost on some people...
very dry and to the point. 

Olivia is very intelligent and often very quiet, as Phil's father was, 
but once you get to talk with Olivia you'll see what a wonderful, 
intelligent and funny person she is...just like Phil's father.

I sometimes wonder how my husband can bear the fact that both 
of his parents left this world when 
he was still so young, 
only 20 with his mother and just 29 with his father. 

I know the grief that I carry for my father and I had him 
for over 40 years in my life. 

To lose both your parents at such an early age 
is beyond 
my comprehension. 

Neither of them got to see their youngest son achieve the rank of 
Lt. Colonel in the army.
I am sure they would have been 
as proud of him as I am.

My husband often says that when times are tough for 
our family he is able to find strength in the example that 
his father showed him all throughout his life.
A strength that is carried on through his son 
and now through his granddaughter 
and even his grandson Michael who carries his grandfather's name.

So today is Gerald Christensen's birthday, I'm sure 
he's enjoying a wonderful celebration in heaven 
with his wife Sylvia and now my father 
who is letting Gerald know what a wonderful husband and father 
his youngest son turned out to be, thanks to his great example. 

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. What a wonderful tribute and how wonderful that Olivia is able to evoke happy memories! Isn't it funny how children can have attributes and mannerisms of relatives they never knew? I have seen it in my own family! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. I lost my father when I was 23. It seems most everyone has been able to move on, but to me, it was like yesterday and I miss him more than I can ever comprehend. I miss more each day. Now that my kids are older, I'm so sad on what he missed out on. He never knew my kids. He would have LOVED them.

    God bless you. I pray your blessed and joyful this Thanksgiving. I'm glad I know you. I hope your husband is doing well.

  3. I never met my hubby's father, as he passed away when my husband was young. It's awesome to feel that the grandparents are a part of your life though through shared memories, and through your children. Wishing you & yours a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. I never knew my husbands mother as she passed away when he was in high school. It had a profound effect on his life to lose his mother at such a young age. I love how the Lord uses these events in our life to mold us into what He has in mind. How WONDERFUL for your husband that he can see his dad in your daughter.
    God is soo good. This was a wonderful tribute and I thank you for sharing it. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Debbie

  5. A beautiful post. Today is also Daddy's birthday. He has been with Jesus for 11 years. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. That was a beautiful tribute and I'm glad that your hubby can see those things in his daughter.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. Lois, What a heartfelt post this was. I love the fact that you have an Olivia too(our 6th gradchild).
    I lost my mom when I was 21 and then had my dad until I was 39...but miss them both so much.
    I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving; tell your hubby one grateful American said thanks for his service. Hugs to you today!

  8. This is a wonderful tribute to your father-in-law, Lois. I'm sure he would be very proud of his son and his wonderful wife!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your new room:)

    Linda C

  9. Lovely tribute!
    Happy birthday to your daddy!!! :)

    Love~ Miss Jen

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your husband's father. It's obvious that he influenced the the kind of man your husband became. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. Lois you are sweet to honor your father-in-law in this way,...and it also honors your husband.

    I think it is very hard to see our love ones leave this earth, and we have lost many of them.

    But we can remember all they have left us, and treasure all of the memories.

    And at Thanksgiving we can Thank The Lord for all of our blessings...including the special people that have passed on to heaven.

    Enjoy your day!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  12. Dear Lois,what a sweet tribute to your father-in-law. My other blogging friend, Mildred, did a post about her dad who would had been 87 today. If you'd like to visit her the link is:

    Incidentally, she currently has the same background you are using :)

    Nice visiting with you ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Sweet memories and tribute to your in laws. Such a wonderful feeling I'm sure knowing they are dancing with Jesus and discussing their wonderful kids.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and tell the Colonel how much we appreciate his service to our country. God Bless!

  14. What a heartfelt and moving tribute.

    Fine genes in your family, fine fine people now and in generations past.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. What a beautiful post! I couldn't imagine losing my parents so young either but how wonderful he is reminded of his father through your daughter! Have a great Thanksgiving! :)

  16. Hi Again,
    Read your post on your father-in-law before Thanksgiving but never got to comment. That was a lovely tribute to him, I am sure Phil loved it. That is sad Phil had to lose his parents so young, but then God blessed him with such a sweet wife to help him along the way.
    Thanks for coming to see me earlier this week, have just been busy and haven't gotten to comment.
    I made a Chicken dish called Pary Chicken for Thanksgving instead of Turkey, and I usually only make it for Easter and Christmas, so my family is overjoyed when I make it,
    they all said they were glad I did the chicken instead of Turkey.
    My daughter can't wait till Christmas to have it again.
    I should have done this years ago,
    cause my favorite things I eat on Thanksgiving when I make Turkey is
    stuffing, mash pot and gravy and cranberry sauce, now the Chicken tops that list!! lol
    Course, I like the other stuff too,
    but those are my favorites. Plus
    chocolate pecan pie. I get one from Cracker Barrel every year,
    and I make a pumpkin pecan for hubby.
    I love the party chicken cause you can make it ahead and pop it in the oven and once you get the fat trimmed off the chicken breasts it is a pc. of cake to make. Let me know if you want the recipe, it is a great holiday or company dish.
    Glad you liked my dishes. I didn't use them yet cause it would only be that once cause I have Christmas dishes my sweet sister-in-law gave me, so I am saving them for something to look forward to in the New Year, Plus I didn't really have time to take them all out and wash them and stuff without a lot of extra stress so opted to wait.
    Take Care Sweet Girl,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie
    Hope your day was great yesterday hon,
    Blessings, Nelli

  17. What a really nice blog! Very special!


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