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Not a Holiday Here

Since moving to Pennsylvania there have been a few changes I needed to adjust to, 
like Friday night football games. 
I was born and raised in Queens, NY.
We didn't have a football team at our high school. 

I had no idea how important Friday night football was until moving here.
The whole town turns out for a game. 
I've been to a few and to be honest with you, 
it's just sometimes too cold to sit on a hard metal bench for 
hours on end waiting for your team to win. 

The other thing is the Monday after Thanksgiving...
the schools are closed for...(get ready)...the first day of hunting. 
Can you believe that? 

It's like a religion out here. 

The schools are not closed for Veteran's Day TODAY 
because they have off for the first day of hunting. 

When I first found out that the schools are closed the Monday after Thanksgiving
 instead of Veteran's Day, 
I was quite confused.
There is something not quite right about forgoing remembering all the 
men and women who sacrificed their lives for this country in order 
for fathers to take their sons hunting on opening day. 

I've had to explain this "day off" quite a few times in the past years and
 know I'm not alone in thinking,

Have we come this far in our society that we ignore a day to reflect on the sacrifices so 
many people have made for our country just so school age children can go hunting? 
I mean, if it's that important, just keep your kids out of school on the first day of hunting and 
let's go back to remembering Veteran's Day! 

And to all you hunters out there reading my blog, 
I have nothing against hunting...just think our priorities are little messed up here.

I hope all the Veterans know how much your 
sacrifices are appreciated.
The Colonel and I salute you!


  1. I agree, the Veterans had so many sacrifices. Let us prove they did not die for nothing.

    Football is a craze in many places, though it is not played too much here either..^^

  2. I agree ~
    Thank you Military Family for all your sacrifice!

  3. Wonderful post Lois and so true! Their priorities are in the wrong place. Please thank your wonderful husband for me for his service to our country on this Veterans Day! Blessings to you and yours! Hugs, Loretta

  4. I couldn't agree with you more!!!

  5. This is so true, I agree completely! Here in my town also, we have a huge fall festival every October and the kids get the friday of that weekend off FOR the festival!!!! Some folks really need to get priorities straight and I will be remembering all our veterans today for all they sacrifice! Happy Veteran's day to you and the Colonel!

  6. I am in awe of the brave men, and women who have fought for our freedom. Thank you for the pos today.

  7. Oh, I do agree with you! Everything shuts down for hunting in this neck of the woods! Weird.

  8. WOW!! That does seem incrediable. I couldn't agree more. If you are a hunter, take the day off and take your kids out of school. But to do so INSTEAD of honoring the Veterans just seems REALLY wrong. My daughter when she moved to New Mexico (on the very border of Texas) said it is SUCH a different life than Caliofrnia. She said EVERYONE is sooo into hunting. They have it huge. I don't know if they have school's and such closed today or if they too do the hunting day thing. I can't wait to ask her today. Have a great day and thanks to your husband (and your family) for their dedicated service. Blessings, Debbie

  9. I agree!!!!

    Happy Veterans day!
    And~ thank you Colonel!!!!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  10. I agree with you. I must say, I've never heard of closing school for the first day of hunting!!

  11. I am seriously laughing out loud because, having lived in PA myself, I can totally relate to this. I also had no idea what a big deal HS football was until I went to college in PA. My roommate took me to a Friday night football game. I never went to another. I guess if you grow up with it maybe it has more of an inpact.

    I totally agree with you on the lack of observance for Veterans Day. Chris has school today too. I just think that's crazy. The whole first day of hunting thing is also way beyond me... First of all, I couldn't ever see myself teaching my child how to use a gun... or myself for that matter. LOL

  12. I never heard of such an insane thing. Go figure? Schools are open here in Atlanta today too and I am not sure they even discuss Veterans day in school today because it may not be politically correct. Makes me all nuts. I am proud to salute all the Veterans today. God Bless them all.

  13. I agree that we need to thank and remember all those you have given so much to give us the country we have today.
    Hunting should take a back seat to this day.
    We do have Friday night football and schools are getting out early today to celebrate this day.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. I join you in honoring ALL the men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom and our safety!
    "LORD, please bless each one in a special way."

    Regarding the hunting, my mother would have a cow! She lived for 2 years in the mountains of Colorado and was so upset that her pastor loved to go hunting. She suffered from illogical "Bambi-itis!"

    We are all such characters, aren't we???

  15. Our schools are NOT closed here, but banks are. At least the kids get to have an assembly today to share the veterans that the students know and love. That's a step in right direction, to honor those who serve for our freedom.

    GOOD post!

  16. Sometimes it is best to educate the children on why we have there is a Veterans Day to begin with - I see so many kids who do not understand the meaning of Veterans Day so if they are in school I do hope that they are being educated as to why this day is called Veterans Day. Oh, Tell The Colonel Thank you for me! My Son is a US Marine, my G-Grandfather, and Grandfather served in the military so I do have a strong background and understanding of this day that we call Veterans Day.

  17. I so agree! Football is crazy big in Texas too AND hunting!!! I don't get into either, but there are many that do.

    Thank you Veterans and all those who serve our country!

    Hugs to you. OH and love your new blog look.

  18. I agree!!! Thanks to those families, like yours for the HUGE sacrifice for keeping America free.

  19. I salute you both and your family for your sacrifice. I hope if the kids are in school on this day that special time is taken to explain the significance and to remember those who have sacrificed. If you think football is big in Pennsylvania, come to the South---it reaches a religious frenzy :)Thank the Colonel for me :)

  20. I'm so proud of our military! I echo your sentiments.

  21. Lois, I totally agree with you. It was a holiday here, a day of remembrance as it should be. how can priorities be so misguided is beyond me. ...I love the new look for your blog. Be well and take care.

  22. Hi Girlie,
    Oh my heavens, I definitely agree with you. that is just a lil over the top for me too. I'm with you nothing against hunting, just let them take their kids out of school
    for the day. But our Veterans definitely deserve to be honored,
    I don't care what is going on!
    So how is that dining room coming along?? Hope it is going as smooth as silk. And how are you coming along??
    Thanks for coming over to check out my anniversary post, appreciate your sweet comments.
    Hope you have a good rest of the week, and Happy Belated Veterans Day to you and the Colonel.
    We so appreciate the sacrifices you and all the military families
    are making on our behalf.
    May the Lord bless you all in abundant ways.
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  23. I have to throw in my WHAT??? as well! I'd never heard of that...kinda sad, I'll admit. Hope you and your family found your own way to honor a vet, or two! :)

  24. I agree with you, that's a bit shocking about Veteran's day! I'm so grateful to our service men and women.

    But the football thing I'm used to. :o)

  25. AMEN!! Nothing else need be said.

    Have a lovely day. Come enter our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY, if you haven't. TTFN ~ Marydon

  26. Hmmm....
    The Monday after thanksgiving is more important then veterans day...
    I can't believe they didn't have it off.


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