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Do Not Adjust Your Calendars...

Yes, I know it's only October...
But this is what happened here yesterday.  

You can't read the sign in my mum plant. 
It says, "Welcome Fall." 
It really does look pretty... 
My scarecrow looks really cold...
The view from the front porch.  
And to think I still haven't purchased any pumpkins yet!  
Maybe I should forget the pumpkins and just put up the Christmas lights this weekend! 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. this normal?? I honestly just can't imagine this...Having lived my whole life in Southern California, snow in general is so foreign to me. How I would LOVE was 85 here today and quite frankly I am sick of it. I would LOVE some cool cool weather...ENJOY it for me please...blessings always to you, Debbie

  2. Oh my! It's too early for that white stuff! Maybe you should skip the pumpkins and go right to the lights. lol

  3. Oh my... isn't the weather so strange now? I thought it was just crazy in our neck of the woods.. lol. No snow here in MO yet, but it's been casually mentioned as 'slight chance' in recent forecasts. So not ready! What happened to Fall? I do love your pictures though - gorgeous scenery! Stay warm... -Tammy

  4. I see that you freaky weather like we do sometimes! Yeah, snow on scarecrows is just wrong:) We've only had flurries- none has stuck to the ground yet--I sympathize with you...!

    Great pics tho!

    Hope bright fall weather returns quickly!:)


  5. That's SO strange-lookin' for this time of year! We had the air conditioner running all the livelong day and I think the high was around 92 or so...ugh...but I think that early snow is worse!!!

    Had to laugh at your quip about putting the Christmas lights up...

  6. OH MY, LOIS!! A white autumn! How amazing is that??!! It is so very lovely! You have such a pretty view off your front porch!

    Stay cozy!!

    Love ya,

  7. Wow! You got even more snow than us! We just had some rain mixed with snow and a very slight accumulation. If this is any indication as to what's to come we're in trouble :) It sure does look pretty though! What a fabulous view you have! Hugs, Loretta

  8. Not sure how far you are from me, but I'm south of Erie and north of Pittsburgh about mid-way, and we got snow too! More coming for the next couple days, boy, it seems too early!!!

  9. Oh my goodness!
    Wow! I am done complaining about the 60 degree weather we have been having here :) Seriously - yesterday I was SO cold and it was only 60 degrees! It must be so hard to go from nice sunny weather to frigid temperatures so quickly. I am definitely ready for Fall weather but don't want winter yet. Hope it all goes away for you so that you can enjoy your pumpkins.

    Stay warm!

  10. I know you told me it was cold in PA but I didn't think you had that much snow. Here I was complaining. Praying for sunshine!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  11. It really does look beautiful! But isn't it a little early for stuff like that?? I wonder if this is any indication of what this winter is going to be like? Brrrrr! Have a great weekend! Karen

  12. Oh my stars! That is so beautiful. I say go for it, put up those Christmas lights!

  13. You must be getting what we had here last weekend.We had 8-10" last Saturday. We have sunshine today!!
    We have not seen the sun ALL week.
    I'd forget the pumpkins this yr.
    Yes, this is way to early.
    Have a great

  14. Oh, how pretty! Hope you are well,


  15. Your so lucky! I'd LOVE snow! Actually, I'd love for it to be below 70 degrees here right now! =-)

  16. Morning Sunshine,
    Whoa I would say winter has arrived at your house. Have you ever gotten snow this early?? Makes me wonder what kind of winter it will be. Your poor Mums!! the scarecrow is a hoot with all that snow on him. Yea, think you might as well get out the Christmas lites course, with our weather patterns it could be pretty warm tomorrow, you just never know.
    It is in the mid 80's already here and it is not even 11 yet. I was thinking it would be cool this morning, it is breezy and I was able to work outside a lil but by
    9:30 I was dying it was so muggy.
    Snow sounds kind of good right now!! lol
    Yea, I know what you mean about the students, especially when you work with kids, they never say much about anything, but if you are loving them, you are impacting them. Our Pastor used to say I really don't remember too much what my sunday school teachers said, but I do remember the ones I felt really loved me and cared about me, and I got to thinking about it and that was true for me too!! Course, I think more of what we were taught goes in there than we think, we just may not remember where we got our
    thoughts and perceptions from.
    What age group do you teach?? Isn't it 4th or 5th graders??
    We started out teaching 5th and 6th graders, and worked our way up
    the age grade! lol
    We ususally teach marriage classes now and this is the first time in a long time we haven't, so that has been fun, but we have a few people that are really good soil,
    and they actually tell you what they are learning. In our years of teaching that is pretty rare,
    it does happen very ocassionally,
    but every once in awhile you get a really tuned in hungry for spiritual growth class and it is
    wonderful when it happens! This class has been one of those blessings.
    Thanks for coming by, always love hearing from you too hon.
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. Brrrrr! I'm shivering just by looking at it. It sure is pretty, though. Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Did you hear my groan all the way from the corn? I thought getting rain, more rain and endless cloudy days was bad but SNOW?!?! I don't feel so bad now.

    Put on a Christmas cd and start decorating!

  19. Hi there, I recognize this sight as we had lots of snow last weekend but today is sunny and nice-in the 60's.
    I think we'll see a lot more of it this year.
    Hugs, Noreen

  20. Beautiful! Must be due to the global warming . . .

  21. Brrrrrrrrr!
    But how beautiful!
    A winter wonderland...prematurely?

    Do you have a fireplace or wood stove? In our first home in WA state we installed a wood stove that came from Maine!
    It made the place so warm and cozy.

    How's the weather today?
    Any chance of an Indian Summer.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  22. you didn't expect that! Strange weather these days.

    Have a nice weekend. Hugs!

  23. Beautiful but sooo cold! We had large snowflakes falling here in Ohio last night...burr!!

  24. Wow... snow is SO beautiful!! :)

    Thank you for your kind words
    on "Blessed Femina!"


    Love~ Miss Jen

  25. oh waaahhh!! i am never anxious for it to get cold. That white stuff showed up here this past week too. Lovely photos!

  26. Wow!!! Unbelievable that winter has arrived in your neck of the woods! I like the Christmas light idea! This morning it was in the high 30's but still no white stuff yet. Next week, we except temps in the 60's. Probably won't be soon after that when we will get the dusting or more of what you have. Stay warm and cozy!



  28. What a great view you have from your front porch! It looks so pretty where you live, and the snow makes it all the more beautiful. I never see snow down here so that's why to me, it's nothing but beautiful but I know for lots of people, they would like to be able to enjoy fall for a month or two! Great idea about putting up Christmas lights... you sure have the perfect weather for it! ;)

  29. Oh the snow is beautiful and yes as hot as I have been I would be out in it lol.
    Yes nurses seem to forget their jobs. Im thank I had someone with me.
    I hate how today there is no nursery. They come straight to the room. NO woman that has a section can hold a baby all the time and change diapers. Do they forget your cut open? Hello

  30. we have had lots of rain. some areas had snow last night. I am watching the New England game and the field is covered in a lot of snow.

    The farmers almanac is calling for a brutally cold winter this year and it seems we are off to the start the good thing the cold will kill those nasty flu viruses.

  31. Hello Dear Friend,
    It's to early for snow, You might want to ask around, did Michael ask for this snow? LOL I think the first snow fall is always the prettiest,even though we don't get that much. Now I am going to tease you a little I will be harvesting lettuce this week. LOL
    It is so great to be able to be visiting again, I have really missed everyone. Thank you for coming by I always love hearing from you.


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