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Gardening: See How My Garden Grows

It rained almost every day last week, except for Saturday. I finally was able to get back out into my garden yesterday.
  It was such a beautiful day, the kind you want to bottle up and keep forever! 

Here are some pictures of everything in our garden. When we planted two weeks ago, I think they went into some sort of shock...they just weren’t happy!  
Not to mention a few more cold nights.

My pumpkins are doing fabulous. I really thought we lost all four plants, but they’ve decided to enjoy their new home. 

My lettuce is also doing great! And I planted more seeds about 2 weeks ago and already have them making an appearance. I have green beans planted behind the lettuce and they are doing great also.

I lost all my sugar snap peas. Imagine me crying here! I don’t know why, but they decided not to continue to grow and have completely shriveled up into nothing! I did plant some more seeds, but have yet to see any growth.
 I planted more lettuce in this bed and you have to look really closely to see, but it’s coming!

We only planted 2 zucchini plants and they’re gone as well! And we planted 2 cucumber plants and only one survived. But do not worry, I made it to the farm last week and purchased 2 zucchini and one cucumber and the Colonel will be adding these to our garden when he gets home next weekend. 

Our tomato plants are doing FABULOUS! 
We only planted four and as you can see they are enjoying their new home! 

If there’s one thing we have learned in our garden, it’s to not over plant! One year we had so many tomato plants, we could hardly manage! And the same with the cucumber and zucchini. 
I have learned to only plant 2 each! 

The one thing I’m really happy with are the marigolds. Here’s a picture of how they look now.  They are getting so big, I can’t wait to get them in the ground, but not until they’re just a little bigger. 

Here's a picture of the view I get to look at every day!

Hope you enjoyed my little garden. 
The Colonel worked hard expanding it...and I think he did a great job!

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  1. Your garden is so orderly! It looks wonderful!
    Hope you have a great day~

  2. What a beautiful view you have! Your garden is looking good. Before long you will be enjoying those delicious veggies. It's such a great feeling to feed your family from your own garden. The marigolds will grow enormous. After the blooms dry out at the end of the season break open the bloom and uncover the seeds and aprinkle them on the ground. I did that and the next year (about the middle of summer) plants started coming up all over and filled the flower bed. Hugs, Loretta

  3. ah.. the signs of life and beautiful young sprouts! That's the reward for all the hard work .. (i still smile when i remember how you first started out without your husband's help at first.)

    Anyway, the best is yet to come when it will make its way to your kitchen and dining table!!

  4. Picture perfect garden beds! I love the chicken wire, and what a great view you have:)

  5. I miss gardening so much. When we lived in Texas, back when we owned our own home, I had huge vegetable, flower and herb gardens. My kids and I were out there about 6 hours a day. Now we rent and I don't want to tear up our yard and I don't want to container plant. So I'll just admire and covet yours.

    You have a beautiful view...I covet that as well.

    Can't wait to see your marigolds.

  6. Hi Lois,
    Girl I am so proud of you, your garden looks fantabulous!!! I know what you mean about over planting, do it all the time. I hope our pumpkins do well this year we have a hard time in the south growing the right kind of pumpkins.

    How do you get any work done with a view like that? Lois, we were sitting on the porch having our devotion and looking out and watching the animals this morning and talking about the goodness of God. May you continue to enjoy all of His blessings!
    Thank you for sharing, hope your day is filled with more blessings,

  7. Wow! Everything looks fabulous. Wish I lived closer so I could soak up the whole planting/gardening wisdom for you and your hubby! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Just love the name of you upbeat!!
    Your gardening puts mine to shame...yours is a work of art!
    Enjoyed this visit vey much.



  9. Isn't it fun to watch things sprouting out of the ground? You have a lovely view. I'm sure the air must smell so fresh in the mornings.

  10. Looking good! Your view is so pretty!


  11. Your garden is fabulous! I want to start a garden when I have my own home.

    I wanted to thank you for the prayers for Preston. It means a lot to me!

    I cannot believe that you made so much money at your yard sales in NJ!!! People in GA are really cheap at yardsales too and the most I have ever made is $250. I think we need to all go up to NJ for a trip to sell our stuff! Well, I hope you find something fun to put your $100 toward!

  12. Your garden is growing fabulously. And your view is so pretty. Can't wait to see your pumpkins. I need to grow some but hate that I don't have room for them to run.


  13. Hi, I popped over from Carol's blog, Charli and Me, and I love to see your garden in progress. That's interesting about not planting too many/too close. When I was little, we always had a wonderful garden. I wish I had paid more attention, but someday, I hope to plant one again. Thanks for the info!

    Enjoyed visiting you...


    Sheila :-)

  14. Your garden looks so good.
    I did not plant pumpkins this year.
    I really love watching a garden grow.
    Your view is breathe taking.
    God bless.

  15. I wish our garden looked this well kept. Hopefully the bunnies will keep away from my beans this year. They seem to go first.
    Have a great week,

  16. What a great garden! Looks like your hard work has paid off!

  17. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Your garden is going to be so great. People who live in Florida are already harvesting! Must be nice. Your view is wonderful. I'll bet it's gorgeous in the winter. Mimi

  18. Hi Sunshine!! Wow Girl!! Way to go!! I am garden "green" with envy!! What an awesome garden! I just love all of the little lettuces!! Too pretty!!

    And that view...aaahhh!! Hope you have a nice place to sit with some coffee and take it in!!

    Marigolds are so bright and cheerful!! It only figures they would be one of your faves!!

    Thanks for sharing!! I'll pray for a bountiful harvest for you!!

    Love 'n hugs,

  19. Everything looks fabulous! I love the tomato towers! And.. You certainly live in a beautiful place! -Tammy

  20. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!! :D
    Oh and what a wonderful view you have!!!!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  21. Afternoon Sunshine,
    "thanks for dropping in today"
    You are right... something always needs cleaning....I keep waiting on the good fairy to show up but she never comes!! ha I think you and I might be her!! ya reckon'!!
    Your garden is very nice,
    sorry bout your sugar snap peas.
    Where are you gonna put all your marigolds???
    I had never had green pea salad before till I met my husband, it is his Mom's recipe. They usually always made it to go with fish.
    It is a very simple salad, yet very good. I thought yuck when I first heard about it, cause I am
    not too into green peas, at least I wasn't back then. I have learned, the 7 layer salad has frozen green peas and the first time my friend told me about it
    she had invited us over for dinner
    and when she said it has frozen peas, I was thinking yuck!! It
    turned out to be my favorite salad
    in the whole world, plus my family
    all luvvvvvvv it!! We could make a whole meal out of it seriously.
    I usually make it just for special
    occasions so they really look forward to it, and so do I!!
    Green Peas they are a good thing!!
    I will post the recipe soon, so you can try it out on your family.
    Have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  22. Hi Lois, so pleased you are getting some good weather for the garden - we too are having glorious weather and making the most of it. I love all your veggie-plans - I think the idea of growing your own is so great - something I look forward to doing with Amelie when she's bigger! Prayers and blessings to you all this week Lois, Fiona x

  23. What a beautiful garden! Everything is coming along so nicely! Next year I plan to start seeds (indoors) a little early so that I can transplant them into the ground, like you are doing. I am jealous of your green beans! That is something we did not plant this year.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  24. i love sugar snap peas! i eat them raw - sorry yours didn't make it :O). your garden is coming along great! and i love your view - so beautiful! i was telling lisa ann that the view i have out my backdoor is a closeup of a pig, 2 goats, 7 cats, and a few clouds :O). i love it all, though!

  25. Your garden is looking great! And I think you and your hubby are geniuses to construct such a "bunny-free" design for you plants!!

    They are cute little critters, but can destroy a garden in no time- I found out years ago:(

    Can't wait to see your marigolds -one of my favorites- when they get going!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  26. What a great garden you have! I'm sorry that you lost some of your plants, but at least you are having a little success! You have such a gorgeous view!

    Hugs, Sharon

  27. This is fun. Watching your garden grow, that is. Your view is gorgeous!

  28. What a beautiful garden and a beautiful place!

    Our cute little rabbit (Rascal) evidently ate our little pumpkin plants!


  29. Looks like you do some box gardening. What do you have underneath the boxes or enclosures to keep grass from growing up through it? wb


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