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The Beauty Before The Storm...

...sort of like my life yesterday.
Can you see the rainbow?
This appeared about 5 minutes before the rain came. First the rainbow, then the hail and then the rain. It was a beautiful storm that passed through here Tuesday night. Thankfully, nothing flew off our back porch...this has happened before. You can read about a storm I wrote about last summer. I lovingly called it, "The Power of the Wind." A little joke between the Colonel and me!

How does this apply to life here yesterday at Walking on Sunshine?

Well, Tuesday Michael was feeling better. We went to the dentist for a check up and he said, "Everything looks great." Wonderful.

Michael woke up yesterday morning with a 101 fever and a sore throat.
Not so wonderful.
I couldn't get in to see the doctor till almost 2:00. Michael laid on the couch moaning the whole morning. He was in so much pain.

At the doctor's office, he thought Michael's throat was so swollen it was constricting his airway, "We need to have an xray of this!"
So off to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital says,
"I think I see an abscess in the back of his throat blocking his airway. He needs a CAT scan."

Needless to say, everything worked out fine. Michael does not have any abscesses at the back of his throat. What he does have is a good case of tonsillitis, making his throat very swollen.

Yes, so just in case you're new here...
Michael had 10 baby teeth pulled 10 days ago making it very difficult to eat...
NOW his throat is swollen to the point the doctors thought his airway was constricted...
What do you think this poor kid can eat today???


  1. Wow, I hope he is tons better today. I remember the days of very bad tonsillitis, before I had mine removed. Maybe some soup or a milkshake??


  2. Yesterday Kacey had a hard time swallowing also. Just allergy crud thank goodness. She suggests a chocolate milkshake. She thinks that will heal about anything. lol! I hope Michael is feeling much better today.

    Loved the rainbow picture!

  3. Milkshakes... Time!!! That is what my mom always gave me.... Good memories of milkshakes outwiegh the being sick part....

    Hope he feels better today...


    Just A Gal...

  4. Awww, poor thing...hopefully today he will feel better. Lots and lots of ice cream!!
    God Bless

  5. The rainbow is beautiful!
    Michael could eat yogurt, smoothies (Do yall have a Smoothie King) or make a homemade one. If he wants something hot, maybe pureed potato soup?

  6. Poor, poor baby. I hope that he can eat something. No fun!

    You mentioned on Roan's blog about chalkboard paint and I wanted to mention that I recently posted about how to make your own custom color chalkboard paint. Thought you might be interested.


  7. I think you all need a day of rest with hot tea and a good book!

  8. Oh my poor Michael!! I guess he is going to be drinking liquids for a few days. Hope is feeling better soon...he is in my prayers!

    Beautiful rainbow picture!

  9. Poor thing...hope he feels better soon.

    Sorry about that chocolate post of's driving me crazy looking at it, too! But I do hope your kids enjoy it. :o)


  10. All the cold stuff sounds great,but you have to have something warm. Start with a strong chicken bouillon.Add some butter,cream or milk,One can of cream of chicken soup. Salt and pepper. When you have the taste creamy and yum add some noodles and cook until done. He will be healed =)

  11. Isn't that the way life is? I hope he feels better. Milkshakes, jello, chicken soup, all the things a mom uses to make the world better.


  12. Gosh I would let him eat ice cream or a milkshake or pudding. I hope he gets better soon. April is sure not his month poor little kid.

  13. I adore rainbows Lois - really love them! Such an incredible reminder of His promise to us all. Thinking of poor Michael & hoping he is feeling better soon - my thought would be some nice ice-cream milkshake to cool the throat down. Love to you all this evening,

    Fiona x

  14. Beautiful shot of the rainbow.
    I hope that Micheal is feeling better. It sounds like the boy needs lots of ice cream.
    God bless

  15. I vote ICE CREAM!

    Beautiful rainbow!


  16. Lois,
    Oh my... I hope your dear husband feels better soon!! ;) I agree with Debbie... a chocolate milkshake sounds scrumptious!!!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

    That picture of the rainbow is glorious!! It always makes me think of God's wonderful, rich and never changing promise to us.... WOW that is SO powerful!!!!

  17. Oh, poor thing! Hope he is back to normal real soon. :)

  18. warm soup-tomatoe maybe- hot tea, puddings, warmth reduces sweling so the warm stuff shoud sooth him.

    Love the rainbow they are so pretty.

  19. What a gorgeous rainbow!

    I hope your son is feeling better soon. Do you have an ice shaver so you can make him snow cones? That's always a favorite here for sore throats.

  20. Oh my! I feel so bad for him I hope he is a lot better, how about some of his favorite ice cream!!
    Beautiful picture of the rainbow. thank you for sharing.
    I've got the seed ready to go!! Blessings,

  21. Hello there, not sure how I wound up here, Your blog named was charming and caught my eye from another blog I guess. My husband is Active Army and I too am married to a Colonel. I totally understand about the not planning things. My hubby comes home and say "by the way, are my clothes from the cleaners, I will be gone all next week" seriously, thats about how much notice we get. We do not live on a base or post, we have our own home and even live on a small farm which I think makes it more difficult sometimes, but i am so thankful we can sorta do our own thing and he does come home each night unless he is a meeting out of town.

    It was nice visiting here , I am always interested in other Military familes who blog, Hope your son is all better soon,

  22. Oh bless his heart. What a tough couple of weeks he has had. I am so sorry about that.
    Your photo is very pretty.
    Our family has attended two funerals in two weeks and so I feel like I can identify with the beauty before the storm. I am so glad that the Lord brings beauty out of the storm as well. :o)
    Have a nice day.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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