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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan
Weekly Meal Plan



Recipe: Valentine's Day Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Floats

Treat the whole family to something really delicious this Valentine's Day with these Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Floats.  Have the kids help you by selecting their favorite colorful sprinkles and fun drinking straws too! 
Valentine's Day Soda with whipped cream and sprinkles from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Valentine's Day is in just a few weeks.  And while typically we think of celebrating this day of love with just our spouse or someone special, I always enjoyed making something fun and yummy for the kids when they were little.  

I think these Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Floats are perfect for everyone in the family to celebrate love on February 14th.  They're even fun to make when the weather is really hot and you need something to help you cool off at the end of the day.  

Party: 8 MORE Great Instant Pot Recipes to Start the New Year

Instant Pot Recipes for Delicious Dishes Recipe Party from Walking on Sunshine

Welcome to Delicious Dishes Recipe Party #99!
We are ready to start the new year off with more yummy recipes with our party every Tuesday morning here at 7:00.  

This week we are featuring Instant Pot Recipes to help us all start the new year off on the right foot.  So many of you received instant pots for Christmas and you're looking for recipes to make for your family. 

Recipe: How to Make Easy Bread Bowls for Soup

Thank you Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups for sponsoring this post. 
Grab yourself a bowl and celebrate National Soup Month with me!

Bread bowls are perfect for soup, chili or even dip.  
They're easy to make when you start out with a loaf of your favorite frozen bread dough.  
Potato Soup in Bread Bowl from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

My family loves having soup for dinner...especially during the cold winter months.  There's nothing quite like a bowl of soup to warm you up at the end of a long day.  Whether you're coming home from work or from running the kids to their after school activities, soup can be an easy choice for dinner. 

And how fun to serve soup in bread bowls! My husband loves getting soup in a bread bowl when we're eating out so I thought it would be fun to make my own bread bowls to serve with our soup last week. They were incredibly easy to make too! 

Inspiration: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God Matthew 6:33

This week's Inspirational post is a favorite scripture verse of mine: 
Seek ye first the kingdom of God found in Matthew 6:33. 
Seek ye first the kingdom of God Matthew 6:33 FREE printable from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

This week I'm sharing with you another FREE printable that has become a favorite scripture verse of mine.  I know a lot of people and bloggers choose a word every year to help them define themselves or their blog.

Well for me, I'm choosing Matthew 6:33

Recipe: Heart Shaped Oreo Truffles perfect for Valentine's Day

Heart Shaped Oreo Truffles are perfect for Valentine's Day! They're incredibly easy to make with only 3 ingredients.  They make great gifts for school parties or for your family to show them how much you love them! 
Valentine's Heart Shaped Oreo Truffles on blue plate FEATURED photo from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

It's never too soon to start thinking of Valentine's Day! If you enjoy making something homemade for your family, you're going to love these easy Heart Shaped Oreo Cream Cheese Truffles.  There's only 3 ingredients...well four if you count the colorful sprinkles used to decorate them.  

If you need to make treats to send in to school parties, you need to make sure you print out this recipe or pin it to save for later.  Either way you'll be making this recipe maybe a few times for your family.  They're that delicious and easy to make! 

Oh and did I mention that they're a no-bake recipe too?  

Kitchen Tip: Free Mrs. Meyer's Kitchen Caddy

January is a great time to start a new cleaning routine.  Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products makes it easy and your house will smell amazing! 
Mrs Meyers January Free Kitchen Caddy FEATURE photo from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

I recently started using Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products and I am just slightly in love!  I love the cleaning products but what I really love is how it's helping me create a better home care routine. 

January is a great time to start practicing a better home care routine. But what does 'better' look like?
For me, it's about finding simple, healthy solutions I can stick with all year — even when things get chaotic.

Enter Grove Collaborative! Grove simplifies tasks like shopping for home and personal care products. Instead of making an extra stop at the store, you can come home to all your favorite healthy, affordable products sitting on your doorstep. 

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party Remembers

If you're visiting my blog today looking for our Delicious Dishes Recipe Party, I have some news for you.  After our holiday break, we were all ready to post our party today and then we received some pretty shocking news late last night about one of our hosts...

Weekly Meal Plan: Instant Pot Recipes your Family will Love!

5 delicious and easy Instant Pot Recipes to help you get dinner on the table FAST this week!
Weekly Meal Plan - 5 Instant Pot Recipes - Walking on Sunshine Recipes #instantpot #mealplan

And just like that, we're back with our Weekly Meal Plan!  I hope you had some fun looking through the archives of the past plans we've put together.  The holidays are over...let's get back into the kitchen cooking meals for our families! 

This week I have 5 delicious recipes to use for all the Instant Pots I believe you received for Christmas.  Have you been using them?  Are you enjoying how fast dinner can be ready for you? 

Inspiration: Coffee and Jesus FREE Printable

All I need is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus FREE printable! 
Coffee and Jesus FEATURED photo from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

What a week this first week of 2018 has been for me.  If you follow me on Facebook, then you'll know that on Monday evening somehow I managed to scratch my cornea in my left eye.  No, I take that back, I managed to scratch my cornea in two different places.  The pain has been horrible but not being able to see correctly has been worse. 

So that's why I decided to start the new year off with this FREE printable to all my readers because we all need a little bit of coffee but a whole lot of Jesus! 

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