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Decorating: Ways to Add Blue and White to your Kitchen

Ways to add blue and white decor to your kitchen and home featured on Walking on Sunshine.

Name a color combination that you just love.
For me it would be blue and white.  There's something so calming about a blue and white decor palette.

Today I'm going to share with you ways to bring blue and white decor into your kitchen and home. This collection will inspire you to start decorating with this very popular color combination that is timeless.  

I think I love the color combination of blue and white because growing up we had blue and and white toille wallpaper in our house.  It was beautiful and not something any of my friend's homes had but my mother was bold in decorating and I loved it. 

When it was time for me to choose my every day dishes for my wedding registry I selected a beautiful blue and white set of dishes.  But my hubby didn't like them.  So back to Macy's I went and picked out Heritage Dishes from Pfaltzgraff.

And we had this dishes for years.  I loved them.  I was able to mix and match so many of my other colorful wedding gifts when setting the table.  But deep down inside, I really wanted blue and white dishes. 

When our daughter was just a few years old, a local grocery store had a special.  For every $25.00 spent in their store you could purchase a set of Blue Willow Dishes for $4.99.  It took awhile, but we have a set and I use them for company all the time.  Here's our table from Christmas: 

Ways to add Blue and White to your Kitchen

Blue and White Dinnerware  - these dishes are very similar to the pattern I originally wanted so many years ago.  But I love the Blue Willow pattern we now have.  

Kitchen Aid Mixer Blue  - Mine is white but oh I dream of this color! 

Navy Blue Dutch Oven  - how beautiful would this look with a delicious stew or soup inside ready to serve to guests?  Yes, serve dinner right from this dutch oven!

Blue and White Bowls - go with everything.  You can use for all your side dishes when serving dinner to a large crowd. 

And if you want a Pop of Color to go with all the Blue and White

Pioneer Woman Dish Towels - my sister gave me these last year for my birthday.  They look great in my kitchen which has pale yellow walls. 

Ways to add blue and white decor to your kitchen and home featured on Walking on Sunshine.

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  1. Good afternoon Lois, Be still my beating heart. I adore blue and white and use it in my kitchen as well. My love began when I lived in Germany. Then when I lived on the Dutch/German border, i discovered blue Delft so I was in blue and white heaven.
    My particular favourite is Blue Delft from Holland.
    I love the ceramic canisters you featured. I will have to investigate to find out if I can purchase them here in England.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Best Wishes


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