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Recipe: How to Make a Heart Shaped Cake for Valentine's Day

Recipe:  How to Make a Heart Shaped Cake for Valentine's Day from Walking on Sunshine.
How many cake pans does it take to make a heart shaped cake?
The answer to this question is easy.  You use two cake pans; a square cake pan and a round cake pan. Then you put them together to form the heart.  This is an easy way to make something fun for your family this Valentine's Day

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Just how do you make a heart shaped cake when you don't have a heart shaped cake pan?

Step One: Bake your favorite flavor of cake in one 8-inch square pan and one 8-inch round pan.  I like to use disposable pans to help with clean up.  Yes, I used a cake mix.  
Heart Shaped Cake in two different Baking Pans from Walking on Sunshine

Step Two:  Let the cakes cool slightly before removing them from the pans.  Place the square cake diagonally on your serving tray.  Then cut the round cake in half and place directly next to the square cake to form the heart.  
Heart Shaped Cake Baked and Cut from Walking on Sunshine

Step Three:  Make sure the cake is on the platter or serving tray you plan on using to serve your cake.  I do have waxed paper underneath the cake.  You do not want to even try to move the cake once the frosting is on.  Choose your favorite frosting and spread it on the cake.  Now decide how you want to decorate your heart shaped cake. 
Pink frosting on top of my heart shaped cake for Valentine's Day from Walking on Sunshine.

I chose to use this great tool from Pampered Chef.  You just melt chocolate and then add it to this Chocolate Drizzler tool and then write out your message!  I played around a bit before deciding on my message.  
Chocolate Drizzler from Pampered Chef featured on Walking on Sunshine

I chose to use the word LOVE for my heart shaped cake because it is Valentine's Day!  You need to write the message out on waxed paper first. Do not attempt to do this directly on the cake as the chocolate is melted and it will run all over and ruin your cake.  After you write the word out on the waxed paper, wait for it to dry and harden and then gently lift it off the waxed paper and position on the cake.  
Chocolate drizzler tool from Pampered Chef works amazing featured on Walking on Sunshine.

I used the middle sized silicone measuring cup to melt the chocolate pieces in the microwave.  The silicone cup allows me to squeeze it to get all the chocolate into the drizzler without needing a funnel or making a mess.  And I was able to cover the measuring cup with the lid and store the extra in the refrigerator for another time.  What an easy way to melt chocolate!  
Silicone baking cups are perfect for melting chocolate featured on Walking on Sunshine.

Step Four:  Decorate and make the platter pretty!  I chose to add heart shaped paper doilies.  I gently lifted the cake and slid the doilies underneath.  You do want to be careful as the cake will come apart if you move it too much.  I also sprinkled pink sugar on top of the cake.  Can you see it? 
Heart Shaped Cake from Walking on Sunshine

Recipe:  How to Make a Heart Shaped Cake for Valentine's Day from Walking on Sunshine.

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