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Tips and Ideas for a Fun Cookie Exchange Party

Tips and Ideas for a Fun Cookie Exchange Party from Walking on Sunshine.

Have you ever been to a cookie exchange party? 
I have and I've even hosted one a few years ago.  It was so much fun!  Yes, there was work involved, but really a lot of fun and you get a ton of cookies to enjoy for the holidays.  Here are a few tips and ideas for hosting your own cookie exchange party.  There's still time to have one!  Why not get together with a few friends this weekend!

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Invite Guests

Decide on how many guests you want to invite.  The bigger your guest list is, the more baking everyone has to do.  Last year I went to an insanely big Christmas Cookie Exchange Party.  I baked close to 300 cookies; but I also came home with an incredible amount of cookies that I was able to use for most all my Christmas entertaining.

Set Ground Rules

Give an exact number of cookies that everyone needs to bring.  The few cookie exchange parties I have been to, the host let us know at least a week or so before the party how many cookies we needed to bake and bring with us.  A good rule of thumb is to ask everyone to bring a dozen cookies per guest invited.  So if you have invited six guests, as each one to bring 72 cookies.  

Shortbread Cookies dipped in Chocolate from Walking on Sunshine

Have your Guests Send you their Recipe

Ask each guest to email you a copy of the recipe they plan on bringing.  That way you can put together a fun recipe book for everyone or have copies of the recipes available for guests to take home.  You can find recipe cards basically anywhere these days.   

Ask your Guests to Bring a Tray of Cookies

In addition to the cookies your guests are preparing to exchange, have them also bring a tray of cookies for everyone to taste.  This works nice if you're also planning on having a brunch or light lunch.  You can use the trays of cookies for dessert.  
Christmas Cookies Buffet for Christmas Cookie Exchange

When to Bake your Cookies

Have the cookies baked a few days before the exchange.  You don't want to be up late the night before baking 72 or more cookies.  Trust me, that's what I did last year.  And my hubby had to help.

Offer Gift Boxes or Bags for the Cookies

This way your guests have a way to bring home all the cookies.  There are many great ideas that you can find online at Amazon or at your local Dollar Tree Store.  

Provide Brunch or a Light Lunch

You can have everyone bring a dish to share.  Enjoy the time catching up with your friends.  I made this Candy Cane Danish for one of the cookie exchange parties I attended.  It looked great on the buffet table.  
Candy Cane Cream Cheese Danish from Walking on Sunshine.

This Christmas Tree Cheese Board would be great also.  
Christmas Tree Cheese Board from Walking on Sunshine.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus would be great next to a plate of scrambled eggs. 
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Time to Swap

After you spend some time socializing with your friends, have each guest tell a little story about the cookie recipe they brought with them.  Some ladies like to make a recipe that was their grandmother's favorite and have a lovely story to tell.  Take the time to swap the cookies with each other.  Maybe you want to play a game where everyone votes for their favorite cookie.  Most importantly enjoy each other's company for the few hours you are together.  

Have you ever been to a cookie exchange?  What is your favorite cookie to bake for a cookie exchange? Here are two of my favorite, Spritz Cookies and Snowball Cookies.  
Spritz Cookies

Snowball Cookies

Tips and Ideas for a Fun Cookie Exchange Party from Walking on Sunshine Recipes
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