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Decorating: Easy Ideas for Setting a Beautiful Table for Thanksgiving.

Come see my Easy Ideas for Setting a Beautiful Table for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Table Decor:  How to Set a Pretty Table from Walking on Sunshine
Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?

We are and I couldn't be more happier.  I do love Thanksgiving and love everything that goes with the preparation.  Yes, even all the cooking the day before!

The most fun thing that I love to do is to setting the table for Thanksgiving.  I usually try to get the table set a few days before Thanksgiving and am going to share with you today what our table decor looked like last year.  

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Easy Ideas for Setting the Table for Thanksgiving

Last year my hubby did such a great job setting up the camera and taking photos before everyone arrived and then I promptly uploaded them to my computer and saved them on thumb drives...NOT.

I have no clue where all the photos are that he took.  But I'm thankful my sister arrived at the house early and snapped a few.  I grabbed this one off of her Facebook page.

Thanksgiving Table  full view 2015 from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

I think I love my centerpiece the most.  I've been using these spare bookshelves from our bookcases for a few years now and I love how they define the center of the table.  I use them as my table runner. 

When we have guests over for informal gatherings I like to take everything off the bookshelves and place the food right down the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves and eat family style.  For Thanksgiving, my hubby went and cut down fresh pine for me to use. 

Thanksgiving Table and Centerpiece using bookshelves as a table runner form Walking on Sunshine.

A few years ago, I decided to use a payment from a blogging job and purchase Fall plates.   These plates are very similar to the ones I have.  The red glasses are from my mother and quite old. They look beautiful next to the plates.  And yes, I do place cards.  These are Scripture Place Cards that we each take a turn reading before we pray for our meal.  

Thanksgiving Plates Fall Festivities
 I was going to get plates that had a more Thanksgiving theme, but decided on getting plates that I could use for a few more occasions than just Thanksgiving. Johnson Brothers Thanksgiving Dishes was a set of plates I was seriously considering purchasing.  
Johnson Brothers Thanksgiving Dishes

I love these plates as well.  But they're more for winter and Christmas meals. These plates are called  Friendly Village Plates from Johnson Brothers
Friendly Village Plates from Johnson Brothers

Here's a closeup of the table a few days before Thanksgiving taken with my phone.  I always keep the glasses turned upside down until an hour or so before our guests arrive.  

Thanksgiving Table  closeup of centerpiece using bookshelves as a table runner  from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

These Ruby Red Glasses would look pretty on any table.  
Ruby Red Glasses

This Mercury Glass Pumpkin is very similar to the pumpkins I have on our table.  I place them on a black candle stand and they look so pretty.  
Mercury Glass Pumpkin

Here's a look at the table from end.  We had 17 people at our table last year.  I like to set up a beverage table in the corner of our dining room to keep the kitchen less crowded.  And I set up the appetizer table in front of the doors leading out to our porch.  This worked perfectly last year. 

Thanksgiving Table end to end view 2015 from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

And please remember to take a photo of yourself in front of the table.  You worked hard for this table, take a photo to remember it for years to come!  You may recognize this photo as my profile photo from my Walking on Sunshine Facebook Page.  Come join me over there!  

Me standing in front of my beautiful table set for Thanksgiving from Walking on Sunshine.

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  1. I love a beautiful table. I can see your family all around enjoying a wonderful meal. Happy Thanksgiving. Pinned and stumbled.

  2. Non-Stick Pro 12 Piece Cookware Set, since every one of my dish old and should be thistle out

  3. Dear Louis, I was looking for ideas on how to decorate my dinner table for this thanksgiving, and was lucky enough to find your blog. You gave me some very cool ideas. Oh, BTW, your thanksgiving table looks gorgeous. Enjoy it with your family around you :)


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