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Decorating: How to Decorate for Christmas with Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers are an easy way to decorate on a budget this Christmas season! 

Pillow Covers: How to Decorate for Christmas from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Are you already thinking of decorating for Christmas?

I am and yes, I've already ordered a few of these beautiful Christmas Pillow Covers that I purchased on Amazon. 

I love the ones I purchased for Fall so I went ahead and ordered a few for Christmas to help decorate our house in a few weeks.  I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put these up though.  

Pillow covers are an easy way to help decorate your home without spending a lot of money! 

This post contains affiliate links. Your cost is the same, but I earn a commission when you shop through them.  Your purchase helps support this site and the fun things I share. For more information, click here.

I shared the Fall Pillow Covers a few weeks ago and I even shared a video on my Facebook page of what two of the pillow covers I purchased look like in our home.    So I thought, let's do this week's Thursday's Tip on Christmas!  

These are so pretty and just the Fall pillow covers, all you need to do when the season is over is take them off the pillow foam, fold and store with your holiday decorations.  

Christmas Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers: How to Decorate for Christmas from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

1. Dreaming Of A White Christmas Chalkboard Pillow Cover

2. Comi Vintage Christmas Jolly Santa Claus Pillow Cover 
Santa Pillow Cover

3. Christmas Snowman Pillow Cover

4. Merry Christmas Linen Throw Pillow Cover

5. Bird on Holly Branch Pillow Case Decorative Pillow Cover 
Christmas Pillow Cover

6. Vintage Christmas Letter Pillow Cover (black)

7. Christmas Tree and Red Car Pillow Cover 

8. Christmas Pillow Cover (Beige)

Merry Christmas Pillow Cover

9.  Merry Christmas Santa Claus Pillow Cover 

10. Shabby Chic Merry Christmas Burlap Pillow Cover 

11. Santa Claus Reindeer Snowman Pillow Cover 

12. Christmas Decoration Red Throw Pillow Cover

Snowflake Pillow Cover

13. Linen Christmas Pillowcase Cover

14.  Baby It's Cold Outside Pillow Cover

15.  Merry Christmas Pillow Cover

And just in case you missed the Fall Pillow Covers, click on the photo to see them! 
Fall Pillow Covers from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Find What You Need at Amazon!

Find What You Need at Amazon!
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