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Decorating: How to Decorate for Fall without Spending a lot of Money

Decorating for Fall without spending a lot of money...yes, it can be done! 
Decorating for Fall doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  Here are a few ideas on how to decorate on a budget from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Have you decorated your house for Fall yet?

I work with a lot of bloggers and this time of year can be a bit discouraging going through all of their amazing blog posts and seeing how they decorate for Fall.

Spending even a few minutes on Pinterest and seeing the beautiful ideas can make anyone not want to pull out the same decorations you've been using year after year.  But if you're like me, money might be tight.  We have bills to payments and we need to stick to a budget when it comes to decorating. 

Today I'm going to share with you How to decorate for Fall without spending a lot of money.  And yes, a lot of these items I'm sharing with you I've had for years.

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Decorating for Fall on a Budget

Glass Jars 

This is a new idea for me for our kitchen hutch.  I found my inspiration from a recent visit to Lancaster, PA and walking through the beautiful Old Candle Barn.  I took a galvanized tray and placed a few glass jars on top.

One is filled with kernel seeds, yes, seeds or you can use beans from the grocery store!  The other jar has paper mache pumpkins.  I used the nesting bowls my daughter gave me for Christmas last year that she purchased at Walmart and filled them with some dried fruit.  I love the way our kitchen hutch looks this year.

Kitchen Hutch Decorated for Fall from Walking on Sunshine

This is close up of the glass jars.  They're just mason jars that I use for everything and if you've been a reader of my blog for awhile you know how much I love mason jars.  I added a candle to the smaller jar inside the large jar and it looks really pretty.

Close up of the glass jars filled with pumpkins and kernels decorated for Fall from Walking on Sunshine.

Here's an overhead shot of the jars at night.  I think I might add a strand of the battery operated twinkle lights too.  Those will look really nice; especially as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  

Candles in Glass Jars on Kitchen Hutch from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Galvanized Trays

Galvanized Tray on the dinning room table looks great filled with mini pumpkins, pine cones, berries and leaves.  You can't see it, but I have the red seeds at the bottom of this tray also.  This galvanized tray was a birthday gift from my mother.  But you can find others for not much money on Amazon. I've listed a few below that would look great filled with mini pumpkins, gourds and pine cones.  

Galvanized Tray on Dinning Room Table from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

This is the exact galvanized tray that I have on my dining room table.  I love it!

Here are a few galvanized trays that I found on Amazon.  I love them!  
Galvanized Tray Rectangle

Popcorn Kernels and Candles

Glass Jar with Candle and Popcorn.  Yes, just a bag of popcorn that you can purchase in the grocery store.  I actually had the popcorn in my pantry.  The small jar is a mason jar and the large jar is one that I use for seasonal decorating quite often.  I love the look of the lit jars in the mirror of our hutch.

Glass Jar with Candle and Popcorn from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

A close up of the jars on our hutch in the kitchen.  I filled one with the red kernel seeds and the other with paper mache mini pumpkins and star anise.  I love these mini pumpkins!  They look so cute!  

Glass Jars filled with Pumpkins and Seeds from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Last Christmas I made homemade simmering potpourri and used Star Anise as one of the ingredients.  I purchased a large container like this.  The smell is amazing and the look really pretty.  

Paper Mache Pumpkins

Think Outside the Box

Ten years ago, a week before Thanksgiving I purchased the ceramic pumpkin for under $10.  It was on clearance.  It's a soup tureen and I have used it to sever hot apple cider when entertaining, but I think it looks pretty on our side board in the dining room.  Sometimes you need to think outside the box when decorating and use an item differently!

Ceramic Pumpkin and Fall Decor on Dining Room Side Board from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

I found a few different Pioneer Woman Soup Tureens on Amazon that would work just as nicely in your home and they're not that expensive either!

Pillow Covers

AND the last thing I want to share with you on how to decorate for Fall without spending a lot of money is with these amazing pillow covers.  Just add a few to any room and you'll change the look immediately!  These are all under $10 and some are even under $5.00.  

Fall: How to Decorate without a lot of Money from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

And in case you're interested in the Simmering Potpourri I made last year, just click on the photo and you can read the post.  

Homemade simmering potpourri from Walking on Sunshine Recipes makes a great gift.

Find What You Need at Amazon!
Don't forget to check out my hubby's blog, Manning the Wall.


  1. <Morning Lois,
    Love all your beautiful Fall decor. I love glass jars with candles too, and with all those pretty natural type elements. Pretty soup tureen too. Great job, your dining room
    looks very festive.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Your ideas are so wonderful! I wish I could do some fall decorating, but our house is in a shambles as we are packing for a move! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty.

  3. Great economical Fall decorating ideas. I particularly like the idea of using naturals like corn kernels or beans. I also really like the Pioneer Woman items from Walmart. They really are good looking and are very reasonable. Thanks for sharing on Share Your Style.

  4. I love things in mason jars, and you've created some really pretty ones. Everything looks great!


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