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Picky Eaters Recipes - Menu Plan Monday

Recipes and meals for picky eaters is this week's Menu Plan Monday from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Are your kids picky eaters? 

When my kids were younger I always tried to put together a weekly menu plan.  
It was hard because there was no internet or bloggers to help out a mom with two very picky kids.  Our daughter Olivia would only eat pasta from a can and our son, Michael, preferred
 a waffle or a bowl of cereal for dinner.  

This week's Menu Plan Monday I think will feed the pickiest of kids. 
 I need to point out that both our kids have grown out of their picky stag
e and enjoy all the meals I prepare for them now.  

If you're struggling with getting meals together and on the table every night, I suggest you start planning out your meals.  Get the kids involved with the planning also!  Have them pick a meal one night a week.  And make sure they know they need to pick a healthy meal that includes vegetables. Make it fun for them!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets from Six Sisters Stuff

A much healthier version of a kid-friendly meal for the whole family.  

Alphabet Soup from Mostly Homemade Mom 

Not only is this soup super fun to serve to your kids, it's really delicious!

Chicken Fajitas from E-Meals

My kids loved chicken fajitas growing up.  They didn't start out loving the 
vegetables, but they loved the grilled chicken sprinkled with some cheddar cheese
and wrapped up in a flour tortilla.  This is an easy recipe the whole family will enjoy.  

French Bread Pizza from Walking on Sunshine

We love this recipe.  You can make it with the meat sauce or without
depending on what your kids enjoy.  

Taco Macaroni Casserole from 36th Avenue

This recipe combines both tacos and pasta into a delicious casserole.  

Dessert of the Week

Old Fashioned Brownies from Green Valley Kitchen

They are rich, chewy, fudgey, dark chocolate brownies.  
They are super simple to make using just one bowl.

Recipes and meals for picky eaters is this week's Menu Plan Monday from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

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I have a board just for Menu Plan Monday for you to check it out
and get great ideas from every week.  

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